Git reading material and init, clone and checkout



Simplest introduction:

GUI branching model explained:

Command line branching model explained with example commands:

From the commandline – this is the sequence on a new computer to do work on a git repository.

git init #start out as a git repository

unset SSH_ASKPASS #this has to be cleared for the following command to work.

git clone

git checkout –orphan gh-pages


9 devices every Airbnb host should put in their rental or home


Found this great story on how I want to improve my house:

9 devices every Airbnb host should put in their rental

How to Resize an Image —


Like words, photos tell stories. In fact, people are more likely to remember and share information if it’s paired with an image, according to HubSpot. Too often, website managers treat images like afterthoughts. We’ve all experienced it — how many times have you visited a site and seen stretched, blurry, and distorted photos that gave […]

via How to Resize an Image —

How the 100 year history of the merchants of attention and the lessons of the Apprentice lead to and ended in a trump presidency


Shanker Vedantam’s hidden brain explains the source of the American subconscious that developed from the merchants of attention and leads to a trump as president.

Give it a listen.

Health records in a cube, an apple iPhone cube from the HL7 FiRH Argonaut project


This is the project that has my interest presently.

Your iPhone can become the health record cube of science fiction.

This is the vision of the apple health app. A place where google is not yet publicly competing.

Today I finally found the article about this secret apple project which might sometime involve Human using FiHR and EMR from multiple vendors.

The Argonaut Project

Some discussion about the big 5 and health care patents here

Which is the best iWatch running app


I’ve been having difficulty picking which running app I want to use on the iWatch.

Here are two quotes showing why there is such a difference in apps from this article.

  1. “For apps like podcast players, creating a truly first class experience isn’t possible today due to limited developer resources — Apple’s apps have more privileges than third party apps”
  2. “watchOS app updates must be native starting this week which means we’ll likely see a lot of older Apple Watch apps disappear with future iPhone app updates starting now. Instagram for Apple Watch was built during the original cycle of WatchKit 1.0 apps where functionality relied completely on the paired iPhone.”

Here is my current order of preference and why. All the below apps show in the iPhone “Activity” app described here

  1. Workout app from Apple – not sophisticated but always works, limited statistics
  2. Nike+ came with my iWatch model – OK, but I can’t get the app totally silent so I can use it on the soccer pitch.
  3. Runtastic – fails when not in range of cell phone however I like the stats. I don’t think this guy is native iWatch app.
  4. Moves – passive movement tracker – not on iWatch.

Bash tips and tricks


Ten Things I Wish I’d Known About bash

The worst and best and most interesting things of the year


We will go with the worst of 2017 first…..

  1. The USA 🇺🇸 failed to qualify for the World Cup. Neither did my beloved Italy 🇮🇹 and Sweden 🇸🇪 did not qualify either.

The best of 2017…….

  1. this was the year of the home response appliance. Baking – “hey siri, set a timer for 10 min” or “ok google play kqed” or “ok google, what are the instructions to make a pecan pie”. This is the first step of AI in the House.
  2. The OLED display now included on iPhone X
  3. On the body biometric device are rapidly maturing. The iWatch is my favorite and yes I acquired one this year.
  4. 4K television – in preparation for the world cup of course.

And the most interesting things of 2017….

  1. Who would have guessed how many careers would have been brought down by sexual harassment.
  2. The beginning of the end of thumb typing. Just hit the little microphone and talk to get text.
  3. Blockchainning. time to learn it. Time to use it.

Three reasons to go with an iPhone X i.e. why not just go with an iPhone 8?

  1. The oled screen makes you photos look fantastic.
  2. It takes 4K video!
  3. The front facing infrared technology has a lot of abilities. More than just faceid.
  4. The back camera is now better suited for landscape photos.

I’ll post more after the phone arrives.

Scanner details reference found


I wish I found this site years ago.

I asked all these questions and looked for these answers.

Makes recommendations on what scanner to buy also.