9 bad thought processes and how they effect your happiness


I stumbled upon this article which does a great job of describing how happiness is often a choice and the consequences of not choosing happiness path.



The tale of the referees of three matches, the inspector, the personality and the generalist


Sunday the 7th of July was a great day for soccer referees and a good study in how referees can be so different.

Stéphanie Frappart of France was the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup final referee. She did an excellent job. Covered all the field. Noted referee call, the first foul of the match she recognized was in the 10th minute and it was a yellow card. I like the calls she let go before and the recognition of the caution setting the right tone for the match.

I call Stéphanie the inspector because she is very precise in everything she does. The penalty kick which she did not see was fine that she did not call. VAR review inspection lead to the penalty kick call. I was fine with her initial no call. Looking at it with a magnifying glass lead to a different call. Both calls were correct IMHO.

Mario Escobar of Guatemala was the 2019 Concacaf Gold Cup final referee. He did an excellent job. Covered all the field. Noted referee call, no misconduct on the match! Can you believe a Mexico vs USMNT final with not even a caution??!! If I was assessing the match his  score would be quite high for this performance.

I call Escobar the personality because he used his presence on the field to be there each time there was a conflict and I agree with his calls. Other referees would have give cautions to keep things from getting out of hand but there was no time when Escobar could not insert himself to break things up. He was johnny on the spot in two crucial conflict situations.

Mario Díaz de Vivar of Paraguay was the 2019 Copa America third place match referee. Watching too much and not acting and when acting not knowing lead the noted referee call, the double sendoff with Messi and Medel.

I call de Vivar the generalist because he was generally there. He was unable to distinguish when he was needed and when he was not. And he generally agreed both players had committed Violent Conduct for an ejection. And not wanting to make any decision it was easiest to just eject both players. This decision leaves him open to saying he was not up to refereeing at this level. The players expectations, later expressed to the press, was that chest bumping was not even worthy of a caution, it is just part of the game for the players.

Summary, in the Copa match the inspector would have called far more fouls earlier and the match would never have gotten to the chest bumping state. The personality referee would have been in between the two as they started chest bumping. Were was the center referee and the AR when the chest bumping started anyway?


Is Dark Mode beneficial? Is it important?


MacOS and iOS Dark Mode appear to have niche applications.

It is easier to read black text on white background which makes white text on back background (Dark Mode) kinda unattractive.

However Dark Mode will throw less light into a dark room. Or less light under the covers if you are trying to read in secret at night.

Because it throws less light in a dark room musicians like Ananda Yogiji/Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda should find good use for dark mode during his sets.

For more details see https://tidbits.com/2019/05/31/the-dark-side-of-dark-mode/

CMS gives you access to your medical data since 2014, the Blue Button 2.0 on FHIR initiative


I first watched a video that set the stage for what is Blue Button and what it’s capabilities are set expectations. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTscVmyucTA

Now to the process for you to follow for you or in this case for my Dad 🙂

  1. Sign up for Medicare which will give you a Medicare ID.
  2. Create (or recover) your online Medicare account at https://www.mymedicare.gov/
  3. “for users with Apple iPhones, iBlueButton can pull medications and conditions from user’s records available through the Apple Health App. From the Summary Record, tap on the “Update Records” icon in the lower-left hand corner (the semi-circle with arrow icon), and you will see “Apple Health app” as one of the sources to receive health information from. Select it and tap Update and iBlueButton will pull in medications and conditions from your health records available via the Apple Health app.” are the instructions from http://www.ibluebutton.com/faq-ibb.html

P.S. I love the story of anaesthesiologist Dr. Fred, an iPhone advocate for dozens of years, traveling the world applying his trade. At a social event the conversation wondered to the apple health app. I mentioned how I love how the Apple Health App used FHIR to aggregate all my health information from my healthcare provider on my phone. He seemed unfamiliar. I said here, it looks like this and brought up the health application on my phone and showed the integration.

At that point I lost him. Dr. Fred pulled out his iPhone and furiously started pecking away. I could not get his attention. He put his iPhone on the table and bolted for the door. “I’ll be right back” he said. He came back from his car with his medical ID and within another minute or two had his medical data synced with the Apple Health App.

Now, with his attention slightly back I asked him how he, as a doctor, dealt with this for himself on his travels. He explained he had in the notes application on his iPhone an entry with all the information he, as a Doctor, want another Doctor to know about him when he was being treated. My impression was the Apple Health App had just replaced some if not all of that notes file.

Nice explanation about how Apple Pay works using tokens and secure enclaves


The form of the bit transactions of Apple Pay I’ve always wanted to know.

This article, with references to well known explanations like Wikipedia, defines the pieces like secure enclave and tokenization.


ITIL event and incident management philosophy


During ITIL certification studying I realized ITIL has it’s own case management philosophy distinguishing between Event Management and Incident Management

Here is how ITIL thinks of case management.

Events – any detectable or discernible occurrence that has significance for the management of the IT Infrastructure or the delivery of IT service and evaluation of the impact a deviation might cause to the services. Events are typically notifications created by an IT service, Configuration Item or monitoring tool.

Events can be Informational, Warning, Exceptions or from Trend analysis.

Incidents – are events that could lead to loss of, or disruption to, an organization’s operations, services or functions. Incident management (IcM) is a term describing the activities of an organization to identify, analyze, and correct hazards to prevent a future re-occurrence.

I like to say an Incident is an Event with Business Impact (BI) and Incidents are normally in some form of escalated state.

Your favorite case/ticket manager (ZenDesk, SalesForce, Remedy) can be used for Contact Management of events.

iPhone photo download to PC fails to find new photos reset


Part of my photo archiving is to make something like monthly batches of iPhone photo downloads to my laptop as my primary photo backup before I eventually perhaps once a quarter move the primary archive to a USB drive.

Lately the PC photo import does not find any new photos.

This is the iPhone reset process I found works base on trying things from the following article:


I did not get to the point of having to use the regedit this last time.

Starting the photo import from the iPhone device in windows finder was sufficient this last time.

The worst and best and most interesting things of the year


We will go with the worst of 2018 first…..

  1. Not enough 4K content. I did not watch any world cup matches in 4K because you have to watch using googleTv on a 4k chromcast.

The best of 2018…….

  1. Podcasts. I got into them this year. Favorites are On the Media, Freakanomics, Radiolabs
  2. Group FaceTime just for the convince of it.
  3. Me understanding that bitcoin is not worth my time. Block chaining my be of some value in the future.

And the most interesting things of 2018….

  1. As a weak entry, iPhoneXs

iFrames stopped working because of clickjacking explained


We changed our products apache server to no longer serve the page output if the output is going into an iFrame.

A really well presented and clear presentation of why can be found here: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Learn/HTML/Multimedia_and_embedding/Other_embedding_technologies

Over a year later, how do I use the Apple Watch?


It interesting how my heart doctor will not recommend the Apple Watch as it is not a medical device however she will look at the medical data it collects for trends in her office.

As far as the ecg feature, my doctor challenged the quality of the single poll ecg. However her comment was the most valuable ecg would be doing an afib event.

Things used in order of frequency

Passive use:

  1. heart rate monitor when running and sleeping
  2. activity monitor of movement, exercise and standing

Active use:

  1. GPS during running (Nike app) and soccer matches to track distance and speed rates
  2. stopwatch when officiating a soccer match. On the same watch I use a count down and count up timers
  3. screening phone, txt and email messages to see if I should pick of the iphone to respond
  4. Apple pay. I’m trying using Apple Pay Cash only on the watch which is discover and often declined so I use American Express on the iphone for the none discover transactions.
  5. Apple wallet for event tickets including Earthquakes and concerts and paperless flight checkin.
  6. quick date reference and a on hand clock device

Sometime uses:

  1. finding the location of my iphone
  2. map directions so I don’t have to look at or use my iphone while driving for turn directions.

Liabilities of the apple watch:

  1. I have to charge it every day.