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Entry for July 23, 2005 – Earthquakes win 2-1, Strickland is AR1


San Jose won on what Rob C and I agreed was one of the most beautiful goals scored by Rasta man Derosairo. Got to talk with the referees after the match, who included Chris Strickland who did a great job as AR1 (he was just back from his Gold Cup assignments).


Estrellita Mexican dinner in Palo Alto


Mexican Dinner with Paul, Hien and Cathy in Palo Alto. I think the place was called Estrellita Restaurant. Paul & Hien rode bike to dinner. Paul and I rode bike back to his new residence in Palo Alto for fresh berry smoothes.

Postrio California cousine is great food (for a Birthday)


Cathy celebrates her Birthday and the SF eating establishment Postrio just off Union Square. It was very good food and a great evening – including a St Francis elevator ride.

Entry for July 04, 2005 – Birthday of a friend Rob E


Software due to be release tomorrow – and what am I doing – celebrating Rob E’s birthday (with Champaigne of course). Picture is the Thousand words.

Passion Fish California Seafood


If you are looking for a review for a restaurant, Passion Fish is the place. Retail priced great wine, excellently prepared food. The five for dinner – got rave review from each. We visited the beach briefly before. Hien P and I introduce the place 🙂