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Entry for August 28, 2005 – Fun in Sun Jamboree in Concord for Paranhas


The U9 Paranhas played four matches in Concord this weekend (misseribly lost 3, tied one). The girls (when not on the field) had a great time. The photo shows the ladies relaxing eating lunch between matches on Sunday. The lunches the team soccer moms prepared both days was fantastic – simple, healthy and flaverful. I refereed one match today, two yesterday. The referees at this tournament were bearly slightly better than in Benicia – Dublin providing the best referees to this point. The club season starts in two weeks.


Entry for August 27, 2005 – Paranhas spotted at Earthquakes/Galaxy match


Rebecca R and Ann M’s mom Beth M appear as part of the Paranhas section at FcFremont night at the thrilling Galaxy match (Coach Brendan and Dan M are kinda hidden in the picture if you look real close). The stadium was packed! Probably the second best Earthquakes match I’ve seen!

Entry for August 27, 2005 – Earthquakes woop Galaxy 2-1


Youth referee Akash P, after his first day refereeing in Concord as a licensed referee was the guest and the Galaxy Earthquakes match. What a match! The stadium was full! Every time Donovan touched the ball the crowd booed. The Earthquakes scored first off a corner kick. Donovan scored second on a beautiful strike from the top of the arch. With 15 min left, Danny K headed the ball in off a corner kick which became the game winner. This was a huge crowd and the stadium went wild! The match ball after the referee blew the whistle was kicked into the FcFremont section as a keepsake. This match was wirth it!

Entry for August 24, 2005 – DMK sees Quakes loose to Galaxy 2-1


A weekday Earthquake match against the Galaxy. DMK in his second ever Earthquakes match and two U10G Paranahs watch a Donovanless Galaxy score two great goals with only a Chung echo goal. The referees did a great job with Strickland the head AR. The red card (second yellow) to Galaxy Dunavant however was a little harsh. This was the Lamar Open Cup match – so the Galaxy advance, the Earthquakes play Saturday again in the MLS match.

Entry for August 21, 2005 – Find Harry (behind the bottles)


Harry L and appetisers at seven person dinner party in Palo Alto (Paul’s house) in his honour. The pictures shows only the white wine which went with the steamed clams. Reds followed for the lamb. Rob, Martha, Tom, Cathy, Paul & Hien filled out the rest of the guest list.

Lichee Garden Chinese as Harry tears into SF


Winter mellon soup, mushrooms and tofu, spicy shrip, all make for the start of a SF evening with Harry L at China Town restaurant “Lichee Garden“. Note the shared log shirts – several other people did. Then on to “Myth” for drinks and Jazz at the SF brewing company. It was a long and rewarding day for all.

Entry for August 19, 2005 – Harry referees in Pleasanton


Pittsburgh Referee Harry L helps in a competive U16B match in Pleasanton. Harry L, Rick W, Tom K.

Entry for August 15, 2005 – Piranahs U9 girls win first match


Coach at 10 AM, referee at 12:30 PM, coach at 3 PM makes for a busy day. The Piranah’s won their first match 4-1. The photo is of coach Brendan during his half time team meeting against the Division 3 Fremont Thunder. The match I refereed was at the Mustang Stampede in Danville. It was a U14 Girls match – the one coach was terrible yelling at his ladies and of course the referee which I eventually had to stop the match and warn the coach. Afterwords more than one fan walked up to me from the troubled coach team and indicated I was a terrible referee, one of the worst they had ever seen. And people think that U14 girls matches are easy! P.S. it was a competive but relativly easy match on the field (except for the PK the AR called in the first half).

Entry for August 13, 2005 – Oregon Kendigs see Earthquakes, Rapids 1-1 tie


Brother Doug, sister in law Marina and niece Irene drive down from Medford to see the Earthquakes match. The match was good, excieting and we got to talk to the referees after the match. The Colorado goal was great. I missed the Earthquakes goal as I was in the consession line just after halftime when theĀ  goal was scored. The referees felt they did better the second half than the first. Although a cerimonial/quick kick incident had a couple of problems in it. Joe Cannon from the bay area, now on Colorado is an awsome goalie.

Entry for August 07, 2005 – Piranahs play in Benicia


It was a busy soccer weekend. On Saturday morning the U10G division 1 Piranhas participated in their first ever Jamboree (I am the assistant coach), on Saturday evening I refereed two U14B division 1 matches (yes the coaches were into gamesmanship) and Saturday evening DTK and I attended the Earthquakes match against the Crew (2-1 the Earthquakes won).