Entry for August 15, 2005 – Piranahs U9 girls win first match

Coach at 10 AM, referee at 12:30 PM, coach at 3 PM makes for a busy day. The Piranah’s won their first match 4-1. The photo is of coach Brendan during his half time team meeting against the Division 3 Fremont Thunder. The match I refereed was at the Mustang Stampede in Danville. It was a U14 Girls match – the one coach was terrible yelling at his ladies and of course the referee which I eventually had to stop the match and warn the coach. Afterwords more than one fan walked up to me from the troubled coach team and indicated I was a terrible referee, one of the worst they had ever seen. And people think that U14 girls matches are easy! P.S. it was a competive but relativly easy match on the field (except for the PK the AR called in the first half).


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