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Entry for September 25, 2005 – Celtic Harest Ends in success


John T, DDI Mike L, Greg O. and yours truely after the Div1 U16G Consolation match. This was the very last match of the tournament and it ended in kicks from the penalty mark – and Fremont who was in the consolation match lost because it missed it’s first kick. All other kicks were made.


Entry for September 24, 2005 – Earthquakes tie Dallas 1-1


Kathleen W enjoys her first ever Earthquakes match. Note the new Earthquakes shirt I got from my Nephew for my birthday. So with my scarf I am now the complete earthquakes fan.

This was a tough match for the young refere with all three referees on the field durning an ugly incident which resulted in two ejections. A penalty kick agains the Earthquakes (I think on Onstadt but I was fiddling with the camara for the above picture) was not popular either with the home fans.

Entry for September 22, 2005 – could there be another Sundance in 2006?


Brian C, Tom K, Hien P, Paul K, John ? on the streets of Park City in January of 2005. Will it happen again?


Entry for September 21, 2005 – Earthquakes beat Fire 2-0, Brian Hall centers


Today I scanned the Adobe 7.0 Reader help and credits, found the name Ken Feuerman. On a whim I decided to call  Adobe to see if he worked there. He did and he agreed to go to the Earthquakes match with me that evening. Previously we had only been meet each other on the soccer field in Fremont. Boy that made the world seem small. Devlin C & his friend Casey joined Ken and I at the earthquakes match.

Yes that is the Ryan’s in the background. Bredan’s beer, Brendan Jr. next, then Rebbecca & her cousin Amanda in the middle of picture.

This match had Brian Hall as the center (yea!) and Kari Seitz as the fourth official (double yea!!). Brian fresh off his match in Mexico city (Panama @ Mexico world cup qualifier) called a penalty kick against keeper Zack Thorton! (I just watch the evening news and saw the Thorton lung that had no chance on the ball and took out the legs of the attacking Earthquake forward. Damn, Brian makes the right call again!) Two plays he had the home team fans on their feet booing (yes Brian loves it!). The first Earthquakes goal was a brilliant tip by Duane over brick wall Zack’s head.

Maria Elena’s Mexican lunch in Alviso was great


Mike M enjoys shreaded beef at lunch in Alviso after a 5AM start photographing wild life in Palo Alto. Some of Mike’s pictures can be found at .

My pork dish was in the forground dish is the pork dish – which was delicious but a lot to eat for lunch. Marina Elena’s is popular with the Cisco crowd.

Nola’s southern cooked meal and presentation was great


Picture this, Great New Orleasns food, Huricanes and friends from Boston, Mike M and Anne M (not pictured). See Nola’s.

Entry for September 18, 2005 – Jen’s Katrinia Fund Raiser at Nola’s Palo Alto


Tom K, Jennifer S and Anne M in front of Nola’s for a Katrinia Fund raiser. Oh, yes that his a fund raiser Hurrican in Jennifers hand. 🙂

Entry for September 17, 2005 – Soccer Saturday in Central Park


Advanced U15B GSSL match in Central Park Fremont, Dalang centered and did the best job I’ve seen him do (but too many cautions). Doug L has become a great AR and he showed it in this match.

Entry for September 14, 2005 – Katrina fund raiser by Jen & Friends @ Nola in PA


Nola Restaurant
535 Ramona Street, Palo Alto, CA

Nola’s will be donating $3 to the Red Cross for every Hurricane you purchase. Please visit Nola’s Website to see all of the relief efforts they are working on.

For all the funds we collect, we are going to ask our Companies to match funds. We know that many of you have already donated – THANK YOU! Come join us support a great cause, eat some yummy food, sip some hurricanes and welcome the girls home!!!

Todai’s sushi is free!


Last 5 years on 9/11 I’ve eaten at Todai’s for free. 2001 with Cathy in Cupertino. 2002 with DTK and Cathy in Cupertino, 2003 with DTK, Matt S. and Cathy in Pleasanton, 2004 with Cathy in Cupertino and in 2005 with Cathy in Cupertino.