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Armenian Gourmet dinner shows Kibbeh at it’s best


Kibbeh nayye is the deal! I can only take eating it one or twice a year – but I love it when I do! Armenian Gourmet┬áthe place to have it in the bay area. Sorry for the poor quality cell phone picture.


Entry for October 22, 2005 – Paranha’s tie to tops 0-0 with best performance of season


The Paranha’s did it! – a 0-0 tie of the gold U9 team the Tops. This was the fourth match between the two. We were slaughtered the first time – but each match against them we improve – and now it was a tie. The Paranhas played great. Dan the coach rolled in the mud afterwords.

Entry for October 15, 2005 – Becky sighting at James Restaurant


Becky joined us for dinner James’s restaurant on Saturday evening. Helen still gets the old DR crew out for alumni bankquets. Anne and Marcus filled out the rest of the crowd.

Entry for October 15, 2005 – How to coach Piranhas in Danville


Brendan R instructs the U9 Piranha’s at half time in Danville aginst the Meyham. I only wish this picture was posed! The ladies lost 0-1. The girls had fun. We had a great young referee in the middle, perhaps the best young referee this season.

Entry for October 14, 2005 – Peter helps White Sox win second LCS game


Peter L. watches the ACLS series match at Jack’s Brewpub. Published a picture guide to Peter under photo albums.

Entry for October 13, 2005 – Supporting the Arts at “Little Women”


Ginny C, Tom K, Cathy D and Elinea pose for a picture taken by the fifth member Cathy, outside the American Musical Theater in San Jose. Nice presentation of Alcott’s “Little Women “. Maureen McGovern did a good job as the mother. We all had a nice time.

Entry for October 08, 2005 – Earthquakes tie Real Salt Lake


Cathy, Donna and Rob watched the last regular season 2005 Earthquakes match. The referees did great – the center was relaxed, not much light shinning on him. Only two cautions in the match.. This was Chris Stricklands first match back from his one month trip for the U17 world cup in Peru. The Earthquakes went ahead with two goals in the first half and gave up two goals in the second half.

Entry for October 02, 2005 – Eleazar stops in CA on trip from GDR to Penang


Mike H stops off in Santa Row at Rosie McCann’s to say hi and bye to Eleazar (in the dimmly lighted background) before his new assignment and life style starts in Penang.

Entry for October 02, 2005 – Brad does work as a Treasurer


There are Brad P and I working on Treasurer reports. Brad is a technologist and has on his headset. And look, there is Tom, with his new blue tooth wireless head set.

Entry for October 01, 2005 – Another Soccer Saturday at Central Park Fremont


Adam S. and Margaret K. AR on a U16G Division III match. I barely had to call a foul. Opps, that’s right, I did call a penalty kick after the keeper for the visiting team plowed over the attacker after the attacker missed wide. The keeper said – but I was going for the ball. My response was ya, and you did not get any of the ball, only the attacker.