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Entry for November 29, 2005 – Piranhas awards banquet


All 12 Piranha ladies attended the end of season awards banquet.  Borrowing the Board Room at City Beach, the ladys got to be the board as the coaches presented necklaces, certificates and Al Caffodio (AC) pins to each player. But wait! There was more. Each player had made a page of memories for each of the three coaches. Each coach got a different memory book. The books are very touching. Each coach got a gift certificate – mine was to Todi’s for sushi. Those idle converstaions with the soccer moms during practices the trainer Christian was running, turned out to not be so idle.

There is one Piranhas event left.  The mighty piranhas will play the parents this Saturday at 3PM.


Entry for November 27, 2005 – helping at the Christmas Tree Stand


I spent three hours on Sunday at the Young Life Christmas tree stand helping. This was a real throwback to my youth with selling the Christmas trees from the back yard that Dad planted and let the kids sell. Yes some of that money then went to my college bill 10 years later. Any todays event was a real community event for me. It was great helping people with there trees and three customers through the day recognized me as a referee. It’s become hard for me to be obscure Image.

Entry for November 24, 2005 – Another view of dessert on Thanksgiving


Another picture of the dessert on Thanksgiving. Punkin pie, apple pie, apple crisp and pecan pie.

Entry for November 24, 2005 – Thankgiving is served


The way we give thanks in America is often with food. Thanksgiving dinner is always great. This Thanksgiving in Los Gatos was a pleasant family get together. Dessert is featured here. The sampler plate included Peacan Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Apple Crisp and Apple Pie.

Antojitos Lupita Taqueria dinner in Arvin – on the road Mexican


If you can find Arvin on a map of CA you have navigation talents. Arvin is a central valley farm works town. Heavy farmworker mexican influences. Here is where you will find Antojitos Lupita. You will not find an internet review of this tiny restaurant. A pork tostada and two pork tacos and drinks – all for $7. The flavor is great, made by the two mexican women behind the grill. Found this place years ago when taking the road south of Bakersfield. The buretos for $3.50 are some of the best I’ve had. This place  matches the name hole in the wall. What was the comment from the guy at the counter? “You guys are not from around here are you?” We gringos stuck out like a sore thumb in this rough part of town.

Entry for November 23, 2005 – A final parting view of the Vegas Strip


A view from the Wynn 33rd floor. The curtans are controled by electric switches. Treasur Island evening fire works and fire explosions could be easily seen at night. There remains lots of construction happening on the strip still, including immediatly across from the Wynn.

The Grape Street Cafe – the restuarant for Paul K


This was my best experience in Vegas. This off the strip, neiborhood restaurant was the perfect venue. The Grape Street Cafe  serves wine flights – there are nine or so. I choose the Pinot Noir 4 pour flight for $14. The Tapias plate was fine, but nothing special. Egg plant, garlic clove, three meat balls, olives, cheeze stuffed blintzs. But the venue was great. I could come here three nights a week if there was a place like this in CA.  This is the kind of  place that Paul K could run and own. For now he can at least enjoy a visit here.Image

Bahama Breeze – found, the best Mojitoes in Vegas


Nice off the strip venue. Mojitoes were fine. Had a strip of  suger cane in the drink, nice touch. $4.95 is a great price!

Red 8 asian fussion lunch (in the Wynn)


Red 8 is one of the Restaurants located around the gambling area of the Wynn. It is Asian fussion (Vietnames, Hong Kong Dim Sum) food, well done. The barbequed beef ribs were good – as was the shu mai, both shown in the picture.

Okada Japanese Restaurant in the Wynn for fancy dinner


Okada , located in the Wynn Hotel, is a celebrated restaurant in Bon Appetit (top 10 new chefs of 2005). The food was excellent. The Foie Gras and Unagi combination was excellent, the sushi excellent, the New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc excellent. the service excellent. The whole event, although very well done is just plain overpriced. I liked the small portions of excellent food, but I could have had three great means for the price of this one excellent meal.