Entry for November 29, 2005 – Piranhas awards banquet

All 12 Piranha ladies attended the end of season awards banquet.  Borrowing the Board Room at City Beach, the ladys got to be the board as the coaches presented necklaces, certificates and Al Caffodio (AC) pins to each player. But wait! There was more. Each player had made a page of memories for each of the three coaches. Each coach got a different memory book. The books are very touching. Each coach got a gift certificate – mine was to Todi’s for sushi. Those idle converstaions with the soccer moms during practices the trainer Christian was running, turned out to not be so idle.

There is one Piranhas event left.  The mighty piranhas will play the parents this Saturday at 3PM.


2 Responses to “Entry for November 29, 2005 – Piranhas awards banquet”

  1. David K Says:

    Interesting…similar experience for me too. I just thought I was helping out the coach. In the end, I was accepted as a real coach and got a gift certifcate and was made to feel really part of the team at the end of season pizza party. I even got a trophy with all the kids. Wanda says it is my first soccer trophy ever. hmmm… is that a left handed compliment?

  2. Chris W Says:

    So, is a “precented necklace” a cheap necklace, or maybe on that just smells? The memory book sounds cute. One particular year I coached a boys team, and assisted with a friend’s girls team. The boys gave me a pack of CDs. Not as cute as a memory book, but more practical I suppose.

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