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Entry for December 30, 2005 – Ice storm at the summit


Oh, ya, and from earlier in the day, at the summet (Somerset is the highest point on the Appalachian mountains on the PA turnpike) coming back from Pittsburgh to Lancaster, there was ice all over the trees which made it look really neat coming over the summit.


Country Cafeteria @ Green Dragon, local chicken pot pie


So Cathy & I tried the Country Cafeteria at the Green Dragon Farmer’s Market .

The Chicken Pot Pie was the attractive comfort food.

It was just like I remembered Grandma’s to taste.

I had the oyster soup – which was mostly broth but tasted fine.

The highlight of the trip through Green Dragon, which was very slow, was the huge root beer floats that were found in the hands of two young Amish boys. As I walked by I commented “now those floats are bigger than you are”. The simple please smile and joy response of those two 12 and 14 year old boys was priceless.

Lincoln’s P & G Diner is best breakfast in Pittsburgh


Joe took use to Lincoln’s P & G Diner  in Millvale for breakfast. It was amazing.

The pancakes were more like creeps than traditional pancakes and were very good tasting.

Cathy ordered eggs and hash browns which were great also.

Check this place out if you ever get to the north side in Pittsburgh!

Entry for December 30, 2005 – yesterdays holiday meal at Joe E


Joe E serves a wonderfull holiday meal centered around Lasagna. The wine was Austrialian and the dinner discussion lively – like how the realively run down East Liberty was being overtaken by fashionable Shadyside.

Joe’s rural setting is an amazing place – and he and his wife have turned this long road from civilization into a wonder place for his three now grown children which I was able to meet and get reaquinted with  on this trip.

The Connels cave trip lived on in all the kids memories.

Entry for December 29, 2005 – The catch of the day in Pittsburgh


Harry and I show off four bottles of wine bought at the dreaded PA state liquor store and a half of a Gyro on the front steps of his house in Squirrel Hill. The catch after a day exploring Pittsburgh.

Earlier we had a tour of the U of P Cathederal of Learn’s nationality rooms and Harry provide a generous visit as a guest in the Carnegie Museum. The art exhibit there was really interesting. You know after seven years in Pittsburgh 20 years ago, this was the first I was in this museum and it was with Harry’s guest passes! Thank you Harry!

Vincent’s Pizza, Ya!


Some things never change (Vincent no longer cooks there but the place is as dingy as ever but the pizza is great).

Some things get better with age (I first went there 30 years ago and the pizza is still great).

Both were true at Vincent’s Pizza Park.

Harry and son Sam attacked Vincent’s – with Cathy and I. Sam optioned for the cheeze steak, Cathy for the meatball sandwich.

There were so many things wrong and right with this event.

The veggie pizza Harry and I ordered was easily the best tasting pizza I’ve had in ages. With the inconsistent crust and topping (proof chaos theory works) and slurping toppings, even the pitcher of Heineken tasted better here than I remembered.

So the pizza was the best ever, but yes this place is a dive!

Waitress was slowwww. There is cigarette smoke everywhere (including the waitress smoking). The tables crickety and the restrooms rough.

But it was worth it in every regard.

Bella Pizza lunch with Dippner


Smoketown is a great place for Italian food – or so Dippner says.

Bella Pizza is just such a place (right by that famous Airport where Amish people take off from to buzz the White House).

We both had the Philly cheese steak, mine with onions and green peppers. They were quite good! Cathy had a ham sub which she felt was good also – but particularly Lancaster county in composition (chopped iceberg lettuce and sliced tomatos).

Dippner has a ton of stories about women telling him their woows, kids at school, how marriage life is working out, gay peoples property investment schemes.

The only one I can confirm as being true was the person serving him papers at his place of work for a court appearance. The bald headed, sunglass wearing (criminal) court paper server was in the lobby of his place of emplyement when we returned from lunch, just as Dippner said they would be!

That was a really good prank to have that all set up Dippner!

Entry for December 27, 2005 – U19B indoor soccer


My nephew plays indoor soccer, so I accepted and invitation to watch him play and to compare it to U10G indoor soccer.

Michael is the player in the blue shirt under the score board 8. The score was blue 1, red 8 long before I took this picture. The blue LS pioneers did not do so well and instead of stopping play, the slaugher rule was in effect. Michael did score once in the second half.

It looked more fun to me than what Michael expressed in frustration after the match 🙂

Intercourse Village Restaurant – what is scrapple anyway? And for breakfast


Breakfast today was at the Intercourse Village Restaurant .

I had the 3 egg cheese omlet for $2.99 with a side of scrapple for $2.29 with maple syrup on it with toast and orange juice (lower right).

The upper right is blueberry pancakes.

The left is just the 3 egg cheese omlet.

The food was good but plain in the Amish sense. Scrapple is unusual and I can eat it, but it is not one of my favorites. I’ll stick with eggs and bacon from now on.

The gossip about weather to go to church on Christmas morning from the Amish waitress was priceless.

Entry for December 26, 2005 – The big blue ring (PA HS Baseball State Champions 2005)


Mark Z was on the 2005 PA Lampeter Strasburg High School (Pioneers) State Champion baseball team.

He played second base.

He modeled the ring he recieved for his accomplishment at the Kendig Christmas Dinner.

Big ring Mark!