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Yuki Sushi, $4.50 large Asahi


I liked this sushi place when I visited for the second time.

CMD thought the fish was not fresh enough.

Yiki Sushi  is usually full of people though and is probably the least expensive quality sushi place I’ve gone to.

Yes the large beers are the cheepest I have found.


Entry for January 31, 2006 – Skier’s reflections on Sundance 2006


Skiing was amazing (two days, Deer Valley and Alta).

I don’t go for the movies – but did see two films over two days thanks to our wonderful host (thank you Anne!). This year the animation viewing (strange and artsy) and the Directors award show (great coming of age movie).

Only one Celebrity sighting, Glen Plake (a guy from Livermore CA!) walking down the street. There may have been others there, we would not recognize them.

I find this NPR review from Fresh Air of Sundance particularly insightful as to the atmosphere after being there two years in a row now.

Missed Paul and Teri.

Oh, the picture, Wirthless retrieving his ski in Alta (he lost his twice). Withless is the skier at the bottom, another skier at the top is helping him by throwing his ski (in the middle of the picture) down to Wirthless. Yes I was on the same hill and made it down fine.

Entry for January 29, 2006 – US men Soccer team handily win over Norway


Dinner was OK (veggitarian pizza and a $2 large beer) for a sports bar in down town Salt Lake City – Port O’ Call.

Free wireless allowed use to follow using the US Soccer match tracker.

It was not a difficult match (for the referee).

It was good to see Twellman score. Pope did an execellent defense job as he always does – and scored a goal! (off a corner kick). Donovan has to learn how to keep his mouth shut. Poking the referee for attention got him a yellow card. I sure he will be talked to about this and it was good experience captain experience for him – as US captain and as a player.

Entry for January 29, 2006 – Best Director – Drama, “A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints”


Good movie.

Best Director, Drama at Sundance.

Thanks Anne and Netflicks for the tickets to this event.

There was a full house for this movie. There was not a sound during the movie and applause at the end. It was neat to see such a respectfull audience.

The director, Dito, was supposed to be there – but after the announcement last night of his selection, they had not been able to locate him for the 10 AM showing he was scheduled to talk at. The MC at the movie wished him well and hoped that he was in a warm place. It had snowed about four inches in Park City through the night before.

Entry for January 29, 2006 – Reed’s house, Anne said it was OK


Netficks president Reed  had a formal party with a theme of “Walk the Line” and post party party at his house, a converted church, off main street in Park City.

Entry for January 28, 2006 – Anne’s second spontanous party


The party was spontanous. Nice crowd. Each brought their own food.

Dan W, Mark (John’s brother) and Tom in picture.

We had pretzels, cheeze, pasta, carrots and sushi.

Wine was Ravenswood Zinfandel and Geyser Peak Savingon Blanc.

Mt. Air Cafe is good for a brunch before a movie


Nice little place to go before the best director’s movie at Sundance. Deer Valley was so full today we could not get in for the lunch.

Mt. Air Cafe. The greasy spoon of Park City. But great place for eggs for brunch.

Oishi Sushi Bar & Grill disappointingiv


With Wirtless I had to have sushi in Park City @ Sundance.

Oishi Sushi Bar & Grill was expensive and just not as good as the sushi I know I can get in California.

Entry for January 27, 2006 – Alta, one of the top skiing experiences


With maybe 10 inches of powder in the last 24 hrs, today’s skiing at Alta was top 2 or 3 skiing experiences of all times. Powder broke at the knees.

The rented equipment also helped with the skiing.

Picture is at the end of the day at Alta – Wirthless still on his feet.

The Eating Establishment is an OK Park City Dinner


The Eating Establishement was the choice for dinner.

The conversation was more lively than quality of the meal.

Pork chop was not tender at all. The cheese potato skins oily.