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Entry for February 28, 2006 – No new snow last night – but skiing looks good for today


Weather and ski report from Whistler.

Paul K wipes out on the glacier.


Entry for February 27, 2006 – Guiness to top off an evening in Whistler Village


Ended the evening at Whistler Village at Blacks Restaurant & Pub talking movies with Nataile and Moranda. Miranda was from Australia and had been here a week. Paul and I almost go her fired :-).

Moranda recommended “He died with a felafel in his hand“. And Paul and Miranda agreed that “Sirens” was a movie I have missed seeing.

Bearfoot Bistro has $9 a dozen oysters after a day of skiing


Best deal in Whistler (the before 6PM $9 a dozen oysters), best restaurant in Whistler (very expensive wine and great but expensive food after 6PM).

Shanna was behind the counter at The Bearfoot Bistro serving James’s freshly shucked oysters. Today James was shucking Kusshi oysters and Beau Soleil oysters (from Canada).

The bar venue is so well done with Champaign flutes with no stems in an iced bar.

Jeanie is the host at this expensive restaurant in the Best Western Listel Whistler Hotel.

Seven years ago, on my first trip to Whistler my brother Doug and four boys stayed in this hotel. There was a great Pinocle game with Doug K, Dan W, Andres K and I at the bar in the restaurant then.

Little did I know it was such a great restaurant then. I was not till this time that I made the connection between that great event years ago and this wonderful restaurant that I’ve been to twice since then.

Entry for February 27, 2006 – The skiing was OK at the top of Whistler


30cm on new snow at the top of Whistler, the first in like 25 days made for OK conditions.

It was raining in the village, so travel here was uneventful.

We skied Whistler today, Blackcomb tomorrow. There was less wind on Whistler mountain.
The photo is an ice sculpture to commemorate the 2010 Olympics which will be held here.

Not many people on the mountain. Good time to be here.

We stayed at the Glacier Lodge in Whistler. Very posh room!

Entry for February 27, 2006 – Seattle wine tasting with Rudy


Dinner is Paul K’s house in Seattle started with a white wine from New Zealand and a Ravenswood Dry Creek red wine. Paul’s homemade pasta was great.

Rudy served the wine, first I had seen Rudy in quite a few years.

Entry for February 25, 2006 – NCS Varsity Boys Final – Monta Vista beats Richmond 2-1


I was the alternate (4th offical) on the North Coast Section (NCS) High School Boys Varsity final tonight in Pinole.

Chris Strickland (FIFA referee and to be 2006 World Cup Referee) was the center of this all Fremont officiated match.

Chris Galloway and Devlin Creighton assisted.

This was a very skilled soccer match. The play was amazing. Richmond was a latin based, smaller player street based team. Monta Vista was larger WASPy prep school like east bay (Danville) type composition. The first goal by Richmond was on a direct kick from the top of the circle.

The second goal by Monta Vista was on a penaly kick when the keeper pulled at the attacker in the box. I was not DOGO but it was close.

The third goal I had my back too but was uncontested by Monta Vista with like 4 min left in the match (I was trying to keep coachs off the field).

I had the second best seat in the house (Strickland of course in the center had the best seat).

I earned my fee as the alternate official after the whistle to end the match was blown.
Strickland  pointed to  the center blew the whistle and then turned to the benches and his AR.
The match ball, picked up by player  #10 from Richmond, was hurled at Strickland’s back (hit is upper sholder/head). I noted the number and walked out to the center. Strickland said to me as I walked up “number 10 right?” I said, how did you know! You had your back turned? “He’s gone” Strickland said. Earlier after the secon Monta Vista goal was scored, Strickland had given #10 a caution for dissent after  #10 had run up to Chris and grabed his hand to shake it. The dissent caution appeared immediately.

Oh yes, the game will be broadcast on local (bay area) comcast cable access channel 26.

Entry for February 25, 2006 – fouth time to Whistler the next few days


I often make a post before an event if I have pictures from a previoius event.

Such it is with Wistler – where Dan W broke his sholder bone/socket on the bunny slopes the last time I was there.

Here is a picture of Paul K at the top of Blackcomb mountain about to start down the back glacier in 2004.

The forcast is for 20cm of snow tomorrow. YA WHISTLER.

The Duke of Edinburgh had good food and beer


The Duke of Edinburgh is an very popular English Pub outside Vallco Fashion Park.

Tonight’s fair of Cornish Pasty and Fish and Chips Sandwitch was very well done.

The Fish was done perfectly. Hot when presented, crispy on the outside and flakey cod in the center. With a touch of cheeze, pickle, onion and lettuce, it was one of the most tastly fish and chips sandwitches I think I have ever had.

I had a Bottingtons and Cathy a Newcastle.

Entry for February 24, 2006 – OK, the tree is now gone


Yes Dan W, thanks for the spontanious tree removal.

Today as you can see the tree is fully removed!

See, two weeks and the cleanup is done!

Entry for February 22, 2006 – Lief makes AP, passes blood test, can compete in Olympics


Leif Zimmerman (my first cousin once removed pictured above in a AP photo) is back on the competing track at the olymics.