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Lina’s Place Mexican in Milpitas, best lunch in a cement block venue


Lina’s Place is an old time favorite. Been going there 20 years.

I normally have the Chilli Relleno ala cart. The chips and salsa provide enough starch.

Rob C had the pulled beef burrito.

The place has no windows and looks like you could get beat up by a pool hall gang when you open the door. That is Rob C coming out of Lina’s.

But the mothers that prepare the food do a wonderfull job.


Entry for March 30, 2006 – Amos the Amish Guy, Historical Landmark? now at Hershey Farm Strasburg?


Amos the Amish guy, only someone from Lancaster (or Strasburg) could find this amusing.

And I hate AOL, so why am I quoting them!

OK, found a non AOL link! with better description.

Hey, can anyone confirm with a comment – or a blog entry with picture – the location of Amos currently??? Like at Hershey Farm???

Also trying to insert a photo.

Lets try a snow photo for now.
Check out that igloo!

Trattoria Pinocchio Italian is regular on food, limited in atmosphere North Beach Resaturant


Nice Italian meal in North Beach section of SF.

Brandon Daniels (of Coastline), Jill, Matt S, Andres K and Tom K enjoy Cappellini Al Pomodoro and Chicken Parmigiana and Lasagna Francesco in down town SF on Columbus Ave at Trattoria Pinocchio.

Thinking back though, although the food was good, other things were not. The happy hour two for one well drinks that got us into the place were were expensive to start with ($6) and small. The waiter was not very attentive (i.e. service was poor). The guest thought that after walking on Columbus Ave afterwords, there were better deals to be had. In other words we fell for the hostest /caller that saw us looking at the menu and talked us inside.

Entry for March 25, 2006 – shot of the streets of SF on Spring Break


Jill, Andres, Branden and Matt with that great view of SF in the background.

Mi Nidito Mexican makes the best chicken topopo salad


Mi Nidito is a smaller restaurant in a kinda run down neighborhood, but gosh the food was good.

There were pictures on the wall of Bode Miller, President Clinton and other celebrities who had eaten at the restaurant. The common clientel not what was expected. But the line forms before the restaurant opens at 5 PM and the wait is almost always an hour.

I had the topopo salad, which is sorta like a grandiose tosada.

Wirthless had the birria burro enchilada style (yes Dan I changed in based on your comment), his person favorite.

The margaritas were good also!

Piazza Gavi Italian is fine place to watch the colors of the hills during sunset


Piazza Gavi is an Italian restaurant with a better than average wine selection.

Wirthless had the Lobster ravioli special, I had the Mediterranean Salad.

The crutches are required to get around when you have a broken hip.

The place has a nice atmosphere and is very popular among the locals.

Here is the view of the hills:


Cold Stone Creamery, a Tucson original


After Sushi there was little room for more food, but Wirthless’s favorite dessert ice cream is the Cold Stone Creamery.

Sometimes I make a meal out of going there. This is much better that Baskin and Robbins.

Originally started in Tucson, this chain has become nation wide. There is now even a store in Lancaster PA.

The ice cream is spread on the marble chilled slab and the ingredients you choose are mixed in. It is great.

An added attraction is if you throw in a dollar tip, they sing a cute little song for you.

Oh, the crutches, they are sympathy crutches for Wirthless.

Takamatsu Sushi is a Tucson favorite


Wirthless is a sushi fan. Takamatsu is his Tucson favorite.

Here are some of his favorite sushi’s including Himatchi, Salmon and flying fish eggs with quail egg.

The $5 large beer and sake combination for happy hour were a great complement.

Withless’s crutches are by his side after breaking his hip.

Entry for March 21, 2006 – Affair pinpointed as cause of Gale Norton scandal


Recent photos show the cause of the Gale Norton resignation to be her assocation with Ranger Wirth.

Federal scandal still leaves Norton eligible for Governor of Colorado, which she intends to run for in 2008. Good luck Gale.

Entry for March 19, 2006 – How to coach Paranahs to a win in Spring League


Paranha’s win 1-0 against the San Ramon team with a goal 4 minutes from the end of the match.

Avni and Dinaz had particularly good performances. The goal by Kala was her first on the team. Both Kala in the first half and Avni in the second half had great saves in goal.

Brendan is a great coach. You can see how the girls respond to his instruction! Picture to follow later.