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Tomatina Spanish/Italian makes a pizza which is reminiscent of Vincents


Tomatina is a three location bay area chain specializing in Pizza and Pasta. Cathy and I went to the Sunnyvale restaurant.

Many of the dishes have the term “Mediterranean” associated with them. Generally it is an Italian based restaurant but perhaps with a spanish twist here.

Cathy and I shared a small pizza, half “Carne Combo”, half “The Garden”. Pizza’s here are not perfect. They are oblong with inconsistent crust and toppings. But the Pizza is delicious. The application of chaos theory to pizza is shown on another favorite pizza place, Vincents in Pittsurgh PA, see the entry from this link.

All in all, this restaurant, that uses clay style ovens, makes healthy food at a medium price. Giovani’s across the street is a inexpensive family run restuarant that makes an excellent pizza too. Healthier and flavorful at Tomatina, tasty and greasy at Giovani’s. Either is a good choice.

Oh, ya, the color, burnt red. This comes from the other events of the weekend (see previous posts). You see after a month of rainy weeks, summer has struck in CA. And when coaches and referees don’t use sun screen, they turn beet red Image.


Entry for April 30, 2006 – Pirahna’s sucumb to San Ramon 7-1 in last NorCal match


Parahna’s had their last match together as a U10 NorCal team.

Was not their best game – but Ann M did score on a great shoot near the end of the match, one of the first shoots scored against the San Ramon Belluruzze Team this season.

Coach Brendan R giving instructions again. The ladies do like listening to him.

Entry for April 29, 2006 – State Cup Quarter Finals


Was the AR on two great matches.

What skill. U18 boys was the first match. John Rodregues was the center. He was very talented, the boys were very tallented. No displine. If I was in the center, I think there would have been at least two cautions – but John handled the situations well, the boys respected his talking and we got through the match with the boys happy.

The second match was U15 boys. Much sloppier match. Two cautions. Spetacular goal.

Photo is of Rob Cole, Dave Gali and I before the match. Taken by the up and coming tallent, Jimmy Huffard.

BomBay Garden Indian Restaurant in Newark – Bollywood at lunch


Lunch with Sergio at Bombay Garden.

This is an Indian Buffet, $10 for all you can eat.

You have to know a little about Indian food to eat there.

The atmosphere is what is different. Big screen TV’s with Bollywood movies on them the entire time.

Koi Sushi Boats Union City has nice lunch boxes


Lunch today was at KOI Sushi Boats by the Union City Bart Station.

Scott T and I went there.

It appears like a newer restaurant.

At lunch the boats were not working so we sat at a both.

Nice fare. Scott enjoyed his chicken Bento Box. I had the Maki lunch special with Tuna and Alvocado in one Maki and Alvocado and Unagi in the other Maki.

The waitress explained that Maki means roll.

Entry for April 26, 2006 – Meeting Tim Weyland 15 years later, Craig Lowry’s peer


Tim Weyland has refereed with Craig Lowry.

Tim was the center in the 1999 MLS cup in Foxboro Mass with Craig as AR2 and Brian Hall as the 4th offical.

1995-2000 Tim was on the USA FIFA list (see the back of your USSF Laws of the GameĀ  book).

Tim retired five years ago when he got married. This last year he resurfaced and last night at the great referee shirt referee giveaway, I chatted with him for the first time to 15 years. He consented to the photo so I can sent it to Craig.

I can’t remember if it was 1991 or 1996, the first or second time I started at Credence that Tim Weyland taught the Quality class at Credence during my orientation.

During the Quality class I found out Tim on weekends would do things like go to Central America to referee matches. I remember we talked soccer. But then Tim left Credence about three months after I started. Remember Tim was on the company executive team, I was a peaon programmer so for me, eventauly he was not on the company phone list anymore.

At the point I meet Tim, I had no idea my cousin Craig was a FIFA referee or even refereed at all!

If I hadĀ  my referee licence when I meet Tim, it was just after I got it if I had it at all.

So now many years later, I get to sit and chat with a returning referee (Tim has been reinstated as a National Referee this year). On the 100 question test, he was the only referee this year to get every question right, a 100% score!

Tim has the same thin lean stature of cousin Craig. Tim is the proud parent of a three year old daughter.

I think Craig went to a bachelor party for Tim four years ago (2002?) when in town to referee an earthquakes game.

Elephant Bar Restaurant Fremont – watch out for the wild life


What are the three things that make a good restaurant? Quality food, Nice atmosphere and Great presentation.

The Elephant Bar Restaurant fits all the critera at a good level.

I had the chinese chicken salad, Jim A had the lunch burrito and MaryJane V matched my salad entry.

I have to go back for dinner and try the Mojitos.

This was a special lunch, as MaryJane is a special person.

MaryJane gets to know the manager of any restaurant she goes to, particulary ones she likes. In this case she did not like to color of the lettuce for her salad (it was brown on the edges). She sent it back (I guess it did not pass the presentation test :-)).

So at the end of the meal, she went and had a talk with the manager. For the three person lunch, we left a nice tip for the waitress, and MaryJane got the manager to agree to give us the lunch at no charge.

MaryJane is a special person!

Entry for April 22, 2006 – Bill & Lynn pay a visit


Bill & Lynn were in the Bay Area from North Carolina. It was a grand get together.

Los Cabos Restaurant Fremont is fine lunch


In one of the many storefront streets in Fremont is Los Cabos Restaurant.

Los Cabos is frequented by many Fremont city workers because of it’s location next to the Fremont City offices.

The Taco Salid was the favorite for Doug C who had lunch with me. I had two soft shelled tacos – which were fine but no out of the ordinary. Doug has been having the taco salid for the last three years he said. It looked good!

The Bolton vs Chelsea soccer match was on the TV. I think Gram Poll was the center. Second yellow on an ugly tackel with 1 minute left! Gutsy send off. Stupid player.

Tacos Las Vegas Baby again in Milpitas


One of the best driveup taco stands.

This was the original site in Milpitas.

The Fish Tacos and the Pork Tacos were on the menu today.

Lunch was with amateur photographer Steve P.