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Entry for May 30, 2006 – Strickland now on line in Germany


Chris Strickland of Fremont CA is now on the World Cup FIFA referee page. He left for Germany on the 25th of May.

In addition, Greg Barkey is now blogging his referee World Cup experences.
Greg’s blog represents the entire USA referee team of Kevin Stott, Greg Barkey and Chris Strickland.


Entry for May 29, 2006 – SF Cup ends with U14 Girls consolation match center


Harry L, the last match I did at SF cup was with Rick W, the referee you worked with in Pleasanton in August of 2005. Christopher F was AR2. The referee team is pictured above.

There were so many problems with this match.

It was blue vs red. The big shouting blue coach was even more upset when in the 8th minute the red attacker tipped the ball forward in the box for the slow roll torward the goal as the blue keeper crashed into the attacker. Both players went down. I waited as the ball slowly trickled torward the goal. Dave K, I remembered the discussion about the referee who blew his whistle to fast. The ball hit the goal post and trickled a few centimeters back onto the field. With the keeper and attacker down (and everyone focused on the down players), I blew the whistle. Motioned the coaches onto the field. The red attacker when she got up had a bloody lip where the keeper’s fore arms had struck her face. She was a tough girl but went off substituted for injury. Now the restart. It was a penalty kick restart. The blue coach was balistic.

Lots more happened the first half, the blue coach miss behaving all the time. AR1 (Rick) at half time tells me “the blue coach is gone”. Wait for my signal Tom, when I give it, he’s gone. I said fine.

Where was the red coach? Sitting on his seat well off the center. He was an excellent coach.

The second half starts. I keep looking to AR1. Always a thumbs up back in the second half.

12th minute, I accelerate into the corner to make a call, SNAP. My left calf mussle is pulled. I could not walk. I removed myself from the match and Rick the AR1 takes over as the center.

It is my last match for quite a while. Have to see how long till I can walk – without a limp – let alone run. Not clear when I will referee next (give me two weeks at least to see where we are at).

Gold Mirror Italian is a SF neighborhood place


Gold Mirror (second review) was recommended by Sandy, the referee administrator at Boxer for SF Cup.

Cathy had the Prime Rib, I tried the home made cataloni.

The food was good, but perhaps pricier than it was wirth.

Entry for May 26, 2006 – SF Cup Symposium with Ander Frisk


Picture of me with Anders Frisk. Anders was the keynote speaker on the SF Cup Referee Symposium.

Jebari A, Tim H, Mike L and Mike C drove with me to the Symposium in South San Francisco.

Anders is famous for his retirement from referee because of death threats to him and his family. He was ranked as the fourth best referee in the world at the time. His World Cup 2002 profile is still on line.

Anders talk was about a referees attitude durning the match and the referees communication with the players. His english is good for a swedish born referee. Anders said nothing about the controversy surounding his retirement.

Maria Elena’s Mexican food in Alviso


Bill A joined me for lunch at Marina Elena’s in Alvsio.

I had a pork tostada which was excellent.

I miss Bill’s perspective on things.

For example, I found out why the British/French Concord was such a fuel hog and why the US SST never got off the ground.

Dishdash Sunnyvale dessert was memorable


The dessert get’s it’s own blog entry.

Four different Baklava’s (Baklava assortment) – each yummy in it’s own way.

I had Turkish coffee. I was pleased with the cartaman flavor which eased the bitterness of the coffee and the sugar had it tasting great.

Cathy had the tea made from fresh leaves. Very good also.

Dishdash Sunnyvale is Mediterranean cuisine at it’s best


On a recommendation from “Check Please Bay Area (episode 11)“, Cathy and I hit Dishdash in Sunnyvale for dinner.

This was a great dining experience. We started with the babaganush. Excellent. Cathy had the Sambusak Dajaj. The combination of flakey crust on the outside and the spices and chicken on the inside was great.

I had the Shawarma. grilled lamb served on a bed of hummas. It was excellent.

Although the hostest was brief with us, our waiter was excellent. This place is full almost all the time. At 9PM there was still people coming into the place.

Watch the TV episode from Check Please Bay Area, one of my favorite TV shows presently (next to the World Cup) and you can watch it on line from anywhere, anytime, the way a TV show should be broadcast!

Fuddruckers Union City makes a pile em up burger


Fuddruckers is expensive for lunch, but I like how they make their burgers and let you pile on the condiments.

I had a fish sandwitch which you can see in the forground.

In the background is the condiment counter with the black shirted Scott T preparing his hamburger.

Cherry Sushi Sunnyvale (again & again) with Alex & Mira


Does this photo help show the presentation at Cherry Sushi?

The sushi is delicious. Alex and Mira now have an idea also of the quality of the sushi.

Mira liked the unagi. Alex is a growing boy and ate almost everything in site.

Alex and Mira did run Bay to Breakers in the morning. The exercise made room for lots of food.

If you want to check out the picture from the first time there it is blogged here.

Pasta Pomodora in Milpitas always has good presentation


Pasta Pomodora is a chain started in the bay area. There are now about 45 locations in NorCal, SouCal and AZ.

They have inovative pasta dishes, black dressed waiters and are always full at lunch.

Nice reunion lunch Debbie A, Chris O and Abdy M had a great time catching up.