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Fiesta del Mar is colorful Mexican in Mountain View


The three choices of salsa to start served on a colorful plate are great. I like the mole type salsa.

Fiesta del Mar is colorful painted and the food although a little on the expensive side is very tasty.


Lina’s Place Mexican in Milpitas remains a popular dive


Eleazar J and I stop by Lina’s Place for a buisness lunch on his way to the airport.

I had the Chile Relleno, E had the Chicken enchiladas. The soft drink refills are free!

Esperpento, spanish tapas in SF on one year blog anniversary


With lots of Guatamalans wanting to go to the city to eat, Marina said we should try a spanish locations south of Mission in SF that Paul K had taken them to a year earlier.

Esperpento is a good choice with many small plates to choose from.

We had three appitizers, an egg and potato quich sort of thing, fried artichokes and a pork kibob. We all shared the appitizers. We had the trout and salmon dinners for the main course – which were nothing fancy but went with the tapas atmosphere.

Finishing off with dessert of creame bolue and a chocolate mousse.

So it is Marina K, Thelma, Donna Tere and Terista round out the table.

So this marks the one year anniversary of my first blog entry on yahoo. There is a lot of memories here for one years worth of adventures!

Entry for June 26, 2006 – Italy reaches new heights in drama (acting)


All is fair in love and war, even in soccer. When you want to get the result you want, you can use any means to get it.

I am an Italian soccer fan, but drag your foot over a defender and fall on the ground to enable the referee to call a penality kick in stopage time. I find this NOT a respectable method of scoring (but check out that referee’s position to make that call – it was very good). But as I said at the time, the soccer Gods are finally starting to come around for the Italians.

If you were the defender, what action could you have taken to prevent yourself not being called foul in that situation? Not slide on the ground in front of Grosso? And Grosso, after dragging his foot and peaking up to see the referee and then responding like the call was mana from heaven. The expected response for such an act would be to glare back at the fouler mad that he had fouled him when going to the goal.

And what was with the advantage call by the referee outside the box on the same play? There was no foul there either.

I watched this match closely. I agree with the referee on the two footed tackle – very similar to Masteroni’s – as being worthy of a send off. What are these players thinking???

But the memory of the match will always be Totti redeaming himself (if you believe in redemption or if you believe in Totti, you make the choice).

The other match of the day went to kicks from the penalty mark with only one caution? Wow is that because of the referee (top Mexican referee) or the Swiss or the Ukranians?

Britannia Arms San Jose for viewing last of Round of 32 matches for World Cup


Went to Britannia Arms in down town San Jose for lunch and to watch France and Switzerland win their world cup matches.

Brendan and I talked about Nextest and Piranhas soccer.

We both ordered the fish and chips which were OK but very expensive. I think Peggy Sue’s around the corner is a better place.

Entry for June 22, 2006 – Time to root for Italy after USA loss with match analysis


The headline says it all – USA goes home and what’s up with Arena anyway?

OK, I leave the above text the same.

Here is my analysis.

Why all the balls up over the top into the middle when you are using a 4-5-1? None of them were successfull. The US could not seem to put together more than three passes in a row. What’s up with that? Where was all those dynamic runs up the field that Landon had the previous world cup?

I hate to be negative on Rena, but I did not see the smile and energy of before, he was like an old wise sage on the field. But not what the USA needs to make a difference.

Oguchi did put his right hand on the Ghana attackers hip just as the Ghana attacher went to spring up. It did make for an ugly looking play in the middle of the penalty box. Was  it a foul? Maybe. Was it worthy of calling for a match deciding penalty kick? Not in my matches. So finally (for all you who follow my referee comentary) I don’t support the referee’s (from Germany) decision. The interesting part for me as a referee is did the AR call the foul or did the center.

But in the end, the USA did not show enough spirit to come back and create any chances on their own. I can’t fault the referee more than I can fault the USA team and Arena the coach. I will quote Eric Wynolda again – it is a lot easier to change 1 guy (Arena) than 23. And I think we had a good 23 man team roster.

I was pleased to watch the match with two other referees, Devlin C and Rob C. DTK came with two of his friends (one a kick boxer named Jonathon) to watch. Paul & Hien and Dick P, one of Paul K’s friends, were there too, Dick brought the Crispy Cream donuts.

Entry for June 20, 2006 – Yoshi’s last night with Larry Vuckovich Trio


Nice. Harry – you should have been there! Yoshi’s is the premier Jazz (and Sushi) place in the Bay Area. It is in Jack London Square in Oakland. Paul K and Hien P took me to this Monday night event. Great event. Vuckovich is Croatian and Paul had a lot in common with him and did talk with Larry between shows. He is plays piano, had has since the 60’s. He is kinda like an old beatnik. Very fun to list to and for $14, a nice event for the evening.

Oh, the sushi (hamachi and spider roll) and drinks (bottle of Sake and Irish Coffee) were extra.

Entry for June 19, 2006 – technical question – who were the goats in the USA vs Italy match


Finally, finally, finally, ESPN commentator Eric Wynolda said it from his commentary.

He went back and looked at the tapes and said – what was Mastroeni doing coming in with both feet off the ground cleats up when you are up 11 men to 10?

What? Mastroeni was justifiably sent off? What a thought!

Balboa is an idiot and continues to blame the referees for the poor and often unsafe choices of the players. An ESPN reporter reported on a off camera interviewed with Esse Baharmast (the head of referee development at the World Cup and a USA citizen) who is quite pleased with the referees so far believing they are the putting on the best referee performance ever in a World Cup. All World Cup teams were individually talked to by a FIFA representative indicating that elbows, shirt pulling, delay of game would all be particulary watched for the match by referees. They were warned!

Now I like Mastroeni – he is a tenacious player – he did well against Mexico in 2004, particularly against Blanco, but yes Mastroeni you are the goat in the Italy match. In the 45th minute! Sit down please Mastroeni……

The Italians know who the goat is. De Rossi has been skewered by the Italian press as he should be.

Oh, ya, the biggest goat of the World Cup – the ESPN coverage. Watch Univision – much better. Tommy Smythe on ESPN does an excellent job on the matches he gets to call.

Wow – just found out that Bob Evans’ blog (For The Integrity of the Soccer) agrees with my analysis! I have attended Bob’s referee instruction classes as referee training.

Oh yes, my forecast for Thursday’s World Cup matches: Italy 2, Czech 0; USA 3, Ghana 1. USA goes through to play Brazil. Ouch!

P.S. I like to be positive in my posts. I was positive about the match on the post the day of the match. See my post on that day. I wrote that post praising Keller before I knew he was the man of the match.

De Afghanan Afghan Cuisine, Fremont is center of Afghan is USA


Great local single propriator restaurant for fathers day, De Afghanan Afghan Cuisine.

The meal started with the Mantoo dumplings (not pictured) – which were excellent.

Pictured above is the Bolani Kacholoo – a pan fried bread and the Chicken Kabob. Kinda regular.

The restaurant was out of the Borani Kadoo – their speicalty pumpkin dish. I’ll have to go back to try that.

Entry for June 18, 2006 – the top of Mission Peak


Lets see, there were foxes, turkeys, snakes, hawks, deer, lizards, we saw lots of wild life going up and down the mountain.

First time I had been up Mission Peak in years. The left leg (calf mussle pull two weeks ago) held up fine.

The view is San Jose is in the background with DMK and I.