Entry for June 26, 2006 – Italy reaches new heights in drama (acting)

All is fair in love and war, even in soccer. When you want to get the result you want, you can use any means to get it.

I am an Italian soccer fan, but drag your foot over a defender and fall on the ground to enable the referee to call a penality kick in stopage time. I find this NOT a respectable method of scoring (but check out that referee’s position to make that call – it was very good). But as I said at the time, the soccer Gods are finally starting to come around for the Italians.

If you were the defender, what action could you have taken to prevent yourself not being called foul in that situation? Not slide on the ground in front of Grosso? And Grosso, after dragging his foot and peaking up to see the referee and then responding like the call was mana from heaven. The expected response for such an act would be to glare back at the fouler mad that he had fouled him when going to the goal.

And what was with the advantage call by the referee outside the box on the same play? There was no foul there either.

I watched this match closely. I agree with the referee on the two footed tackle – very similar to Masteroni’s – as being worthy of a send off. What are these players thinking???

But the memory of the match will always be Totti redeaming himself (if you believe in redemption or if you believe in Totti, you make the choice).

The other match of the day went to kicks from the penalty mark with only one caution? Wow is that because of the referee (top Mexican referee) or the Swiss or the Ukranians?


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