Esperpento, spanish tapas in SF on one year blog anniversary

With lots of Guatamalans wanting to go to the city to eat, Marina said we should try a spanish locations south of Mission in SF that Paul K had taken them to a year earlier.

Esperpento is a good choice with many small plates to choose from.

We had three appitizers, an egg and potato quich sort of thing, fried artichokes and a pork kibob. We all shared the appitizers. We had the trout and salmon dinners for the main course – which were nothing fancy but went with the tapas atmosphere.

Finishing off with dessert of creame bolue and a chocolate mousse.

So it is Marina K, Thelma, Donna Tere and Terista round out the table.

So this marks the one year anniversary of my first blog entry on yahoo. There is a lot of memories here for one years worth of adventures!


One Response to “Esperpento, spanish tapas in SF on one year blog anniversary”

  1. teresita d Says:

    Hi Tom, thanks for help me, I think you are a good teacher. I like this picture, it remember me what a good time we spent together, bye Teresita

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