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Entry for July 30, 2006 – Sometimes you have a good day refereeing


Final day of the Rage College show case. I had the very last match of the day at 5:20 PM. I had had a AR and middle earlier in the morning. As I reported before, these are very skilled teams, U16 and above.

So the last match of the day starts off with some scrappy almost cat fight play on the first two challenges after the wistle blew to start the match. It was an Arizona team vs Placerville. The first half ended with no scores, the fiesty play becoming less of a problem. Play was at a difficult pace though.

The second half started. Placerville attacking in the 10th minute. They drive into the corner right in front of the AR Kevin R. Kevin and I have refereed together before and I have a very high opinion of Kevin. There was the trip, the attacker goes down, the AR’s flag goes up for the foul 10 feet in front of him. I watch, the attacker leap up and heads torwad the ball and the goal. I yell “advantage!” as the attacker crosses the ball right in front of the goal and her team mate beatifully heads it home.

I just smiled the cat’s meow inside. I’ve called advantage maybe two times before in my hundreds of matches hopefully hundreds of advantage calls that resulted in the goal score. I felt like a champ. I knew I had made a beautiful call to make for a beautiful match (Kevin agreed).

The picture above is the mystery referee from Mustang Referee Association (Rob B) and myself.


Entry for July 30, 2006 – Mission Springs 20 year picnic


Nice day for a picnic. I had a picture of the food, but the kids doing water ballons, well that is what picnics are more about.

Yuki Sushi in Fremont, everyone says this is fresh sushi, and it is!


Very good looking food setup. Nothing like sushi after refereeing three soccer matches.

I did have to wait some to get in.

Here are some reviews of Yuki Sushi.

Entry for July 29, 2006 – Opening match for college show case – boy these girls are good


Rob C and Scott M were the referee team on the opening match. I had some trouble – but Rob and Scott kept me straight!

I’m now red on the face, getting that healthy referee color. Three matches in one day gets me my share of vitamin D.

Entry for July 29, 2006 – Piranhas start the tournament season


Three matches in one day for the Paranhas. I can only help out on the first match of the day.

The Piranhas look sharp, the fight hard. But the play on the field suffered. They could not get first defender, second defender figured out and the Paranhas could not string three passes together.

Hardy’s Bavaria has nice dunkle with sauerbraten


Hardy’s Bavaria is a German favorite. Always make me think of Germany.

The bread is excellent.

The sauerbraten and bratwurtz were good as you can see above.

Movies are a new thing for me, here is a movie of the enternce to Hardy’s

Entry for July 25, 2006 – Rocket does win in Oakland


Peter L called me up. The rocket would be pitching tonight in Oakland.

There was more Sox fans there that A’s fans.

Peter L picked the game.

Lots of runs scored. Oakland had a chance, then blew it. Boston won 10-5.

The ladies behind us were obnoxious. But the place was nearly sold out. What a turnout. Lines were long for the concession stands.

Entry for July 25, 2006 – Piranha scrimmage against San Ramon


Ladies get a good match in. We got to work on formation and some play making.

Score was a loss, 3 to 10.

London Wine Bar in SF financial district for dessert to celebrate E’s new job


Eric has accepted a managment position at a bank (Barklys) in SF.

Eric likes wine (red), so do I 🙂

We had two glasses each in the London Wine Bar on Sansome St. SF to celebrate.

The second wine I had from Paso Robles reminded me on a Turley – but Turley is as big with a fruiter image.

The bartender knew Eric’s friend who was the navigator for Larry Ellison’s yacht.

The Royal Exchange in SF financial district on a spare the air day


San Francisco is a class city.

In a huge experiment, all public transportation becomes free if the air quality become poor.

There can only be five days a year where the funds are available for this transportation. Today was the fifth for this summer.

What to do. Well BART is free, why not call up my friend Eric in SF and works at a bank there and take BART for free for drinks and dinner in SF?