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El Balazo in Pleasanton – right out of Mexico – if you like authentic mexican


You look up on the board, order and from behind the counter your pork super nachoes appears.

El Balazo is a great place to meet for some food and a drink.

I tried the tamali also. It was home made. OK but simple mexican food. I have gotten used to Marina’s tamali’s which have the tasty black olive in the center.

Lots of places to sit and drink soda or beer. We tried the bucket of 6 Coors mini cans for $6.

Rob C invited me here after the Pleasanton Tournament yesterday – we had to discuss how I was calling fouls.


Entry for August 28, 2006 – Yesterdays U16 Girls D3 consolation match in Pleasanton


How can there be so many problems on simple matches. I have to get better at creating less difficulty.

The girls were good on the field, U16 girls knew how to play, but I as AR 1 had a tough time with the coaches.

Assistant Coach refussed to stay in the clearly marked technical area.

Assistant Coach yelling sub to field before have the girls to the center line for subsitution and in the face of my instructions to tell me first and give me first shout.

Assistant Coach on field for injury giving instructions to girls.

Assistant Coach dissenting calls.

Assistant Coach in the book (Jay was great there).

Other team assistant coach – get’s his cell phone out (before most of the above). I look over and said – coach no phone calls during the match. He says what? I’ve never heard that before. Then he reports “and I’m a grade 6 referee”. Wow those State Referees from District 4! (It was a Walnut Creek team).

With less than one minute left the goal tying the match at 2-2 was scored and with that we were off to overtime and then kicks from the penalty mark.

Center (and I) got all the girls in the center circle. Head coaches went balistic insisting they talk to the ladies. We said no, coaches insisted, we said no – it was a huge struggle.

Eventually we took the kicks – Blue won – but the blue lady head coach could not let it go insisting we as a team had misapplied how to do kicks from the mark by not letting the coach give instructions to the ladys before the kicks started.

Pictured above is the team, Patrick, Jay and Tom.

Sorry Harry, this is the match that took the time away not allow me to meet you in the city. It was in the same location where you refereed last year at about this time. The folks in Pleasanton still remember the referee from Pittsburgh. You are a celebrity here in CA Image

Entry for August 28, 2006 – Piranhas weekend Mission Peak Jamboree


The Piranhas played four matches this weekend.

We did not do well in the win/lose thing. One goal scored. Over 10 goals against.

Field play was good. Julie had lots of opportunities in goal for saves and did really well. Kyla scored our first goal (went through the keeps legs – but it counted!).

Above is Hanna getting instruction from coach Brendan during the match. It shows what our bench looks like.

Cafe Baklava in Mountain View – you can order in Turkish


The turkish community in Bay Area is not always readily apparent but if you know where to look…

Cafe Baklava is turkish. I know because we sat underneath the soccer uniform from the turkish national team. We tried everything turkish from the appitizer to the beer. There was no room for desert though.

Adana Kebab (beef)
Grilled Trout special
Tavuk Guvec (chicken)
Efes Pilsen (Turkish beer)
Mediterranean Mezze

Yasiman ordered in turkish for us.

Entry for August 19, 2006 – U16B Semifinal, Brian Hall & filing for referee upgrade


Submitted the paperwork for upgrade to a State Referee today. Let’s see how that goes.

I say this because I treated the U16B semifinal match as an assessed match. They were two good youth teams. It was competive and I was able to manage the match with no cautions. I have to work on getting wider so I can recognize the AR offside flag which I missed twice. Also had to adjust my hand position when giving direction.

FIFA and word cup Referee Brain Hall had the U19B team he coaches at the tournament. He came to the referee tent and Bobby Martinez gave a little talk about him and we all gave him a round of applause. Beside Brian is Bill Miller who will be assigning me the three assessed matches (U19B Div 1 or amatur) which I have to pass to become a State Referee.

I introduced Chris Salazar, last years Male Fremont Youth Referee of the year to Brian also. You will probably see more posts with Salazar from me as he is an exeptional youth referee. I also introduced Salazar to Bill M as I hope Bill we get to assess one of Chris’s matches in the future when he does his upgrade maybe two years from now – if he sticks with the D3 youth program.

Entry for August 19, 2006 – new referee mentoring in Fremont


U10B jamboree this weekend in Fremont.

This is a photo of Rachel M, Mike C and I after Rachel’s first match.

Entry for August 18, 2006 – Ballistic Summer Tournament & scrappy U14B


I took off work Friday to referee at the Rage Tournament Image.

More of tourament month in progress.

The U14B were scrappy. Jose Moreno and Alex Dur were good help. Alex played the match before and jumped into his referee uniform and was a great help. Jose is a State Referee that did the U19B match before.

No I am not employeed yet. Let’s see if my morning job contacts leads to an interview next week.

Entry for August 18, 2006 – Brother fails to post his picture in Airport on his blog


Brother Dave, come on what a great blog post!

Did they ask you permission to take the picture?

Did you know they were taking the picture?

How did you find out the picture was posted?

Minerva’s Restaurant & Catering in Fremont, Pitas anyone?


In the heart of the Centerville district is a buisness section which is heavly Afghani.

On one obscure corner is what looks like a sandwich shop called Minerva’s Restuarant and Catering.

This was a nice lunch for $6.25. They specialize in pita sandwiches. They are good. Also make there own dough for pizzas which they cook on the spot.

Gus and Frank joined me for lunch there.

Heather was our waitress. Turns out I know her parents Julie and Doug. She was quite helpful to us.

Entry for August 16, 2006 – Be flexable, you never know what will show up – Tom golfing!


OK, meet a guy at a golf course for some buisness transactions and what do you get? An invitation to golf!

Look there is Tom golfing at the Fremont City Golf Course with the centeral park soccer goals in the background. Gus, Gill and Frank invited me as the fourth.