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Entry for September 30, 2006 – Brandi Chastain and Santa Clara vs Stanford girls match


What a wonderful event.

All 12 Piranhas attended. Everyone got along well.

Santa Clara won 2-0 against Stanford.

Brandi Chastain was going in the gate the same time we did. She reluctantly consented to a photo with the Piranhas and her new baby.

So above is Brandi on the left, then the following Pirahnas – Hanna, Brie, Julie, Rebecca and Pavitra.


Entry for September 30, 2006 – Piranhas show spirit but loose to Elk Grove 5-0


Elk Grove is one of the most difficult U10 girls teams in the league. They are from Sacramento and come to district three to play because the competition in Sacramento is just not the calibre of District III.

The girls held their own for a while. But some beautiful goals eventually made the difference in the match.

I was on the field three times for injured players. Nothing really cynical. Rebecca got her toe kicked. Hanna had a kick across her body while playing in the middle of the field. Kyla got the feet knocked out from under her and spent the rest of the match in tears.

KK has really improved in the defence. She now naturally clears the ball.

Rachel was the player of the match as she nearly scored the Piranhas only goal on a far post shot that unluckily went right to the keeper (and she was offside), but it was a nice play.

Entry for September 30, 2006 – Assessment match results – DVSC 2, Livermore 0


It was a good match.

After the match the assessor helped me understand some of what happened during the match.

The beginning of the match was very clean and the pregame hype explains why. Both teams knew there was a celeberty audience for them (the college coaches), so they played that way. Very skilled, little contact, beautiful passes.

Then came the moment of truth for me as a referee and the players in the match.

24th minute, white attacking inside the penalty box, green has strong line of defense right around the penalty mark. The ball is passed back right outside the arche to an oncoming white player as #11 green races out to pressure the ball.

The attacker kicks the ball as the defender uses his outside right foot into the laces of the attacking play who crumbles to the ground in pain. I was four meters from the event in full view. I blow the whistle hard. My mind races, send off or caution? I follow the green defender quickly back into the wall he attempts to disappear amoung his team mates. Pull my yellow card and show #11 a caution. The assessor pointes out this is the wrong mechanic as my ARs (District III youth referee veterans) could not see who I cautioned. I write the number 11 in my referee book.

Now the moment of truth. I walk over to the downed white player. Are we OK. He is getting up – slowly (as I knew the contact was hard but not fatal). He gets up. “Are we in the match?”. Yes he replied. A white player asks me is the restart here? I said yes. “Can I play now?”. I respond “you don’t want the whistle?”. “No” came the reply. I said softly “Oh, ya play”. As I back out way.

Green is loosly forming a wall, some with backs to the ball, most playes about say six meters out. As I back away, the white attacker slams the ball into the corner of the net. I score a goal. Green protests in disbelief that I had to restart with a whistle.

The match now turns contested. Green the home team is unhappy with me first, themselfs second. I call a lot more fouls. I talk to a lot more, to now unreceptive players. The first half tenously ends.

My ARs (one a regionals final AR veteran) indicated I had blown the call. That I should have blown the whislte to restart play because I had given the caution. Shoot. I blew a call in my assessment! Well I have to carry on.

In the second half I had to caution a white player in the first 10 minutes for perssistent infringment. White, mid way through the second half, scores a second goal. The match ends, 2-0 white. Troy Dayak (the former Earthquake who lives in Livermore) consoles the loosing Livermore team. DVSC is now in first place.

Jimmy H and Susie G, both District III youth program members, did great. The assessor gives them some brief advice. Then dissmisses them and I talk with the assessor by myself. I find some of my above mistakes after some specific complements.

“Do you have any questions?”. I reply, “well yes, two, can we talk about the momemt of truth in the match?”. “What about it?”. I ask, “did I have to blow the whistle for the restart?”. “There is only two times the Advice to referees says you have to blow the whistle”. Opps, did I read that? Turns out the assessor thought not only was the restart fine, but required! Wow was I releaved.

“But wait, one more question – do I have two more assessments or am I done?”. The assessor replay “One more”. One more? “Yes, your AR assessment”. “So I passed?”. The assessor “Yes you only have one more assessment”. What a relief.

Entry for September 29, 2006 – the pregame hype for tomorrow’s U17B D1 assessment


Tomorrow will be my second center assessment for my State Refereeing upgrade.

The first U17 Boys Division 1 match went too smoothly – I even thought the match might be declared unassessable because I really had no opportunity for a caution in the match. The boys played hard but fair.

Tomorrows match between Livermore Gold and DVSC is between the number 1 and 2 teams at the U17 Boys Division 1 level.

Troy Dayak, the former San Jose Earthquake, has invited 8 college coaches to come to the match to evaluate players.

Local teams have encouraged their players to come and watch the match as an example of high level of play.

I guess if I go up in flames there will be lots of witnesses!!

If you want to come to the match and help the crowd shout “your killing us Ref!”, the match is in Livermore at Robertson Park #1 at 10AM.

Friendly comments like “oooooh” and “ahhhh” are welcome also.

SuperMex? Huntington Beach? Orange County good mexican food


Interesting tortia chips at  SuperMex. The size of  Taco shells with nice Salsa.

They had a light menu which I tried. Was delicioius.

Entry for September 28, 2006 – first contractor road trip – Orange County for a day


Garden City, where is that?

Expense paid trip to Garden City. Maybe there is a chance for an overseas trip as a contractor.
Anyway, the customer is up and running in production.

Entry for September 26, 2006 – Last weekends soccer tournament (Celtic Harvest) ends


Celtic Harvest is over – generally a success.

But I did have referee issues.

A referee issues an ejection and fails to keep the players credential for discipline.

Another match had a referee doing so poorly on a U12 boys match (consolation match) the tournament people called me over in an emergency situation to monitor the match.

At the same time in another match a Fremont assistant coach was ejected for challenging a youth referees call.

But there was also some great refereeing.

We had fourth officals on three of the final matches. These matches went great, including the U16 girls and U16 boys finals.

I was the center in the U16B consolation. Extemely well played match. I gave three cautions and called a penality kick. The final score was 5-3, just a great match. Had to use all my skills and it was a good fine tuning for my upcoming second assessement.

Entry for September 23, 2006 – Celtic Harvest good start, tricky ending


The sushi tasted good after a hard day and central park Fremont.

The hard part was managing all the referee changes to get the division 1 changes covered.

Through the great generousity of many referees, we had three referee coverage on all matches today.

I took the most difficult Fremont boys U16 match at the end of the day. Although a blowout for Fremont, the end of the match was very messy. With a penalty kick against Fremont.

The messy part of the call was the defender cleared the ball and just took out the attacker as the attacker was comming up along the goal line into the penality area. I blew my whistle and pointed to the penalty spot, the colission starting in the box and throwing the attacher out of the box with great force.

Problem is no one else on the field believed the attacker ever got into the box (i.e. the foul was there but not in the box).

Above is Kobin L, me and Magaret K.

Rosie McCann’s Irish Pub & Restaurant in Santana Row San Jose – have a pint


Rosie McCann’s was the site a Jen’s Bon Voyage.

The food appeared.

I had three glasses of wine, Echelon Pino Grecio, Veramonte Sauviogn Blank and the Coppola Cabernet (which was the best of the three).

The guest list was amazing.

Jen of course, her boss Vern and Debbie.

Chris O, Chris W, Max, Mike H, Neil, Art H, Connie, Frank L, Pete R, Paul K and Paul S, Ronnie C, Doug L, Ken S, Mike Hay, Steve W and there were others not as familiar.

Pacific Buffet, new Fremont lunch spot


Details and photo to follow