Entry for September 09, 2006 – Piranhas score 3 goals in Pleasanton opening season match

Two break away goals by Kyla and a massive team effort started by Miranda and ended by Rebecca pushing in the ball at the far post for the last goal. It was a good day for the Piranhas.

We agreed that KK was the player of the match. She had good contribution as central defender. But it was her several launches from behind over the Pleasanton defense that allowed Kyla to make three breakaway shots on goal, two of which went in and one that went off the post.

Coach Brendan pointed out that during the regular season last year the Piranhas only score three goals.

The last Piranha goal was scored with only about a minute left. A tremendious celebration broke out on the field and off, I mean after all it was the coach’s daughter. The kick off resulted in a whistle blown to end the match and the coaches driffed onto the field and the players off. I was in range to hear the little girl player from Pleasanton as she asked her coach, “We won right?” in her inocent way.  I just smiled. Here Pleasanton won 6 to 3 and our players were in such good spirits, so celibitary, that the opposing team could not tell if they won or not. What a nice small moment to remember.


One Response to “Entry for September 09, 2006 – Piranhas score 3 goals in Pleasanton opening season match”

  1. David K Says:

    Congratulations again. Sounds like practice is paying off. You didn’t mention if 3 goals were enough to secure a win?

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