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Jacks still best sports bar in Fremont


Monday night football and Jacks Brewpub has on the big screens.

Peter L and I had a good time catching up and watching the game.

Entry for October 29, 2006 – Kick Or Treat ends with best tournament ever designation?


The spectical of this weekend in Fremont Central Park was great.

Great soccer matches.

Great weather and of course:

Great refereeing Image.

The final U16B match was a barn burner. Blue team up 2-0 at half time, White team comes back from behind scoring three goals in 10 minutes. Two send offs, one for each team. The match ended in the dark pratically.

I am the referee administrator at the tournament. I get asked all the questions, talk to all the referees. I refereed the U16G consolution. Nice match, easy match.

Because of the time change and some field delays, the U16B final got off late and since it is the first day of daylight savings time a 4PM start was not a good idea. This is a flash photo of the referee team immediately after the match. Daniel G (AR2), Brendan R (4th), Rob C (M) and Chris S (AR1).

Entry for October 28, 2006 – Kick Or Treat U16B D3 match with great ARs


Not all matches involve controversy or great play.

The team above, Greg O, me and Apoova S had an easy match with the boys playing good on the field. Little chance of a caution. Took me into the second half for the one coach to realize he was not to yell “SUB” and that the AR and I would recognize the players at the middle of the field and the subs went really smoothly.

Tomorrow the sun sets early. I think I have the U16G consoluation match.

Entry for October 27, 2006 – Cardnals beat the Beavers 2-0


Another soccer event, just sorta like the old earthquake times.

The Ryans and soccer.

Najma plays for Oregon State, the Beavers. Najma was a trainer for the Pirahna’s. She came over and said hi and hugged all the fans that were players. Very nice event.

Mission Pizza is a good lunch deal


Had lunch at Mission Pizza today with Rob C.

Debbie A. is famous there because of all the lunches from Credence she organized there.

I had the vegiterian pizza called Andromeda Galaxy – with great spinach taste Image.

Entry for October 22, 2006 – AR assessment passed – now it is all paper work


U19 Boys, always something going on there.

This match was fairly simple though. Two cautions – one for dissent.

Tie score on the field (2-2) and a pass for the center referee state maintance and pass for my AR afterwords after the match.

Pictured above the center John H and ARs Mike C and I.

Entry for October 21, 2006 – Pirahnas suffer their worst defeat of season 0-7? agains Mustang


I missed the first half. Probably good I did. Maybe it was 7 goals in the first half.

The second half, we just could not string passes together at all.

I’d say Brie put the most effort out on the field. But none of the Pirahnas were happy today.

The photo is the after match handshake with the other team.

Entry for October 17, 2006 – First College AR today at Ohlone College who lost 4 to 0 vs Hartnell


Yes, I now am involved in college refereeing.

Yader Reyes and Tim Zills and I at my first college match, a junior college match. Big boys banging. Olhone vs Hartnell.

The match was extemely smoothly handled by Yader, a National referee. One caution for PI in the match.

Could not help but think of nephew Mark Z in his college matches. I don’t think there were wounds on this match though Image

Pacific Buffet in Fremont becoming a local lunch favorite


Lunch today was at the Pacific Buffet by Stevenson and Paseo Padre in Fremont.

$7.99 for all you can eat sea food (cold shrimp, mussles, stuffed crab shells, california roll sushi), chinese food (hot and sour soup, fried rice), greens and stuffed mushrooms and some select Dim Sum. Two types of fish, perch and salmon.

The quality here is not the best, but the selection is great and how poor can poached salmon be?

Craig L, neighbor who’s house next door to mine sale closed today shows how to load up a plate.

Entry for October 17, 2006 – Text of yesterdays U12G D4 coach send off


Thought some might be interested in reading the text of my U12G D4 send off of a coach yesterday.

I include a picture of two male youth referees from two weeks ago, Tito and Apoorva to show the general idea of how youth referees form part of the referee team that takes the field. On this particular match I had two fine young female youth referees. Under the circumstances below, I was not taking pictures that day.


This was the best of soccer and the worst of soccer all in the same match.

Coach for team 228, Freddy Cartagena, was sent off in about the 43th minute for repeated dissent to the point the match could not continue with him present. Coach for team 228 had been asked throughout the first half to stay in the technical area and not comment on the refereeing (it was confusing the players). Then warned in about the 20th min for his lack of respect for the technical area and booked in the 42nd minute for his continued dissent on the referee calls.

I gave both teams high marks for sportsmanship because on the field, the ladies did fine. I thought the result on the field was fair. It was off the field that all the trouble occurred. This was an exciting and well attended (parent wise) match with much noise and cheering as it was the two top ranked team in U12G D4.

In the beginning of the match I thought I was going to have trouble with both coaches, but before long the coaching staff (maybe four people) for team 231 got the idea and things went smoothly in their technical area for most of the first half and all the second half.

On team 228 from the start I had difficulty and it persisted throughout the match. I had to stop the match three times to have separate discussions with first the assistant coach and then the head coach about staying in the technical area so my youth AR could participate in the match (space in front of the coaches) and see the line for throw in direction and substitutions.
About half way through the first half (around the 16th min), Mr. Cartagena started insisting that the referee was not calling the match on the field fairly. I had to stop the match and warn him that there would be no more about the referee. Both teams coaches at that time were trying their best to gain tactical advantage over their opponent by shouting multiple instructions to their players, sometimes about referee calls.

In about the 42min, Mr. Cartagena had become so animated running up and down his portion of the sideline that I had to stop play (the 4th time) after a foul and approach his sideline. By now I was the worst referee he had ever seen and I endured a lengthy tirade during which time I could not quite him. I then explained he was in the book and should say no more. Mr. Cartagena could not be calmed continuing to loudly protest the unfairness of the referee calls. I calmly and respectfully tried to explained he was about to loose his privilege of coaching for today. He went on that he did not have to be quite and I needed to call the match and leave him alone. In the 44th min I pointed Mr. Cartagena off the field and indicated that he had to leave the technical side, he could be a fan if he wanted. He raved on saying he did not have to leave. I calmly  explained that I would have to terminate the match if he did not leave, the result being his ladies would more than likely loose the match (match was tied at this point). Slowly he then migrated around the goal area to the fan side. I will note during the match that all fans respected the field marking (i.e. fan line) except Mr. Cartagena, after he went to the fan side. He continued to shout instructions and generally ignored the fan line (I decided not to challenge him on this point at this time).

The exciting match ending included a keeper saved penalty kick.

I was immediately approached by a set of three parents who insisted I was a terrible referee. Their body language was confrontive and unfriendly. As I faced them and backed away, they continue to approach me despite my indications they approach no farther. They insisted I had to give them my name. I indicated they should go to the referee page and file a referee evaluation. At his point my young female assistant referees did not want to get too close to me – as they were starting to feel insecure also.

Mr. Cartagena had gone across the field to rejoin his team, then broke from the team and approached me in the center of the field, once again indicating in a loud, boisterous voice that I was the worst referee he had ever had in a match. His body language was not friendly and I asked parents for them to be sure and escort him away from the team of referees. Some weakly obliged. The referee team retreated behind the goal where the youth AR parents were concernedly watching. First the winning team tried to approach the referee team to shake hands behind the goal. I was unable at this point to distinguish which people were associated with which team and I indicated there was no need to shake hands under the circumstance. Mr. Cartagena’s team next tried to approach me with him in the lead. As he approached he continued to say what a terrible referee I had been (in front of his U12G players) and had treated his team unfairly. I indicated that it was best for him and his team not to approach me. He waved his hand down at me and turned around in a huff with his team and walked off.

At this point one of the assistant coaches of team 231 approached me and asked if I felt threatened by the other coach and parents of team 228 (team 231 clearly thought I had been threatened) and if I would like help getting to the parking lot. I indicated I thought the crowd was dispersing and, at this point, thought I and my ARs could safely make it on our way. No other match related events occurred after this point.

I knew this was a key match before taking the field. The coach and the fans had a lot of anticipation for the match. The players in particular felt the pressure during the match. I felt sorry for the young ladies as they tried to cope with the pressure. The team 228 forward who failed to make the penalty kick started to cry after missing the kick. The coach for team 228 seemed only able to put more pressure on his ladies, and in the end, from the pressure, worked his way into a state where he was not coaching or helping his team, focusing all his energy on the referee. Very sad.

The two young ARs, Lica and Deborah, did a fine job although there was not much for them to call in this relatively simple match (few fouls). There was not a single offside in this match because each side played with a defender way back, so most of their calls were out of touch calls.