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Fellini O Restaurant Newark nice little Italian place for lunch


It has been years since I was at Fellini O Restaurant for Italian.

The place movie posters from Fellini movies. Fellini movies is it’s own genre. La Dolce vita anyone?

Nice cosy little atmosphere with white table clothed tables.

The food is none description Italian, a little pricey. Scott and I had a great discussion. Scott liked the chapinno. I have a vegetarian pizza.


Entry for November 23, 2006 – the Turkey day photo – not shown are lots of left over pies


The Oregon Kendig’s Thanksgiving day photo.

Entry for November 23, 2006 – Irene is sandwiched


Yesterday, what was left of the sandwich Irene had while driving to school is pictured above. She is fine except for her ego (and I guess the insurance bill).

The car was hit from behind and pushed into the car in front of her at 9AM close to North Medford HS where she is a senior. The car behind went under her bumper and was totaled. I think they found out the frame was bent for the car ahead and so the car in front was considered totaled also.

Entry for November 22, 2006 – Pies, pies and more pies


The pies for Thanksgiving in Oregon are set.

Five shoe fly

Three pumpkin

Two apple

Two trays of apple crisp

Two pans of pootsy do’s

Enoteca Happy Hour deals in Siena Hotel Spa Casino in Reno


Took advantage of Happy Hour at the Enoteca Restaurant in the Siena Hotel Spa Casino.

$5 martini’s.

The $3 pizza was amazing.

The batter fried asparagus was good and the lettuce wraps were good also.

I choose the flight of 5 wines for tasting. They were all wine promotions. Instead of me choosing, I let Ben the Bartender pick 4 of the 5. The last two, a Cabernet and a Zin were the best of the wines tasted.

Bavarian World in Reno – lots of cuckoo clocks here!


This place is trying like crazy to be a piece of Germany in Nevada. And generally they succeed.

Bavarian World was very busy this lunch – but the beer, German, the knackwurst, German. Ah and yes I had the sauerkraut. Food was plain, but it was flavorful and generally authentic.

The shopping in the adjoining store afterwards was good also. All kinds of candy and things from Germany. These old Germans would come in and speak German to the ladies behind the counter. Everyone was in a generally good mood – but with the right amount of German grumpiness.

Atlantis Sushi Bar in Reno, great locations as you watch the cars woosh by underneath you


Had dinner at the Atlantis Sushi Bar in Reno.

Nice atmosphere forĀ  sushi. Well actually the sushi and oyster bar are next to each other and since there was no seating at the sushi bar, the oyster bar did fine.

Started with the oysters. blue point oysters commercially grown in Louisiana. Large, not particularly good tasting but a nice start.

The sushi (sake, hamachi and rainbow roll) was possibly the best in Reno. There was cold sake with the meal. Everyone around was having a good time also on the popular and busy place on a Monday night.

It’s a nice place to try when you are in Reno.

Went to the Eldorado Casino Microbrewry in the evening, the Brew Brothers, to see the local band Audio Boxx.

Sierra Sids Sparks Truck Stop Restaurant – with lots of guns


Breakfast today was at Sierra Sids Truck Stop in Sparks Nevada.

The place seemed better with when I was there with the kids over 10 years ago.

Food was truck stop plain. The blueberry pancakes were good. The eggs OK but plain.

The photo is of the extensive gun collection there very nicely displayed. Just the odd thing to find and the truck stop.

17 years ago this was where I ate with the kids on the way to and from Yellowstone National Park. The kids really liked the there was a telephone at each restaurant table.

Silver Peak on the River in Reno worked out really well for dinner


What a nice little find. The Silver Peak Grill & Tap Room in Reno was slow on a Sunday night. But I see that this is a busy place on other nights.

The food was excellent in this Gorden Birsch type of establishement.

The Red Roadster beer was great. The Ahi Salad was great. Even the pot stickers were tastey.

Because of some gambling winnings, there was even dessert, the Creme Brulee was excellent too!

Something tells me this is one of the best places in Reno.

Entry for November 18, 2006 – Bay area unusual sunset over Warm Springs


Sometime the beauty of the earth shows through.

Tonight I had the pleasure of seeing one of the best sunsets I’ve ever witnessed in the Bay Area.

The photo does not quite capture the colors of the sunset but it was beautiful.

The photo is from the same location I took the mustard bloom early this spring (for those of you that follow my blog Image ).