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Sonoma Chicken Coop in down town San Jose for lunch


It was lunch time in down town San Jose. My favorite tapas place was closed on Sunday. So what else is opened in San Pedro Square?

Well I found the Sonoma Chicken Coop, ordered half a chicken a salad for $9 and sat down for a meal. It was good!

Gordon Biersch San Jose lunch


Nice pork casadea lunch at Gordon Biersch in down town San Jose.

Scott’s Seafood down town San Jose – fancy and good food for theater crowd


Craig L and I had dinner in down town San Jose.

Scott’s Seafood had like four locations around the bay area.

Craig had the fish, I the salad at this down town location. Nice atmosphere. Kinda expensive food. Good wine selection.

Entry for January 26, 2007 – Christopher Howard seminar – Break Through to Success


Who is Christopher Howard and what is Break Through to Success?

T. Harv Eker has similar seminars and camps (Secrets of the Millionaire Mind) and has made wikipedia. Mr. Howard is not in wikipedia yet. But the web site Cultivate Greatness gives a good overview.

But today it is focusing on Break Through to Success.

I never went to a Tent Revival, but there were some aspects of what I perceive to be in that arena occurring with Break Through to Success. Going around with people I did not know getting 10 high fives and 10 hugs, kinda passing the peace.

Enthusiasm, geeze, I wish there was a tenth as much enthusiasm in church.

The 4oo or so people that attended made a great atmosphere. Many NLP techniques used – the visioning and gestures.

But the general premises of his weekend I agree with. He has studied and trained himself in all self improvement techniques, ancient and modern. He has gleamed something from each of them, including hypnotics techniques. He has trained himself as a excellent speaker. He has trained and coached politicians with his speaking and stage techniques. And the goal, make you a successful person by convincing you to take his very expensive personal training. He has studied the rich and will teach you their techniques so you can become like him.

Is it worth the training and the time? I think the answer for me was yes, although it may not be for everyone.

I do have two free tickets to his May 11th through 13th seminar in San Jose. They are $895.00 face value tickets. Contact me if you want the opportunity.

Saigon Restaurant in Sunnyvale – is this Vietnamese? no, it is clasic Hong Kong food


There are so many store front restaurants in the bay area. Some very none discript.

Off Lawrence Expressway is a restaurant that for many years served Dim Sum. It has a pair of large dragon dogs aside the entrance. In my early days in the valley, now almost 20 years ago, stopping off there for a Dim Sum lunch was common.

About six months ago the place changed names (to Saigon) and had a face lift inside.

This place has huge salt tanks in the back with live rock and code and crab and lobster. There are about five frog leg preparations on the menu.

Tonight I had the Duck noodle soup. The duck was fatty and delicious. The noodles were salty.

Had a calamari dish that was deep fried, so oily, but the calamari soft and fleshy. Very well done with lots of garlic.

Pizza Antica – Italian in Santana Row


Lunch was pizza today.

In a fancy place in Santana Row.

Pizza Antica is on the main thoroughfare. Nice client̬le. Salad and Pizza were good as was the wine (Arneis, Ceretto, Blange, Piedmont 2005), but on the expensive side Рas is everything on Santana Row.

Entry for January 21, 2007 – State Cup preliminaries end in Fremont


The matches went well this weekend in Fremont.

A Fremont team even went through (U11 Boys).

Great youth referees and great youth participation. Overcame the assignors debacle.

My last and only assignment for the day was between too teams that would not go through. Very simple result. Great result. The third coach that appeared on the Latin team side the second half went on the cell phone. After the second time in the second half he was on the phone (and yes I did tell the coach in my pregame for the good of the game, no cell phones). So I went over him and said he was a fan for the rest of the match on the other side of the field. He walked to the other side of the field and immediately was on the cell phone. I knew I had done the right thing.

Photo is of the referee team, Tom N, myself and Ken F.

Entry for January 21, 2007 – planning for Super Bowl Sunday wine trip


Gary and Katherine hosted a planning meeting for Super Bowl Sunday wine trip.

Kenwood chardonnay, Italian win with dinner of chicken and asparagus and potatoes and salad.

The apple pie and kalyra port made for an excellent dessert.

Entry for January 20, 2007 – State Cup Youngers comes to Fremont


Nice State Cup matches in Fremont on Saturday and Sunday.

Above is Matt Autin, Ben Rigel and me as an AR. The two youth are with the district youth program.

Masala Oven Indian Cuisine in Sunnyvale with lots of CSC alumni


This Indian restaurant appeared recently on the storefront of Lawrence Expressway in Sunnyvale.

The price is right – $7.99 for a buffet lunch. But the selection is limited. Really makes me appreciate Bombay Gardens in Newark (see my previous review). Bombay Gardens is more expensive but with much better food and much larger selection.

This was a large lunch crew of CSC alumni Godfy, Heater, George, Wininki, Chip, Joel K, Young, Max, Chris O, Chris W, Abdy, and another Teradyne apps engineer who’s name escapes me.