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Entry for February 25, 2007 – Mustard bloom time in CA


The annual mustard bloom in CA.

You know, I now remember when this sea of yellow became important to me.

Many years ago Wirthless brought his wife to be to Northern CA for wine tasting. We stopped on the way to Domain Channdon in a field of mustard in bloom for him to take a picture of his fiance in the middle of the mustard bloom. Very dramatic, artsy picture, which I now realize must have been taken at about this time of year!

Entry for February 24, 2007 – State Cup youngers finals in Livermore


So I walk up to the State Cup finals youngers at Robertson Park and there is Susi G in the center of the U11 Boys match.

She did a great job. Very impressive.

Here are three other District III youths exchaning phone numbers, Christine W, Christy ? and Deleny? with Gary King walking around.

There is there own referee hill at Livermore in the state cup fields at Robertson Park.

Entry for February 24, 2007 – Kawasaki oil change after 15 years


The motor bike is back in use.

Such a lovely thing in the spring to go with spring fever.

DTK doing most of the work to get things working on the Kawasaki 440.

Satsumas Japanese Resturant Mountain view – say hi to sho behind the sushi bar


Look, you want good sushi and a reasonable price, when sho hi from behind the sushi bar at Satsumas, take him up for a what he says is good tonight.

Tonight was hamachi, maguro and saki were excellent.

The Mona Lisa roll was not on the new menus but show knew how to make it and it too was excellent.

Mark L wondered in at the end and we felt like a small town regular.

So Satsuma remains in the Sushi top three.

My Tho Vietnamise Cuisine in Newark, regular Pho and regular storefront fair


Nice lunch at My Tho Vietnamese restaurant in Newark.

Lots of green seats. Fairly busy. OK food.

I got the Pho with dark meat. They could not deliver with the no skin though as I often get at other Pho locations.

Have to get Scott T to Pho 54 or Pho Queen.

Amber Indian Restaurant in Santa Row is California Cuzine in Indian atmosphere


This is the second time at Amber Indian in Santa Row.

Nice atmosphere, small portions, excellent quality. A little pricey, but not too bad.

The lamb and egg plant dishes were excellent.

Peter L and I discussed the layoffs at Credence this week. Brian H and Aefeer? the head of the microscope division (now posted on yahoo discussion board).

Entry for February 18, 2007 – Memories of a Kawasaki 440


Rob E used to own an identical Kawasaki 440.

He insisted on a photo of him on the bike.

He and Paul and Hien stopped by on their Sunday bicycle ride.

Paul went into his wine cellar, pulled out a bottle of 2003 Paso Robles Turley Zinfanel from Ueberroth Vineyards. Yes it was excellent as the Turley always is. Good nose for a Zin, great bold berry flaver as is characteristic of Turley.

Ah to live in California on a warm February day, Bike riding, wine, cheese and old friends.

Entry for February 17, 2007 – Wine country selection


Let’s see if I can remember the opened wine:

Reisling (from Germany – Alison).

Savioung Blanc (bought two weekends ago from Hieldsburg – Jeff).

Selby Pinot Nori (Tom).

Deloach Zin from Dry Creek (Mark).

Daisy Wine (Zin – Marc)

Rosenblums Zin (Jeff?)

Renwood Fiddletown Zin (Marc)

There were two we did not open.

I need to get a job (too many posts involving wine).

Entry for February 15, 2007 – Fondue man


Fondue man appears on Valentines Day.

It is chocolate fondue on this occasion.

Entry for February 13, 2007 – Super Bowl Redux


Bradwurst and Ceasar Salad for dinner? Nice bottle of Selby Zinfandel picked up in the wine country this last trip.

Had to flip on the Tivo and watch the Super Bowl. DTK was working at the golf course on Super Bowl Sunday, I was tasting wine in the wine country so we both got to watch it at for the first time.

Prince did a fine job at half time – in the rain. He is one of the best guitarist in the world and he showed it in this concert.