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Entry for March 31, 2007 – State Cup U14 boys, a little harder


Two Latin teams.

I have five injuries during the match, all fake from what I can tell.

I ran a reverse diagonal, the only one at the state cup either of these two weekends.

I did have trouble with restarts and learned the for ceremonial kicks, whistle is not up, because people think it is indirect.

Sorta a celebrity photo above, Vern Stovell (Mustang instructor), Tom Kendig (Fremont Referee association President) and Chris Hayes (San Ramon Soccer Club President).

Entry for March 30, 2007 – National Tour at Wente Golf course


Today I was on the inside of the National Golf Tour.

Wente Golf Course this weekend is hosting this event, the Wine Country Championship.

Your can watch the event live from the web cam in the center of the golf course.

The event is broadcast in parts on the Golf Channel.

I was looking for Michelle Wie, but there was only men playing on the course.

DTK was working at the event and gave me the inside tour.

Gumba’s Italian in down town Sunnyvale, family run, simple atmosphere


I’ve reviewed Gumba’s before. The waiters look like they are hit men in the morning, table servers in the evening, nice in their attitude but gruff in their appearance.

The food is family Italian style. The pizza are a good deal. A small says it feeds two people. These are two large people! There is always left over pizza with just two people.

Other things to order and eat are simple pasta dishes. The salads are simple and good and common.

This place has the cheesy red checkered table cloths. This is not fancy dining but it works. The walls are covered with Italian photos, garlic and other paraphernalia.

The combo pizza with sausage, pepperoni, salami, peppers, olives, onions. Good deal!

Entry for March 25, 2007 – HD invades the Kendig’s – is it 480i, 720p or 1080i?


HDTV. I had to get an education.

The set is in the living room now, since Thursday night.

I used to watch everything through Tivo – but for the moment I’m only watching the HDTV.

PBS runs a channel with only 1080i resolution. March Madness is in 1080i. Leno and Letterman, 1080i. Parents say Today Show in the morning is in 1080i also. Even in 1080i broadcasts most adds are in 720p resolution.

Everything else appears to be 720p, including the network evening news.

Tivo is in 480i, I watch less of Tivo now :-).

Use this nice graph to get a sense of how the different resolutions pan out.

My parents in PA also now have an HDTV.

It seems 2007 will be the year of HDTV.

It’s DTK’s TV. Think of it as birthday booty.

Entry for March 24, 2007 – State Cup for U14/U15 girls, sorry guys, easy!


A blog is an opportunity to express and opinionate.

Beautiful venue this weekend at Ripon U14/15 girls Division 1 State Cup. Easy matches for referees of the caliber attending State Cup – even though the play is excellent.

For the first match on Saturday I still could not get a decision! The ladies played to a spirited 0-0 tie. But the tie stood in this round. Two cautions in this match.

The second match on Sunday was a very good match, but with a lop sided result, 6-1. Almost had to send a lady off for her second caution. Her first was PI, remember the referee’s friend.

On this match I talked with the assessor afterwards about three things. My choice of added time for stoppage during the match (as in a match which is a blow out why add any time), my restarts on drop balls (which to me are always sporting with only one team there) and how I handled attacking players fouls on the keeper (as in I called the foul with the ball in the keepers hand).

Pictured above is Ron O, myself and Bob L. Many of the matches were over refereed, including this one.

Entry for March 22, 2007 – Von is where what used to be your telephone is going


What is Von?

It’s a trade show that has lots of companies attending that I never heard of before.

Von is about data packets, going from here to there and the companies that make money managing the data packets. Many of these packets are internet phone data that is flowing all over the world.

The show, which was huge basically had vendors divided into three basic groups, the people that manage these data packets with software (I even came away with a Linux live CD so I can set up a phone exchange in my home), the people that provide digital hardware, which in this case often means digital phones, many with video displays and camera’s built in and a third I could not figure out what they did with their fancy acronyms and flat panel displayed infomercials.

AT&T was not there. And for the life of me I could not understand how these people made money handling data packets. This was not about wires (AT&T, Sprint, even Vonage were not there) but about people who use the wires.

Some of my time was spent people watching. I expected to have every gadget available on peoples ears and at their belt – but the people were not supper geeks on the tech side, although many were young and fair skinned from being inside too much :-).

Dice was there, the on line job search service I use. I had an interesting discussion with them.

I think there is only one friend that I thought would know what Von was, that was Tom B and I gave him a call and sure enough, he new what Von was.

I should have gone the first day instead of the last and attended the opening keynote address.

Entry for March 21, 2007 – another no decision in regulation, 4 in a row


This will never happen in my referee career again.

My last four centers have resulted in no decision during regulation play and because of the end of the season play, overtime periods were played.

This was a very simple JV match, not very skilled.

This one I did influence the result a little. The penalty kick I called early in the second half did equalize the score (the defender just ran over and pushed the attacker out of the way, no ball play involved on the defender’s part.

No goals scored in overtime so it was to kicks from the mark. The same defender I called the foul on missed the last kick for the loss. He had a bad day.

Gus E and I pictured above.

Entry for March 18, 2007 – DVSC tournament U15 girls Championship


Man, I just can’t get a result during regulation play.

This is the third center match in a row when the match went to golden goal overtime, this one decided 4 minutes in.

The teams in this tournament were there for state cup practice which starts next weekend. So the girls were good and they were playing hard. It was Mustang against El Dorado? The girls hit hard and they hit often and they hit late. Every header was two hand on the back of the person in front of them (a foul). I had about a whistle a minute for the first 15 minutes including three fouls with too late a collision with the keeper.

I kept struggling to find a pattern, the repeat offenders I could caution for persistently infringing the laws of the game (3 fouls in the half by the same player). Both coaches (who were very good in how they get information to their players) start giving me advice on the field to let the girls play and stop calling so many fouls.

Finally I catch a blue offender for PI. Then not long after two white offenders for PI. I have a deliberate motion of pointing to the fouls then show the caution. The coach on the last one thinks it is for dissent so for his benefit I give the motion again and ask the young lady if she understood it was for PI. She says “I have no problem with that”. Great, the players get it but the coaches don’t.

Now the cute part of the match. I blow the whistle for half time. My ARs walk to me in the center of the field and we shake hands. And their, bless the hearts, are BOTH coaches walking out to the middle of the field together, to talk to ME! I feel so special. I just love it when both coaches agree on something! and it’s about the referee!

“Ref, look we want you to let the girls play”. “We have State Cup coming up next week”. “We need the training and we are concerned also that with all the cautions, players might get sent off and not be able to play at State Cup”.

“But coaches, there are fouls out here”. “Oh and by the way, I’ll be seeing you then next weekend at State Cup”. (a little extra plug here for my none referee friends that might be reading this. I am now a State Referee, the only one on the soccer fields at this point in the tournament. Now these coaches might be prestigious also, but the referee quality I witnessed in my previous match was not up to snuff and that State Badge sure gave me a lot more confidence in this situation. The assessment process required to become a state referee has give me multiple written feedbacks increasing my confidence that I know what I am seeing and calling correctly what I am seeing.)

“But we want you to let the girls play”.

The second half is a different game on the pitch, even a different style. There is almost no fouls. PI in the first half was the referees friend – it gets the players, particularly at this age group playing fair. During the second half I repeatedly hear the reassuring “no foul, no foul” from the team that does not have the ball (the assessors listen for this because it means the referee is doing his job!). The lady’s get it, we are playing soccer – not whack an opponent till they are all bruised up. There were no cautions during the second half – not even a close consideration. Each team has a great play generated scoring opportunity – and blows them.

The goal in the overtime is from a keeper mistake, but from play on the field, for the only goal of the match.

George Chen and Marrty Van Otterlough are the ARs.

Entry for March 17, 2007 – Division III soccer, best of and how to get a decision


I just can’t get a decision on these matches (see my previous post)! My U16G match, the last match at the Morgan Hill soccer complex, went to extra time again. This time however the ladies scored the golden goal 4 minutes into the extra time.

There were times during the match when the girls did not like each other too well so I had to watch closely, get in there close some times. There was a lot of heart in the match. The match meant a lot to the ladies. The heart (energy) often resulted in late fouls, after the ball was cleared. As the whistles for fouls mounted, a persistent infringement (PI) caution helped show what would not be tolerated. The early keeper flub resulted in a goal and I called a penalty kick minutes later for the equalizer which stood until the goal in extra time.

Before the match, I knew that the one team would not play again (the looser goes home). So before the match we did an international walk on. They players said it was their first and everyone really seamed to enjoy it. I think this match was the only international walk on at Morgan Hill yesterday.

Abraham H and Fred A were my AR’s pictured above. Abraham was very impressive a young up and coming District II referee. He had a D&G performed on his early match with Fred and I as his AR.

Entry for March 11, 2007 – Sara Groves Concert


Went to the Sara Groves concert tonight.

She plays the piano and sings with a backup signer, bass and percussionist (husband).

Great voice, moving songs, great story teller between songs – ya kinda like a coffee house.

Concert was well attended, my 500 people on a Sunday evening.

Sara is pregnant with her third child. Ginny made a quilt for her which she dropped off in person after the concert.