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Entry for April 29, 2007 – State Cup U17B bleacher clinic crowd


U17 boys State Cup final. John R did a fine job in the middle. AR1 and AR2 and 4th official all had some problems.

AR1 was running right on the line, sometime on the field. It was embarrassing to us referees in the clinic.

AR2 was recognizing fouls the center was not. Others probably did not notice it, but us referees did .

4th official did not catch the coach with the cell phone 10 minutes into the match very quickly. The assessor providing commentary to us quickly caught the 4ths attention and the cell phone was put away quickly.

There was four referees from Fremont, Tom Coffee, Ken Fuearerman and Elizabeth Coffee.


Entry for April 29, 2007 – MSCC new home welcoming party


Large crowd for inarguable event and new MSCC location.

Entry for April 28, 2007 – second spring mustard bloom


They plowed under the mustard field by the future Bart station in Warm Spring earlier this Spring.

So the mustard regrew and rebloomed!

Entry for April 21, 2007 – State Cup U18G quarterfinal, regular game with a noticable twist


I had two matches today at CYSA quarter finals, one center and one AR.

The center match went fine 1-0 result. But with typical state cup issues at every level (before the match referee changes, unusual ending, worked with great district youth).

But the 91st minute call to the sideline by my youth AR1 and the first words out of her mouth was “the coach has to go”, well that is a problem.

I also had a grade 5 AR that looked worse than any grade 8 there! Jezz, the only goal of the match and he has his flag up for offside from a shoot from the top of the penalty area through traffic. The offside player was even outside the goal posts! Never an offside.

But it was the coach on the loosing team that had too much to say. I found out there were two tournament officials that talked to the coach during the match.

After warning the coach twice during the match that there will be no more about the referee, the 91st minute encounter was a problem.

It turns out he had no assistant coach, so when I asked who could take his place, he said “no one”.

So I blew the whistle three times to end the match as another tournament official said to forget about what the coach said. But my AR was insisting he was go, we would hold his pass and fill an ejection match.

So now I could have it both ways. Had the whistle meant the match was abandoned because there was no coach or was the match over with a winner.

Hey, at least my match was not the four ejection match this year (last year I was AR on the five ejection match).

See the comments for more details.

Entry for April 15, 2007 – U18 Boys at State Cup makes for a good match


I was AR2 on two matches today.

Eli A was the center of the first. He did a great job on a lop sided match which the boys played very gentlemanly to a 7-2 final score. There was no discipline in the match.

John R on the second match was one of the most skilled matches I have ever participated in. San Juan beat Mustang 2-0.

The match started with the customary handshake with the coaches. It is not every day you get to shake hands with John Doyle, the Mustang assistant coach. Doyle has 53 CAPS (country appearances – for the USA). The rumor was that the coaches of these two teams had an altercation with each other at last years State Cup.

John insists that as an AR you constantly have your eyes on the match and him. I slipped on this a little in the beginning, he caught me (paying attention to the other field) and I corrected. The first play off the kickoff came to my side and the blue player nailed the which player high as the ball went out of bounds. I would normally call it a foul and started to flag it and then mirrored the direction signal of the center. We were going to let them play!

Three cautions in the second half, none very serious, all technical in nature. These boys are fast and I was on my horse several times during the match.

All matches were given Development and Guidance (D&G) at the round of 16. Ed Foster gave us input after this match. I had some difficult offside decisions to make, some I should have waited a little, some I should have been faster.

Entry for April 14, 2007 – Frank’s surprise in Santa Cruz


Steve W provide the spot in Santa Cruz.

About 15 people came to surprise Frank L.

It was the old Credence Crew.

Photo is of Frank then Chris O and then Steve by the Barbecue. Notice, only Steve is cooking.

Athena Greek in Sunnyvale in the middle of a blue lagoon


Greek owner. Large portions. Great Lamb and domals.

Blue walls make you think you are eating in the Mediterranean.

Some of the portions were large, too large in my book.

Entry for April 11, 2007 – who is Jenn Bennett and when will I hear of her next?


Becoming a FIFA referee is tough and the people who become FIFA referees are usually very well spoken people because they are in the public light a lot.

Jennifer is the newest and youngest referee to be added to the US soccer FIFA panel. And she has moved from New England to California. And she is a well spoken FIFA referee.

Tonight Jenn gave a presentation at the District II referee monthly meeting. Of the many things she talked about, the inclusion at the material from the September of 2006 U-20 Women’s World Cup in Moscow was very well done.

Jenn will be going to China this September for the 2007 Women’s World Cup. She and Kari Seitz will be there! And I look forward to watching any match they referee!

Bombay Garden India Cuisine in Santa Clara – what happened to Pasand?


Meet at Pasand it used to be.

Well today Pasand is Bombay Garden.

New furniture, new plates, kinda the same food.

I always have a Masala Dolsa. The crepe this time was not as well made. The potato and pea inside was not as fresh as the previous owners. The food just was not as good as before.

Something must have happened to the previous owners, but I think the food was better than the current owners produce.

Wow, so I go to the Bombay Garden web page and sure enough, it is Bombay Gardens owners from the Newark, with the Bollywood movies.

Entry for April 08, 2007 – Easter Duck


It was a beautiful Easter in CA in 2007.

The dinner roast duck (stuffed) this year, with red cherry sauce, green salad and peas was good.

The wine was Rodney Strong 2001 Charlotte’s Home Sauvignon Blanc. Very good.

Bocelli DVD on the HD in the background (thanks to DTK) and deviled eggs, home made for the second year in a row in the foreground.