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Lingba Lounge in SF for a hawaiian flair


Tried to go to Baraka Restaurant but is was closed yesterday, Monday.

The neighboring restaurant was Lingba Lounge, a tropical Hawaiian venue.

The corn bread, good.

The tropical drink, expensive and a small quantity.

The soup, coconut milk based – good.

The Pad Tai – fair – there is better in the south bay.

The chicken dish I did not care for.

Overall, I think the Banana Leaf in Milpitas is much better food and much better deal.

The atmosphere is good. Possible worth a stop.


Entry for May 28, 2007 – U16B SF Cup semifinal streched my skills


OK, so the Saturday and Sunday matches were uneventful.

That change on the Monday semifinal. What did the referee at the side say. These two teams at any point during the match could decide to physically hurt each other badly. It is their skill to choose not to do so, and for you as a referee not to allow them to destroy each other.

In the 17th minute I sent off the blue team attacker after he tangled up with an opponent (I did not call a foul) and he got up and pulled back an punched the red opponent in the chest.

10 minutes later the red defender ended up falling by the penalty mark and pushing the ball away when on the ground. Was it a DOGSO or caution with the penalty kick? My AR said, caution, I agreed (only two of the 4 D’s were in effect – Defender (N), Direction (Y), Distance goal (Y), Distance ball (N)).

At half time the other AR was furious that I had not sent of for the handball in the box.

The AR said I was too far from play and should not be wearing glasses. He also commented that he could not understand why I signaled so long, was I waiting for the camera? But it was preventing me from getting into position to make the next call. There was my D&G from an advanced referee. Quite good I thought.

The second half I did better. But the team with 10 players scored to go ahead with 5 minutes left. Then the red team scored in the last seconds of play. The match ended in a tie. Not sending off the red player passed them through to the final because of the -1 they would have received for the ejections. The red team won the final on kick from the mark.

The second match I was the AR went very smoothly. It was both teams 6th match of the weekend and they just wanted to go home.

Photo is of Bill P, Sal I and I in front of the trophy stand at Skyline fields.

Entry for May 28, 2007 – Yesterday at SF cup, uneventfull for once


Had a nice uneventful day at SF Cup yesterday.

U15G AR – coaches did not like me (after I said no more comments about the refereeing) . Girls played well but to a scoreless 0-0 tie.

U16B Middle – a challenging match. Second foul of the match should have been a caution (USB tactical foul) but I did not know who committed the foul. I have to work on that. Had to manage the bench area – too many people and the coaches could not stay in their technical area. Whittled to a scores 0-0 tie.

U17B AR. This was the cleanest match of the day. Boys played hard but fairly. the team that presured the first half could not score – the oppentent countered twice in the match and scored two goals. Jose M in the middle did a wonderful job.

Entry for May 26, 2007 – SF Cup matches are nice, no controversy


Cold day in SF at the polo fields.

U15G 8AM match. #5 of Bay Oaks, great player – three goals! Two realively new ARs, Chris F and Wes B. Both grew better in the match.

Second match was with Tom D and Michael S (told me he was a NRP from D4). Both struggled in the match (I was AR2).

Third match was with Dan ( and Julian ( good crew – only match with discipline (I called for a caution on a raking from behind). Both asked for the above photo 🙂

Entry for May 25, 2007 – trained by Esse, lots of Fremont referees there!


Tonight was SF Cup Referee Symposium. I have never seen so many national referees all in one room – in their coat and tie!

Very nice turn out – particularly from Fremont.

Nice to here Esse talk of the world cup experience.

His notable remarks – FIFA says you must blow the whistle to start a match (laws just say signal).

He commented that there fewer injured players, the perpetrator who was not punished. Only one, Ronaldo of Portugal left the match injured without the player receiving the proper sanction in the great match, Netherlands vs Portugal.

Entry for May 22, 2007 – Thunder kickoff meeting


Second assistant coach this year again with a U11 Girls soccer team. The team is now kicked off.

Thea Mediterranean in Santanna Row great seafare


Nice lunch of lamb and bean soup and hummus.

Find the web page for Thea Mediterranean.

Ginger Cafe Sunnyvale is west coast Asian fusion food – good!


Illusion and Mojeto drinks for starters.

Minced Chicken lettuce cups as the first plate.

Saigon Chow Fun and great calamari in wide rice noodles as the second.

Nice Asian interior. The Ginger Cafe is next to PF Changs in Sunnyvale. A nice stop for an evening meal.

Entry for May 19, 2007 – The referee farm and women’s amature soccer


With district III’s permission, I took a crew of referees from Fremont (well Newark too) for women’s amature soccer in SF.

These were division I women’s amature matches. The two gentlemen I took with me were very young looking.

The first match started off fine in the first half with Chris S in the center. Few fouls. The women played attractive soccer. Most of the complaints were about my offside calls.

The second half problems occurred. Lots of protests on the first penalty kick call and not quite as many on the second penalty kick call.

One of the blue players came to protest after the match. #10 of the green team had fouled her three times in the last 10 minutes. Opps, had we missed persistent infringement? Oh ya, the blue players opening line – “are you guys just out of referee school?”.

The second match Jose A did a wonderful job. Great confidence builder for him. No controversy. Nice result.

The ladies had a lot of respect for the match and the game. Both matches were very fairly played and the women had a lot of fun I think.

Entry for May 16, 2007 – Andy finally helps Lancaster makes the news for kinda the right reason


I’m from, i.e grew up in, Lancaster PA, if you don’t already know.

I have complained bitterly that Lancaster PA has made the national news in the last several years for “all the wrong reasons”. (Landis doping, Amish School House, kidnapped teenagers, small planes flying over White House etc – all previously blogged).

Well at last that is changing.

Monday night. ABC. 9:30 The Bachelor, An Officer and a Gentleman.

What you say, Tom, following reality TV?

Well it turns out the Bachelor, Andy Baldwin, is FROM Lancaster PA! Yes the cultural paradise Lancaster. Culture, now that is the right reason to have national exposure. At this point I don’t think I have any connection to Andy except the locations thing. I do wonder what part of Lancaster his parents live. Maybe someone who knows can post a comment.

And in the last episode on Monday, Andy takes the two remaining ladies back to Lancaster, to meet his parents.

There might be a little culture clash. I always thought “Witness” (IMDB highly rated at 7.5) was a good example of Lancaster county culture. I think this episode might be also.

So Tivo is set to record it.

Picture above is the lady I’m rooting for. She was the only truly creative entrant – in her approach to life, her approach to the show (most of the other women were gratuitous to the show, Tessa was not) – and of course she is from SF.