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Cafe Ole Mexican in Boise Idaho is regular food


Cafe Ole was in down town Boise Idaho.

Service was terrible but the referee crew had fun anyway!

I had the Mexican Caesar Salad, was good, but the Dos X was better after a long day of refereeing.


Entry for June 30, 2007 UsClub Nationals Boise start with 2 centers, 2 ARs


The soccer complex is huge, very attractive. It is a sod farm with soccer field lines on it. Great idea! 15 fields. Lots of soccer.

I had a U17G Center and a U15B center. Both difficult. Both went well.

The ARs for me were easy matches, even for the centers.

Penny B, Tom K and Rafael S were my ARs – twice.

Entry for June 29, 2007 – off to National Finals Boise Idaho to referee


I got lucky and was ask to referee at the UsClub National Finals in Boise Idaho over the next few day.

Out of state refereeing! Yow wee! Expense payed trip. Yow wee!

Macaroni Grill Italian fairwell for parents visit to west coast.


Had a Sunday family meal to end a two week trip to CA for the parents.

We meet at the Macaroni Grill where we had a selection of “make your own pasta”, their custom pizza. Good lasania and chicken salad.

The Belini peach drink, excellent. The glass House Chianti wine is alway excellent.

No room for desert here!

Entry for June 24, 2007 – Cal Cup Semifinal match – referee skills at their best


Above is John O, Rob C and Tom K.

U17B semifinal was a skilled match.

Rob did a wonderful just of making the match draw to the best conclusion.

DeAnza Force vs Marin.

These boys came to play. Very skilled.

The match was a study in dissent for me.

I had trouble with the coach with his dissent during the match. From being back in the technical area to keep him coaching players instead of referees. The coach was not pleased with my instructions or my insistence he remain silent about the refereeing. I checked at half time, he was a solo coach. Before the second half started, I pointed out he was a solo coach and he will be very good the second half as he did not have a backup coach. He got the message and was an angle the second half. He also won the match on his team’s single goal in the first half.

Rob had to handle the dissent on the field. He let them play through lots of “scrums” that worked on almost always fine and the boys slowly got it. This was very high level of play.

Dissent had Rob right on top of it. Sometimes getting in players faces. Including a session with a “shut up – if you want to bitch and complain, maybe you should let someone else from your team come on the field and play”. The player continued playing, silent now. The caution for dissent was the when one player applauded the referee for calling a foul on him.

The discussion about dissent centered on how I talked to the players and how Rob talked to the players. I say things like “we want to get the ball back in play”. Rob says, there is now “we” between the players and the referees. Simple direct instructions work best – “get the ball back in play”. “we are watching hands” to “I see that, knock it off”.

Tahoe Joe’s Famous Steakhouse in Sacramento


When to Tahoe Joe’s Famous Steakhouse in Roseville, just outside Sacramento.

This was the best regular stead I think I have ever had.

The steak was aged and peppered and sered to be crunchy on one site. Delicious!

Entry for June 22, 2007 – California Cup in Sacramento


Call Cup in Sacramento, my first time to Cherry Island.

U19 boys, who are those guys? Ah the team from Union City that hates me from HS. Humm had some difficulty here.

Above picture is myself, David Hernadez and Ice, my last match of the day. David did very well.

Entry for June 21, 2007 – USA vs Canada, friendly match right? Ya right!


So I had set the Tivo for USA vs Canada in the Gold Cup. I start watching the match.

Oh, such a nice setup. Look at all those former Earthquakes on the pitch. DeRosario and Onstat for Canada, Donovan for the USA. And the other friendly talent on the field, Keller, Beastly, Dempsy – my current favorite player on the USA team.

And look, there is Armando Archundia, the Mexican referee. I think one of the better referees in the world at this point in time in the center. I mean he did five world cup match and they all went smoothly. Such a friendly setup.

What was that? The Canadian does a complete cartwheel in the air on Bocanegra life threating tackle in the 32nd minute. Friendly? I for the life of me don’t understand why that is not a send off (if I see that in any of my matches, they’d be gone, they can play somewhere else). Archundia gives a caution!

But wait – what was that? A penalty kick called on Onstat for taking down Beastly in the penalty box? Friendly? And Onstat is complaining? He never did that on the earthquakes. Boy Onstat, I hope you don’t get sent off for at DOGSO on that. Whew, Beastly was headed away from the goal so only three of the four “D”s in effect.

Archundia does not look like a particularly happy camper since early in the match including at this point.

But wait, there is more in the first half. Is that DeRosario head butting Hejduk? Friendly?? Oh, the replay shows Hejduk was the first idiot. Those two are NO friends and Archundia sees it all and handles it.

There is the USA getting an ejection again. Tackle from behind which endangers the safety of a player. Classic example. Although the law has now changed to say ANY tackle which endangers the safety of a player is a send off. What is it about these USA players?

And the offside call at the end of the match. Yikes. Only Archundia would have the guts to make that correct call. As an advanced referee, we talk about that head ball by the defender all the time.

The best match of the tournament is available on, the Mexico vs Costa Rica match. Two teams that both thought they should win. Reminds me a lot of Portugal vs Netherlands match in the world cup with the Russian Referee in the middle. Terry Vahn was not a happy camper in that match either. Costa Rica ends the match with 8 players on the field.

The english announcer is horrible with his comments on the correct calls of the referee. The announcer is an idiot and I hate how they mislead people because of their lack of understanding of the game of football i.e. soccer.

California Pizza Kitchen Valley Fair, one size fits all but great ingredeants


Tonight after class, took the folks to California Pizza Kitchen or CPK.

CPK only has one size of pizza. We tried the newest pizza, the works, a combination meat with onions and green peppers and black olives.

The pizza is prepared in a brick oven with great ingredients. It is not too pricey (15 bucks for three people) but very tasty.

Entry for June 19, 2007 – what tamales are the best around?


There are certain foods that when you find the best, you just know it and it is all downward from there.

My shoe fly pie is not bad (neither is my HK cheese cake).

Rich B’s mother’s baklava – I’ve never had a better.

Sandy C’s lasagna – wow.

The Holy Hobinarios Chile.

Tonight was Guatemalan tamales, made in Oregon.

What makes the best tamales – well some is the hype. But long ago Marina says it takes the black and a green olive, some type of white corn meal and spice chicken wrapped in banana leaves.

I had some of these several year ago. I’ve been on a search for better since. I’ve not found any, commercially or home made.

Marina, you can always post the recipe here, for the record.

So tonight I sat down for the delivery from Oregon of Guatemala tamales and realized they are the best I have ever had.

P.S. Marina, I said as many as you could send! they are all gone