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Oedo Sushi Fremont for locals and East Coasters


Dave and Andrew do Sushi.

Andrew tried the oysters again. It is a thing between him and I. He still does not have the taste for them though.

We ordered some Sushi rolls with chicken in them, a first for me. Andrew liked them. I prefer the fishes and California Rolls instead of the chicken though.

Dave, Andrew needs more practice with chop sticks .


Entry for July 29, 2007 – Rage soccor tournament, shortened halves for U19G


Because of the College clinic on Saturday and the WNT match Saturday, I did not referee.

So today I had two U19 girls matches at the Pleasanton Rage College Showcase.

Natie W (where is the badge?) and Jay M (remove the hat!) were ARs on the match. Other than the Santa Rose coach being a complete winning nincompoop, the match went fine. Fullerton’s attacking forward was very skilled at going down. Took me a call or two to realize the defender was not the problem but the attacker.

The match ended in a tie 1-1.

Yank Sing in SF is popular Dim Sum for Westerners


So let’s make an experiment.

Take a kid (11) who has only lived on the east coast in South Carolina and take him to his first Chinese food place. What does Mikey like – after he gets his chop stick lesson?

Well the hakaw and sumai did not cut the mustard. The pork bun, not really – but eaten. The egg rolls, well they must have been for adults.

But then we got to the pork filled sticky rice – whoops, where did that rice go? Mikey liked it so we had to order another.

Then the custard desserts. Mikey inhaled it. We orders some of the custards to go. Mikey now likes Dim Sum.

Well it is not Mikey, it is Evan and Lynn is the good looking one and JP is the ugly looking one.

Entry for July 28, 2007 – Jen Bennett does nice job on US WNT vs Japan 4-1


Jennifer Bennett was the center in the 4-1 US victory.

Jen talked with over 100 referees after the match for about half an hour.

This was one of the most well attended referee sessions I’ve seen.

Lets see, we all thought there should have been a caution on the foul in the 7th minute of the match. No Kari and Jen saw the US player miss the Japan player and catch her hand in an awkward position. The position so awkward it broke the thumb of the Japan player and although she played on, was substituted in the 12th minute.

Jen did have trouble with encroachment on free kicks by both sides. She reveled her player management line “that would be a stupid reason to get a caution”.

Ah GC, I will respond here to your comment about the substitution. It was explained in the clinic afterwards. The foul in the 7th minute or so, when the confusion about if the player had to leave the field when the trainer came out and then be waved on after play started. Well that foul broke the Japanese players finger (thumb) and she left the field unseen by many people moments later, including the west side of the field where you cannot see the benches at all (a big problem with Spartan Stadium). So there was no one to call off when the sub was made which left a very confusing looking situation, i.e. no one came off, just someone going on. At least I think that is the substitution you were talking out.

It was a fun match to go to, I scalped a $22 ticket for $10 to get into the match.
Before the match referees Ben and Bob Rigel pose for a picture with Alan Pelton, former FcFremont soccer president.

Ben is with the District III referee program. He has stopped playing soccer and now only referees soccer. He is part of an amazing young male referee group coming out of District III which includes Jose A, Alex F and Chris S.

Entry for July 25, 2007 – Bonds gets many at bats in 13 inning game for boys from Severn


Yank Sing in down town SF was closed for dinner (it is only open for lunch), so our night in the city took a different turn.

Ah, what the heck, let’s walk over to see how the Giants are doing tonight against the Braves. Spontaneity is good!

The scalper said, want a ticket? It was 7:30 – the game had started at 7:15. We said, how much – $10. OK we said, we’ll check how Bonds is doing tonight. After all it is his 43 birthday.

So off we went to Pac Bell (or is it now AT&T) Park.

It was a great atmosphere. The place was sold out. It turns out baseball commissioner Bud Sealing had flown into town for the event. Every time Bonds batted the crowd response was huge. With each swing the stands were alight with flashes – looked like fire flies! Zillions of them.

People love to hate Bonds, but I admire him. He is a dedicated player. He is making SF tons of money. Everyone was buying food, drinks souvenirs, taking pictures. Amazing.

So we stayed to the 9th inning and when Bonds struck out at his 4th at bat, most everyone left. We watch the Giants get runners on first and second, but heck with two out in the bottom of the 9th and the giant’s loosing 4 to nothing, well it was cold and late. Andrew and I watch the two strike pitch on the ramp screen as David walked down the ramp to tired too care. The batter singled scoring one run, but heck it was over.

We walked up the street, the bar still had the game on. Wait, I thought it was over. No, the Giants scored three more in the 9th to tie the game (as we watch the TV inside the bar from outside). Twice the Giants were down to their last pitch and they pulled through!

The game lasted until the 13th inning when the Giants lost 7-3. That was after we had had our Fudge Sunday dessert at Ghiradelli Square.

It was a good night in the city. The long drive home was tough!

Pho Queen Sunnyvale for first California Food


Alert, Brother and Nephew Andrew in town.

Pho is the great Vietnamese soup with wonderful broth on rice noodles, a meat ingredient and bean sprouts and greens and lemon and spicy peppers to add on top.

I like the Pho Ga, chicken based.

Beef is a common meat addition.

This food is unusual for east coasters and this is one of the best pho places.

Andrew like it, we all got to talk and DMK joined us for lunch before his trip off to Turkey for a month or so.

Entry for July 22, 2007 – yesterday Fall Youth Soccer Started with the San Ramon Cup


Fall youth soccer started yesterday in San Ramon.

I was center for a U12B match which ended up being a blowout.

Mike Volpe and Kyle Wu were great help on the first match match of the year.

I ran a reverse diagonal and Mike asked me why? Three reasons I said:

1) gets me ready for the time I do have to run a completive match in a reverse diagonal because of say field conditions.

2) It is a learning experience for me. I have to always ask myself, am I in this position to see the play or because I’m on the diagonal.

3) All grass fields have a grass damaged on the AR path because running as an AR on the same path over and over again destroys the roots of the grass.

Entry for July 22, 2007 – yesterday was Nifty Fifty


Guests at Cathy’s Nifty Fifty party salute to her health.

Consuelo Mexican Bistro in Santa Row for lunch, yummy


Second review of Consuelo’s in Santa Row.

Good place. The Chili Relleno was well make. The Salmon tacos, great also.

It was convenient for lunch from the school I am going to.

The waitress was a beautiful dark complected Latin that did a wonderful job in service.

Eating outside in the summer, very European.

Entry for July 19, 2007 – Semicon 2007 shows well


Semicon this year. Humm, not real exciting however there are as many booths as ever here this year. A good many people also.

The applied materials booth above is very abstract.

I run into fewer and fewer people I know.