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Entry for August 30, 2007 – Did yesterdays Galaxy match vs Pachuca show worst team money can buy?


Look, I like Donovan. I’ve always been a fan of Beckham. These are skilled soccer players.

But yesterday put the Galaxy in the position of being the worst team money can buy. Back in my youth when I was a baseball fan we used the slam the New York Yankees with this distinction.

Beckham injured himself on a poor choice on the field. On a meaningless 50/50 blocking tackle he slammed his right foot into the ball who had a defenders foot on the other side and now has messed up his right knee to go with his messed up left ankle. When I was a coach, we taught the girls how to safely do these blocking tackles which they practice between the other drills. The Spanish (Mexican) coverage was fascinated by this event showing it over and over again during the match. The Pachuca player #13 prevailing again and again.

Donovan missed a wide opened goal header (on a great pass from Beckham) and a breakaway goal during the match and the winning kick from the penalty mark which was a great block from the Pachuca keeper (that kick if made would have won the match and pocketed the team $1M). Donovan is a great player. He creates many, many chances on the field. He deserves to be captain, but time and time again he fails to come through in the clutch.

Speaking of keepers, this was the battle of the keepers. Cannon for Galaxy and Calero for Pachuca. These were some of the most incredible saves I’ve ever seen in a match. By the 6th kick from the penalty mark, Calero was so hug in the goal the Galaxy was scared to place the ball between the posts!

But the goal, the goal from Chris Kline was just one of the most incredible bicycle shots.

Ya, I guess I did enjoy the game!


Entry for August 29, 2007 – Contra Costa College match is throwback to early days in CA


Alex P did the center. Dan M as AR2. It was a fine match!

The through back was I took Bart to El Cereto Del Norte and Alex picked me up there. That Bart station is where I first road Bart when I came to the Bay Area and stayed with Paul in El Cereto in 1980, 27 years ago.

Entry for August 28, 2007 – JC mens match at Ohlone with the three pres’s


The College men matches are fast. Boys in their early 20’s are much faster then me!. Bill B did a great job in the center today. He is doing everything right because he is about to declare national candidacy. Larry D is the president of NICOA.

The match was fast but easy. Tomorrow I try a women’s match.

Entry for August 26, 2007 – U14B D1 match on exibition field


Match went well. Gary L was AR1, Sussie G was AR2. Sussie was not happy during this match. I wish I knew why.

Just a lot of people (referee people) watching.

Including Gary King.

Made two points:

1) I am stuck in a rut on positioning on set plays. Vary the position!

2) my whistle is mono tone and I have to develop difference for differnt expression.

1) tweet whistle – for kickoff etc
2) regular whistle for fouls and offside.

3) slam whistle for the caution or ejection

Entry for August 26, 2007 – yesterdays U14B D1 center, chalenging but good


The coaches were the problem. Sent many negative messages onto the field. The ARs, young and I had to manage them some. But they worked fine. Lief and Erik. Erik is going to U of Pa in a few days.

The problem was the D&G from the assessor from Colorado. I knew we were being watched so everything had to be done by the book.

The questions from the assessor were about my positioning and whistle expression.

Entry for August 24, 2007 – U12B D1 match for district youth, easy


Mustang boys stampede.

Stepped down for Sussie G. Northern CA youth referee of the year. She is very good. And the U12B match was skilled but very easy for her.

Andrew was the other AR, who did well also. A nice Friday evening.

Entry for August 20, 2007 – Noter Dame Women make for a lot of calls


Mike M was center. He does a nice job.

Entry for August 20, 2007 – Noter Dame men are fast


James Mayes does nice job in the center

Entry for August 19, 2007 – Funny white badge on U19 Boys Futbol Classic Championship


To become a FIFA referee is a monumental task.

To give back to the community that started you there is the humbleness of almost all referees that make it to the FIFA level.

Strickland has all these attributes.

Today he was AR on the U19 boys final. Gosh he does a good job.

It was a fitting ending the the Fremont Futbol Classic.

Chris Strickland (AR1), Don Bierman (4th offical), Devlin Creighton (Middle), Danial Galloway (AR2).

I was refereeing the U17B Championship while this match was going on. I had a DOGSO when a defender covered the goal when the keeper was out and played keeper with his hand to deflect the ball out of the goal.

Entry for August 19, 2007 – soccer matches in Fremont


U19 boys morning match team ends up in the final.

U17 boys final was the best of soccer.

Archana was AR2, center is me, Arron O was AR1. They were excellent to work with.

Had to send off a defender when he played keeper to stop a ball from going into the goal.