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Entry for September 30, 2007 – U16B Championship as a fourth official


U16B championship I was the fourth official.

Rob C did a great job with two youth referees, Danial G and Sapna S. There was a 1-0 zero result.

The director of the Celtic Harvest came up to me in the middle of the match and gruffly said – I told you we were not paying of fourth officials for this tournament. Did not make my day.


Entry for September 30, 2007 – Celtic Harvest matchs with youths – U14B consolation


Nice day a central park.

Apoorva S and Megtab helped on the U14B consolation. Was a very nice match. I did have to wave down the AR during the match. The coach accused me of being a one man show. I had a rookie AR and noted the position of the attacking player at the kick. I should have gone and consulted with with AR though instead of waving him down.

Entry for September 30, 2007 – yesterday Celtic Harvest goes well


David Bragg had a daughter play in the tournament (David is a National Referee)

Matches went well. Including the one above which Chris S from the center had an ejection. The player striking the other player was done… front of the National referee, Mr Bragg. Elmer S was the other AR.

Entry for September 28, 2007 – First College middle, the ladies did fine


Yup, the emergency comes up. Called at 10:30 for a match at 1 PM. JC womens center.

Easy match, no discipline in site.

Terry B and Mike G in the photo to come.

Satsuma Japanese Restaurant Mt. View is still best Sho


Sho is the sushi chief at Satsuma Japanese Restaurant and he does good!

The Hamatichi was the best tonight. Sho said it was fresh. It was soft an buttery to the taste. Gosh I’m glad I live in CA and have access to such excellent Hamatchi, the best in the world I think for such a reasonable price.

Tried the Crunch Caliente this evening. Spicy Tuna with fish eggs and seaweed on top. Excellent presentation. I’m not a big fan of spicy tuna as it obscures the flavor of the fish which I like. But it was good, especially if you like spicy tuna.

Was it a Dragon Roll or a Caterpillar Roll as the other?

Pictured above is the spread.

Entry for September 25, 2007 – 27 years later


I stopped by the house tonight that I first stayed at when I came to the bay area.

5661 Clinton Ave. in Richmond. Larry Zestar’s house that Paul K rented the bottom floor.

A lot has gone down from a boy from PA in those 27 years. My two regrets now are not the same as my two regrets then.

The house is still in good shape. The porch with the view of the city and the bay from the Richmond hills. Ah the wine parties on that porch.

It was a nice visit down memory lane. Arriving here in the big green Chevy truck with all my earthly belonging in it. I arrive in November of 1980 and stayed there as Paul’s guest until February. Fred R drove the 240 Z out later. John Lennon was killed the first month I was in CA.

Eventually I moved to Milpitas when I landed that first CA job at GenRad in the south bay, then on to the years in Fremont.

I was in Richmond for the previously blogged college soccer match.

It was nice to see my CA roots.

Entry for September 25, 2007 JC match at Contra Costa College


Debbie C and Collin A, another great match.

#10 from Contra Costa was a problem – in Debbie’s face – but he soon learned.

What was his comment she is not a lady, she is our referee. A wise comment.

Entry for September 22, 2007 – Assessment matches in Fremont goes well for JA


In the rain today in Fremont the first assessment match did not count – one team did not have enough players.

The second assessment match the teams did not show so the assessed team switch to the U17B match and pulled off the assessment.

The assessment team is pictured above. Jose A in center, Ali R as AR2 and TEK as AR1.

Feedback for Tom:

1) As AR, face the field all the time and sidestep.

2) if you have to turn sideways, never walk, only jog or run.

Entry for September 21, 2007 – Chabot College match is a sleeper


Easy match for Steve M, except it was assessed! Boy was the assesor good – and picky. pointed out my failure to assist properly on the early subs. I also signaled goal kick incorrectly (left had to chest) and did not indicate far or near on my offside call. He got me there!

Monty W is AR2 and he great!

Manna Restaurant in Newark is Korean just like in Korea


New Restaurant opened in a storefront six months ago.

Well lit, colorful and seemed there was a good number of people in and out of it.

Korean BBQ it says.

Well today we tried it for lunch.

Only Koreans in the place.

The $5.99 lunch special – very good. Had all the little side dishes of pickled and kimchi. Generous portion of pork. The lunch special on the menu was $7.99 but the banner outside with the promotion deal makes it a really good deal.

I’ll have to go there in the evening for a Korean style BBQ.