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Entry for October 31, 2007 – Mission vs CCSF JC mens match largest goal differential ever


Yesterday JC mens match was the largest goal differential ever, 12 goals for CCSF, none for Mission.

Carl B had an easy job in the middles. First time I have ever refereed with Carl and his pregame is very similar to mine. But with two state referees as his ARs, Devlin C and I, what could you expect!


Entry for October 28, 2007 – U16B Championshiop at Kick or Treat, not very challenging


It’s weard for me being a regular referee in Fremont again (I’ve resigned as president).

The U16B championship match was not very tough as the Stockton team scored twice in the first 5 minutes. Sunnyvale did not covert even on a penalty kick as the ball went off the post and the kicker struck it again – which is a double touch and an indirect kick for the defense.

My AR buried me with a no call offside on a clear offside. But the rest of the match was uncontroversial.

Don S, Tom K, Dallas A and Tom N are the referees.

Entry for October 27, 2007 Kick or Treat Fremont tourament


Worked three matches today.

Once caution on at U16 girls match.

Rob Cole pulled his leg muscle at the beginning of his match – ouch!

My first U12 Boys match I had problems. The coaches objected to how I called the match. It’s tough for them – they have never seen a state referee before so they have a different expectation. The tournament director appeared between the team at the request of the fans.

My first match I had Mehtab G as AR1 and Nev as my AR2. They are new referees that are growing as referees.

Entry for October 27, 2007 – how fun is a referee fun run?


If you are an upgraded referee, up have to do a fun run each year to keep your licence.

I passed the physical test easily today. The written test I just barely passed – but the written test is a great test to learn from.

Entry for October 26, 2007- Evergreen College Ladies no match for DeAnza Ladies


JC College ladies match.

Bob did a great job in the middle.

Victor B was the other AR.

It was an easy lopsided match for us.

Beautiful full moon came up over the stadium durning the match.

Entry for October 24, 2007 ITC 2007, conference or Nextest event, conference or Nextest event


So today was ITC 2007.

Was this at conference or a Nextest event?

It was that soccer call from Pittsburgh about my nephew maybe? My brother enjoyed his soccer match and posted on his blog

Entry for October 23, 2007 – All FSRA referee team for Ohlone College Men


Twas a very nice college match with Strickland in the center, Devlin as AR1 and I as AR2.

I thought Strickland had lost his yellow card. Fouls I would have called – no whistle. Fouls I would have cautioned – a talk. But the men lived with his decisions. And Chris does see everything! And Chris does a great job and sells everything he calls.

But the kick to the player on the ground did lead to a caution (he must have forgot his red card on that one).

But I like refereeing with Chris, catching up on FIFA stuff.

Chris confirmed that Kari Seitz, by all referees throughout the world, is considered the best female referee in THE WORLD! And you see the politics. The best female referee in the world did not do the women’s world cup final.

I forget if I posted what I heard there. Kari was slotted for it, but when Brazil was shown her name they had the right of refusal because they thought there might be some bias because Brazil tromped all over the USA the previous match. Plus Brazil had seen Kari once before.

Entry for October 21, 2007 – PSL men’s amature match (first in a few years)


An email saying a Sunday 1PM PSL amature match was opened. I responded quickly and managed to get the center.

Match was uneventful. Tom N and Larry B provided fine support. No cautions. All the players will go to work tomorrow sore but intact. So college Friday, assessment Saturday and Amature Sunday. Not a bad soccer weekend.

Entry for October 20, 2007 – planning for Super Bowl Sunday – have a wine party


People seem to have an affection about appearing in my blog. Why I keep trying to understand.

But tonight at Jeff and Ginny’s is was a great event. So the people, I took some pictures. But the wine does not seem to complain about being in the photo.

See how many wines you can identify from the photo line up. If you know of any of them or have a memory of any of them, make a comment on the blog entry!

Entry for October 20, 2007 – State Referee maintanace match barely qualifies


The U18 Girls match was not very difficult. In fact the assessor said on an upgrade match this would have been marked unasssessable.

I gave one caution for a delay the restart in the 84th minute. The 1-1 score did not show how simple the match was.

I ran a reverse diagonal! Because the regular diagonal would have the AR1 looking directly into the sun, the reverse worked fine. Now have you ever even heard of a assessment match being done with a reverse diagonal??

The assessor gave me three things to work on.

1) My mechanics are accurate but sloppy (I have a wimpy – not crisp direction signal). I can work on this.

2) I gave three advantage calls during the match – none of which where advantage in the assessors opinion. His advice is to just consider the foul trifling and not give the advantage call at all. With all do respect I do disagree a little, especially with the one I called back after advantage did not develop.

3) I should be jogging all the time during the match but instead I am either running (trying to catch up to play) or walking (because I am too close to play). I like this comment and will work on this.

From all I know I passed the assessment with Larry T and Mike C as my ARs.