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Entry for November 30, 2007 – High School Varsity Girls soccer match – too easy


Varsity soccer is still in preseason.

San Ramon VS Newark ladies was an easy match for three state referees.

Gunter probably recognized to many fouls but it was a nice match. One caution.

Joe D and I made it easy for Gunter though!


Entry for November 22, 2007 – Thanksgiving is early this year


Happy Thanksgiving all!

Thanksgiving fell on the earliest Thursday possible this year. Longest time between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Pie pictures to follow (I baked seven).

Postrio in SF theater district, tasty fair in upscale venue


If you make it an evening in the theater, there are lots of choices to eat before or afterwards.

Try Postrio on Post Street.

Tonight the Leaves of Romaine mixed salad with blue cheese, delicious.

The crispy calamari deep fried and spiced for maximum flavor.

The grilled tuna steak with cold pasta very well prepared.

Entry for November 21, 2007 – PA boy relives youth in Jersey Boys


Theater in the City.

Jersey Boys, the musical, is touring. Actually the tour opened in SF at the Currin Theater in 2006, right under my own eyes.

I could not tell if they were lip syncing or live – It must have been live. Great show. Some of it high tech.

The show is fun, well written (some profanity – as a Jersey Boy does talk).

The Emmy Awards had a tribute to the Sopranos by the Jersey Boys which grabbed my attention (got the Tivo to resee it again ) and you can see it on Y-tube by clicking on the link.

Entry for November 18, 2007 – Lobster in San Jose, with Turley and Pecan Pie


Nice Lobster dinner.

If you recognize the people, you can comment.

The garlic pistachio homemade ice cream. Very creative.

Wonderful host Rob E. The unseen cook, Paul K, is behind Rob.

Entry for November 18, 2007 – MSL cup won by Dynamo (formally Earthquakes) under Dominic Kinnear


MLS cup Final.

Striker Dwyane De Rosario deserved player of the match.

Keeper Onstat could easily have been player of the match.

Alex P did a good job as a referee in the new pea green uniform (the debut of this USSF referee uniform). Although I thought the head butt guy should have been gone.

But I think  Dominic Kinnear  is probably most responsible for the win and repeat. And I happen to have a picture of me with him in Fremont on FcFremont opening day ceremonies in 2005. His young son used to play soccer in Fremont in 2005. His son and daughter were on stage with him when the Dynamo receive the MSL cup.

Entry for November 17, 2007 – referee clinic in Fremont


Today was the SRA clinic in Fremont.

Referees from all over the state came to hear the fellow from Colorado (Kevin Yant) speak about the difference between the youth and amature soccer match.

Learned a little.

One discussion point was bicycle kick allowed by Stott last weekend in the MLS playoff match. One camera angle showed the foot very near the head of the defender, the other angle (closer to the referee angle) showed there was some distance between the foot and the defenders head. So the National Assessor defended the referee decision.

Athena Grill in Santa Clara, owner always there, food as greek as you can get


The appetizers start of with whipped garlic butter and nice peta bread.

Dinner was lamb stuffed yellow pepper. Very tasty.

Generally nice atmosphere where everyone is enjoying themselves.

It’s in a industrial silicon valley area, so kinda off the beaten path. If you can find it, check it out!

House of Genji San Jose – been there for years for the semi crowd


High tech geek engineers talking as the chef throws shrimp in the air and makes the fried rice in front of you on gas fired steel grill.

It has been happening for years and it happened today again for lunch.

The San Jose House of Genji is a favorite for lunch and drinks.

Entry for November 14, 2007 – High School starts with boys of Mission vs Hayward


Knew quite a few of the Mission Boys on this match.

Dick W was not into giving yellow cards, even though I advised him of one.

John G was the other AR.

The field at mission is terrible – but the match was a good start for the season. Hayward 3, Mission 0.