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Entry for December 31, 2007 – Happy New Year – 275 ping pong balls say so in Strasburg PA


That crowd in NY to ring in 2008 had nothing on the 1200 people at the square in Strasburg PA!

They blocked off the town square, put a band on the street, sold funnel cakes and coffee beside the chocolate fountain placed in the middle of the street.

2008 is the 275 anniversary of it’s incorporation as a city, thus 275 ping pong balls.


Entry for December 31, 2007 – Best Christmas lights in Lancaster


Christmas lights in Lancaster don’t seem to make Google, but I like this set up as representative of PA Christmas lights.

Entry for December 29, 2007 – Wirths in PA


My long lost Wirth connections. Kathy, Don and Verna.

Entry for December 29, 2007 – Family get together II


Lots of Kendig relatives in one place again.

This photo shows everyone.

Entry for December 28, 2007 – Cousin referees – Lowry makes an appearance


Every five years or so the cousin referees get together for a photo. Craig gets even more MLS matches now that he is off the FIFA list.

Left, Tom referees out of Fremont CA – Grade 6.

Center, Craig referees out of New Holland PA – former Grade 2.

Right, Doug referees out of Medford Oregon – Grade 8 – but more capable that his brother Tom because he can understand those spanish swear words on the adult amature matches.

Entry for December 28, 2007 – Jay and Lois celebrate their 75th


Mom and Dad’s birthday was back in November, but all the kids and Grandkids got together to show their appreciation today with a large 75th birthday party.

Entry for December 24, 2007 – Christmas lights in CA


Each year I post a picture of Christmas lights from a local exhibition.

This year’s entry is from down the street. You can see it on the internet also at

Entry for December 24, 2007 – Christmas Eve service at the new Mission Springs


Singing in the choir for the umpteenth year.

Two years ago on Christmas Eve the Poinsettia picture became the standard.

This year the picture of Kathleen and I was in the camera when I lost it in PA.

**$$ Holder’s Country Inn Santa Clara has Christmas decorations galor


Holder’s Country Inn is a dinner kind of place. Reminds me of Jenny’s a little bit.

The Christmas decorations were all over the place making for a nice holiday atmosphere.

Pancakes are excellent as are the Eggs Benedict. Service was quick and prompt and friendly.

Entry for December 21, 2007 – Varsity Boys match with problem coach results in coach caution


This was a great event for referees. Andres is just top notch and we had been warned the coach was a problem. So I get to be AR1 for the problem coach!

The first half I said words with the coach twice. The first time mid way through with “Enough coach, nothing more about the referees”. The third time with “Coach, I’m your friend here, back down into the coaching area and no more about the refereeing, coaching only”. But we were generally fine.

The second half – a little more action, on the field and off. The coach remained generally good spirited but eventually after a couple of player cautions, the player that kicked the ball away after disagreeing with the goal/corner kick call then appaulded the referee for the call and got his second yellow for a send off.

10 minutes after that as I was managing the coaches comments on another call Andres swooped by and cautioned the coach. I felt so supported. Andres did a wonder job in how he did the caution and there was nothing more from the bench – they knew were the limit was now – they were ahead and no reason to cause more trouble.

It was a fair game in the end and I think everyone generally felt good about the match (possibly only because to problem coach won 1-0).

Tom K, Andres H and Brian Y after the match.