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Entry for January 30, 2008 – Smooth result on Kennedy vs Logan match


Logan is in first place in the HS league. Kennedy went up with an early goal. Devlin called a masterful match. One USB caution for excessive force against Logan.

Logan came back and won with two goals.

Second half, got Devlin to drop the negative signals. To express it in the extreme, negative signals are kinda demeaning to the referee presentation.

Photo is of Doug L, Devlin C. and Tom K.

Entry for January 30, 2008 – Freshman Girls with State referees


Robert F and I worked a duo together.

Entry for January 28, 2008 – Learning from the best – Kari Seitz


Tonight I got to learn from the very best.

Kari gave her world cup 2008 presentation to a rather small group at the Livermore referee association.

I finally found out why Kari is so upset about not doing the world cup final, Brazil vs Germany.

I did not realize before that she was called and assigned the final match and 24 hours later, the match was taken back from her. Now I understand why she was upset. But Brazil objected to a USA referee doing the final after Brazil just trownsed the USA. They could not take the chance of a Kari being biased in some way.

Also more reinforcement that there are no cell phones in the technical area – and that is how FIFA interprets it’s own rules.

**$$$ Tao Tao in down town Sunnyvale does have a great beef dish


A night out in Sunnyvale last night.

Chinese food? Our guest wanted Tao Tao.

Five dishes for three people. Was fine!

The Tao Tao beef is their specialty.

The other food is OK Chinese – but my guess is there is better. Price is kinda expensive but OK.

Entry for January 24, 2008 – Leif Zimmerman, cousin Kris’s son and US Cross Country Team member


If anyone wants to follow Leif Zimmerman’s cross country skiing progress, above is a token picture of his latest competition.

Leif is a profiled member of the US National Ski Team.

Leif is kind of a personality on the team with a profile published at the trade magazine Faster Skier.

Entry for January 23, 2008 – Still learning soccer after all these years


I had a really good day in soccer.

First I had a solo center with two of the best JV boys teams in the league.
There were two cautions. First for a late tackle which was cleats up which made no contact. I called advantage. Play went on for a long time, then out of touch and I came back and cautioned the player. The second caution was the referee’s favorite, PI – which cleaned up the match considerably. There was a lot of noise and discontent from the sidelines. Dissent about offside calls, fouls they thought should be called. It made for an exciting match.

The second match match as a varsity boys match. I was AR. One of the best referees around. The underdog was wining! Very exciting match. Logan scored the tieing match goal with 2 minutes left. The goal scores rushed the goal to get the ball. The keeper went for the ball. A pushing contest escalated. The center referee blew and blew his whistle, before and after rushing into the crowd. There there was the center sprawled out on the pitch. He got up, continued to point the boys to the center – they followed his instructions – and in the end, no disipline was provided. I felt this was excellent game management.

The last match of the day, a great rivalry between two varsity boys teams. Lots of dissent and sophisticated fouls. The first just minutes in when #17 charged into the penalty area from the side, past one defender and boom into a second defender and to the ground. Whistle!!! Attacking foul. The attacker had jumped into the defender – can’t do that the referee says (correctly).

Lots of dissent in this match. Several cards for dissent. Then the Washington player made the strong sliding challenge for the ball, wiping out the opponent – whistle … card … “But I got the ball” … and wait that was dissent on the call so a second card … don’t come back on the field. Excellent job!

Photo is of Don S and Gunter F and I.

*$$ Kalesa Milpitas – a taste of old Manila a little too meaty for me


Went to the old Thai restaurant for lunch today – and it was gone! Replace by a Philippine restaurant? And I want my Pad Thai.

Not near as busy as the previous restaurant. But Steve P and I tried it anyway. The lunch special at Kalesa was a chicken dish with rice for $8. It came with a tasty soup with mushrooms and a scallop in it. The meat was overcooked. The waitress enticed us to come back with a complementary special Philippine beef dish – which was OK but no great.

Not sure I will rush back.

Entry for January 22, 2008 – Varsity Girls at TAK, Irvington vs Kennedy Mismatch


Not a very difficult match – the outcome was determined before the match started – Kennedy girls would loose – but I’m still very self critical of myself on this match.

I called a penalty kick in the 10th minute. After the ball went in the goal from the penalty I said, shoot, I had to send the defender off for DOGSO – but it was too late to do so.

I got hit by the ball! Again out of position and too close to play.

A player got elbowed bad – went to the ground and lay there. The elbow was away from me. My AR – who later indicated they saw it and expected me to call the foul – gave me no signal.

Then there was Irvington #10 – best player on the field in my opinion and sure enough, there was that hard challenge – and late – I had to caution. It was too much force.

Above is Sapni S, myself and Alex L. It was a cold night – 5C or so you could almost think of the drizzle as snow/sleet. Good reason to do lots of running.

*$ Pho 99 Vietnamese Restaurant Fremont – fine pho, but not the right stuff


Pho is easy to make and inexpensive.

So there are lots of Pho places around.

Pho 99 is OK. I could not get the Pho Ga with liver and gizzards here however.

Scott and I enjoyed the venue though.

Entry for January 20, 2008 – State Cup youngers last day in Fremont is cold


Yesterday, the most beautiful day for soccer. Today, although not miserable – it was cold! And I had to work with first year referees that only had short sleeves! As the years go by and you referee, you buy more and more different colors of referee uniforms and buy the long sleeves. It has got to the point that whenever there is a choice and I have the choice, I go long sleeves.

Moez and Cathrine H pictured above freezing.