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**$$ Fiesta del Mar in Mountain View is Mexican in the Bay Area


Dinner was at Fiesta del Mar.

Nice drinks (margarita).

Three dipping sauces to start.

Nice meal.

I missed Consulo in Santana Row for this business meal with Mr. Goldman.


***$$ Dish Dash Sunnyvale is great Mediterranean food


Dish Dash Sunnyvale is great Mediterranean food.

I had the lamb dish lunch plate which was excellent.

This was to celebrate my placement at Electric Cloud by Randy P. pictured above. Randy had the salmon. He is an expert/completive water skier. We compared technical notes on soccer refereeing and judging water skiing.

Entry for February 26, 2008 – Tom’s new work environment – Wow


Today my new Electric Cloud laptop arrived with my new work environment setup.

Will add a picture to this entry later. All I can say is WOW. I now meet Randy Pausch’s minimum standard of a two screen work station.

So the hardware – a DELL Latitude D840 laptop. I converted it from XP to Vista. Laptop desk mount and separate monitor with ergonomic keyboard. Phone with wireless head set.

Note the Electric Cloud lighting bolt at the side. It is a compressed T-shirt from a trade show.

Ah, and the bottled water – free at Electric Cloud – it’s a startup. You just hit the button on the soda machine and the drink pops out.

***$$ Outback is a piece of Australia in Fremont


The coconut shrimp are the best around.

The meat was done perfectly.

Fosters is good beer.

Another great meal at Outback in Fremont.

Entry for February 19, 2008 – What is an Electric Cloud?


Check out my new digs.

This place is great!

The entire company does all its internal, person to person communication by Yahoo Messenger (YM). Boy was I a leg up on them.

I get to work on Linux, Unix and Windows all at the same time. Wow.

The product is XML based (very modern).

The company inside is run by wiki’s (very modern).

The people here are great (when introduced at a company meeting I had to give a little speech).

And of course it is a start-up so all the drinks and snacks are free!

***$$$ Uncle Yu’s Chinese in Livermore down town – what a surprise location for great food


Where to go for dinner after tasting wine all day in Livermore. Les Chanes estate vineyards suggested Uncle Yu’s in the square in down town Livermore.

This was a great Chinese food meal.

Everything is hand made, the egg rolls crispy- but without that commercial sense.

The steamed Sea Bass – excellent. And the beef with aged orange peels was excellent also.

Very pleasant atmosphere with great service. Give it a try.

Entry for February 16, 2008 – Livermore Valley wine tasting


Great day in California.

Head to Livermore for wine tasting. Wirthless did not show up, but a bunch of us went anyway.

Started at Ruby Hill – the newly opened winery. It is a great flight of wine to taste. Fee tasting until the 15th of March.

Thomas Coyne was letting you bottle your own wine for $4.50 a bottle. Lots of very common wine for tasting there. But as you can see above it was fun bottling our own wine.

Page Mill winery – very similar to Ruby Hills but much smaller.

Went to Concannon next for their chocolate and port event – but they have been bought by another company and the tasting here is no longer free! Costs $5 so we went on to the next free winery. The grounds here sure are beautiful and are a great place for a picnic.

BoaVentura de Caires Winery – open only the first weekend of the month – small winery also however a great selection of four wines.

Les Chenes Estate Vineyards – a small mom & pop place – nice view!

Entry for February 16, 2008 – the Fillmore SF as a business, as a museum and sometimes a concert


Last night was my first trip to and concert at The Fillmore is SF.

The Umphrey’s McGee were on the bill with a warm up band the OM Trio.

I have never previously been to the Fillmore.

The poster collection is amazing – going way back. There are I think thousands of them, in order on the walls. They have run out of space. The posters are a tribute to all the artists that have played there and they give the place a museum like quality.

I spent some time looking at the sound board. Very complicated. All run by computer.

Umphrey’s McGee was good – not too loud – surprising.

***$$$ Laiola on Chestnut is tapas SF style


Dinner in the city on Friday night.

A newer restaurant in Cow Hollow on Chestnut street – Loiola.

It has tapas – small tapas. We had a bottle of Spanish wine – I think it was Juan Gil Monastrell – a very good wine with the bing cherry flavour of a zinfandel – went well with the lamb meat balls, the shrimp and Calamari.

The favourite was the sautéed mushrooms with and egg.

Although excellent food, the portions are very small. It is relatively expensive also.

But TRK, Chris P, DTK and CMD and I had a great time.

Entry for February 13, 2008 – NCS first round playoff


It was De LaSalle against College Park.

De LaSalle handily won with an own goal in the first half and a defensive miscommunication in the second half for the second goal.

There was no discipline in this match. This shows the skills of the players and the skills of the referee team.

Vern S and Bob M are pictured above.