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Entry for March 30, 2008 – Maryland Soccer phase 3, U13 boys division 1


Most skilled match of the day.

The only goal was an own goal when the defender tried to clear across the face of the goal and the ball went in the goal. This means all three matches I watch today had an own goal.

Field was in terrible condition, uneven and even poorly marked.

The referees blew the whistle for all out of touch. Drove me crazy. The referees, in the end, had no effect on the final outcome however recognition was weak on several fouls/no fouls and offsides was missed by the older referees on the match.


Entry for March 30, 2008 – Maryland soccer phase 2 – Boys U13


Coach Dave watch as his team defeats a flat oppounit, 4-1.

Nice goals in the start. The last goal was an own goal.

Most talented referee of those I’ve seen was at one end of the field. The referee at the other end did not know much about the game, including poor signaling. Mentors needed here.

Entry for March 30, 2008 Maryland soccer phase 1


U7 girls.

Nieces team wins 10-1.

Referee has no badge – gives lecture to girls prior to match.

Entry for March 29, 2008 – First round State Cup Olders


These were good matches.

The first, a boys match, Devlin was in the center and the U15 boys played hard. They new there was a lot on the line. But with three state referees on the field, there were few mistakes made.

The second match I was in the center for the U16 girls. The Pleasanton team was very beefy. The match was on sided. I did have to call/no call some tough contact because of large bodies getting in touch and sometimes in the way of each other. The match went fine and it was a real please to be in the center of such skilled players.

Tom K, Devlin C and Andres H pictured above.

Maggiano’s Little Italy in Santa Row. Family style italian.


Santa Row is the upscale shopping area in South San Jose.

Maggiano’s Little Italy is a famous and popular restaurant there.

Tonight we had the spinach dish and the shrimp angle hair pasta were good.

Entry for March 27, 2008 – In Memorial – Irene Hertzler Nolt 1909 -2008


Grandma Nolt went to be with the Lord today. She had a long, fruitful life.

She epitomized kindness and giving and was rewarded by the Lord with a healthy life and many people who cherished her.

Irene survived her husband Clarence by about 10 years.

Irene is survived by 17 great grand children, 6 grand children and 2 of her own children.

From when I was born she seemed like an old lady as all Grandma’s do to young kids. She was 45 when I was born. Sounds young to someone in their 50’s now.

Always dressed in a white prayer bonnet (keeping in the tradition of the Mennonite women in keeping their head covered in the presence of the Lord) and wearing a dark patterned dress with a front dress “cover” tied to her waist (leaving a place for a tissue to be placed and come out and wipe a child’s nose).

She was an excellent cook. Always made a wonderful Easter and Christmas and Thanksgiving meals which I will describe better at a later time.

She never had a unkind word to say to anyone.

Here group of “Merry Maids” who started meeting in their twenties and meet regularly into here 50s and 60s to talk and laugh.

Entry for March 23, 2008 – red beet eggs on Easter


As an adult, no more colored eggs on the outside, red beet eggs are colored on the inside.

Entry for March 21, 2008 Why working at Electric Cloud is so great


1) Commander is a really neat product. It makes a computer schedule and do things the way a computer person would want them scheduled and done.

2) I get to play with Window, Linux and solaris because that is what Commander is implemented on.

3) How do you play on multiple platforms? with VMware of course. What a great idea and I get to use it every day!

4) I sit outside the executives on mahogany row. Ya the CEO, marketing manager and VP of sales, they say hi to me going in and out of their office. We talk kids, sports, movies, dinner.

5) I sit in the mists of the marketing group. There are chattable marketing nerd type people. Some from CMU, some from PA, some from SF. I get to hear and participate in a lot of discussions.

6) The free beer starts at 4PM on Friday – just like all startups in the silicon valley!

7) My boss is great!

Pho Queen brings out the ATE crowd yesterday in Sunnyvale


Pho Queen always has long lines so you have to get there early at say 11:40 to get a table.

The Pho Gao is my standard favorite.

Nathan W, Eleazar J, Huaung Z and Chris O made for a kinda mini CSC reunion.

Todai Sushi Pleasanton was very empty tonight


Talked the waiter into a discount for the all you can eat sushi at Todai in Pleasanton.

The food was OK. But because of the low Monday night St Patrick’s day turnout there was not much turnover on the sushi. The head guy said the uni was fresh tonight.

It was a nice little celebration with DTK.