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Dishdash down town Sunnyvale has great lamb and kibbie


Always a please going to Dishdash.

Had the lamb and the kibbie and they were just excellent.


Elephant Bar Cupertino is one of the best chains around


Everything was great an the Elephant bar.

Appetizers- the calamari was in strips and with a good sauce.

I had the fish and chips with macadamia nuts. Served with a orange sweet sauce and a green sauce.

The huge ice cream cookie for desert was good also.

Entry for April 27, 2008 – lowest division top play for Men’s Amateur


Tom K, Carl J and Tom K above for a nice season ending Men’s Amateur match.

Carl did a great job! It was a pleasure working with him.

The referee from the previous match had a great license plat, Love Thy Ref. Nice backdrop for the referee match photo.

Pink Godzilla Santa Cruz was nice local sushi atmosphere


Local sushi place in Santa Cruz. Very popular with the locals too!

It was strange, two sushi places directly across the street from each other. Pink Godzilla new how to create atmosphere and everyone enjoyed themselves.

Had a dipping sauce for the etimadi which was good. The Duffy Roll was the best.

Entry for April 27, 2008 – Yesterday State Cup Quaterfinal Referee team


At the last minute I was asked to state cup quaterfinals. Always a privilage.

U18G referee team above. Only one caution in the match – and it was really not necessary. The teams came to play. Very few fouls.

The U14B match as also very mild. One caution for PI.

Easy decisions for both match. Referees did not have many call to make and the calls were all easy.

David N, Greg S, Tom Kendig above.

Merit Vegeterian Sunnyvale, can tofu be tasty – yes!


Asian restaurants in the Bay Area are plentiful.

Merit is new, and it is Vegetarian and is delicious.

We had the sweet and sour soup – served hot pot style.

The Vietnamese Crepe (Bahn Xeo) was also very well done. Just like Hien and her friend made years ago.

So Merit Vegetarian is good – give it a try.

Lina’s Mexican in Milpitas, great restaurant, why so empty


Lunch with Pete R today.

Food was excellent. But the place was half full on a Thursday, and empty at 1PM. Why? The food is great. I see it as a sign of economic times in the bay area. Eateries are not as busy as they used to be. Ask DTK who no longer works as a waiter. Not enough buisness to keep all the waiters on.

Entry for April 19, 2008 – Women’s amateur match at Boxer SF


I center a non competitive women’s amateur match today. I called one foul the first half, two fouls the second half. The ladies really played well.

I had a bad direction call resulting in a corner kick the first half and the same bad call the second half against the same team. They were loosing and felt they had no luck today – even with the referee.

I ran a reverse diagonal. Went fine for me – the ARs were a little goofed up.

The second match Sam P did the center, much more competitive, Sam did great. Sam P and Chris C.

Sam related his world cup experience, watching the Italy vs USA match.

Sushi Zen San Jose not enough turn around to keep things fresh


I’ve review the House of Genji before.

The House of Genji servers sushi. Right beside it is Sushi Zen.

How can two sushi places exist side by side? Which is better?

Tonight we tried Sushi Zen. The menu had many choices. The sushi was plain. OK but nothing exciting. We tried Hamatchi and Sake and the hati Hiroshima roll.

Much better experience at Satsuma’s.

Entry for April 13, 2008 – Croacia vs Palo Alto men amateur, yes croatians know how to play dirty


This was a good match. I had many offside calls and both teams protested my calls. It’s like they don’t understand offside. These amateur players are nothing but whiners. The Palo Alto team was very gentlemanly. The Croatians were great players – but knew how to play dirty so you always had to watch them.

Andy F in the center, Percy K was the other AR (I was AR2 which is fine with amateur matches).