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**$$ BurgerMeister Daly City is a good burger


Daly City Hambuger joint, turned out to be a chain – Burger Meister – was a great ending to a day of soccering in SF Cup.

This is a good quality burger. Good beer on tap. Just made for a great meal. Noisy atmosphere, however the crowd was easy to get along with.

First burger I had in ages because I don’t usually eat beef anymore. But the burger was delicious!


Entry for May 26, 2008 – Wrapup of SF cup


The last day of SF cup I helped Tanya and Clayton on the U13 Girls final.

What a great sporting event. Two of the best of soccer had a great match on the gopher hole ridden grass at the polo grounds.

Went to kicks from the mark.

Manna Korean Restaurant Newark, fun Korean barbeque


Tried the Korea Barbecue tonight. It was for the carnivore as we ordered all meat. Ribs, thin sliced beef and spicy pork.

Manna Korean Restaurant in Newark.

This is a family run restaurant. Service is spotty but friendly.

We had a good time.

Entry for May 25, 2008 – Another best of the best referee team


I worked the youngers soccer today at SF Cup. U13 girls center (then an AR).

The photo above is of the referee team that made things go really smoothly, all of us from District III.

I mean Devlin a State Referee (and San Jose Police Officer) as AR1 (so he got to handle the tough Ausie coaches from last year that I remembered) and Miss Walden who was District III youth referee of the year last year and on her way to Hawaii in three weeks for regionals.

I mean the (winning) coaches thought we were the best referee team they had this tournament – well that would be hype. The both these ARs are much better referees than I and will be going much farther in there referee career than I ever went.

Crab Shack in Fisherman’s wharf, OK food, nice view, little pricy


After refereeing all day the beer at the Crab Shack sure tasted good. The Hoppes and Mr. Kit and I had a great time talking. I had the fish and shrimp. OK but nothing that great.

The location and atmosphere were touristy but for a weekend early dinner in the city, it all went well.

Entry for May 24, 2008 – SF cup, all these good referees, so few matches


SF cup is always a pleasure refereeing. Todays matches had their limitations but generally thins went well.

Michael K is a National. Gosh he is smooth. U16 boys behaved great for him. No cautions. The next Michael, from DIV did great also except his was a state.

The U14B match I centered was simple, the coach was difficult, including a final “F*** Y**” after he turned his back after shaking my hand at the end of the match.

Andrew Waylin was my AR (Scott Waylin’s son), with Jose A as my other AR. Jose will be at regionals in Hawaii in a few weeks.

Entry for May 23, 2008 – Head of all FIFA referees speakes at SF cup referee symposium


The head of all FIFA referees gave a two hour long talk tonight.

The first hour was his top level view of refereeing at the highest level. He says that after referees referee at the top level, the next time they are not as sharp and have lost much of their gumption. So as a referee, you only get to work one world cup and there will be a whole new batch of referees in 2010 in Africa. He also talked about paid sports psychologists for referees.

The second hour was about 25 clips from 2006 world cup and what the referee comittee decided about what was a foul, a caution and a sendoff. There were three clips for the USA Italy match. The first the tackle from Mastroeni – should have been a send off and was. The second the first Pope tackle at mid field. He was the last defender and should have been sent off (but was cautioned). The third the second Pope tackle was cautioned as it should have been (it was Pope’s second so he was sent off on the tackle).

Los Charros Mexican Lunch in Sunnyvale


Fine new Mexican Restaurant. No lines at lunch but the port tostada I had was good.

The venue was colorful with high backed chairs.

Would try Los Charros Restaurant again.

No picture this time though.

Entry for May 22, 2008 – Quakes win against old quakes


It was a great evening. Two great goals from the Quakes. One great goal from Dynamos by Ching, a great player. The stadium roared and everyone there had a great time. No beer in the stands – boo.

I lost my cell phone and when Brendan called it, Santa Clara security answers. Phone insurance seems like a good idea at the moment.

Taqueria Las Vegas Fremont – good local flair


Local Taqueria took over the hamburger stand 10 years ago and has developed quite a following, including the last five years of best of Milipitas, best taqueria.

Paul had the chili Verde, I had the pulled pork. Generous portions. Common taqueria tables and atmosphere.

We enjoy the meal.

Paul said he visited Harry in Pittsburgh last week. I guess that was not a blogable event Harry?? 🙂