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Entry for June 30, 2008 – Opps, forgot to blog last Saturday’s wine tasting


Wonderful event last Saturday at Byington winery in Santa Cruz.

Went to Santa Cruz for a wine tasting tour and lunch with 20 of Edie and Randy’s close friends.

I liked the first wine best, a Sauvignon Blank wine. Nice tour.


Firehouse Brewery in down town Sunnyvale is fine food


Firehouse in Sunnyvale makes a great beer hall meal.

The atmosphere is a little routy. But everyone is enjoying themselfs and we had really good service.

Entry for June 22, 2008


Sunday games. Last game with with two very good youth referees. Match went well and I think was fun for everyone. I did get some direction calls incorrect. Sorry coach!

National Cup Ripon – Entry for June 22, 2008


Sunday games with Jamie P (was AR2 on yesterday’s problem AR1 match) and Michael G a fine young youth referee. Did display a yellow for PI in this match in the 16th minute. Third foul on the same attacking play. Nice match though on the U14G.

Entry for June 22, 2008 – National Cup in Ripon U16 Boys good match


Saturday games with Michael B. He did a great job towering over everyone. It was great to work with him on a competitive match again.

I did shout out a number for a caution. He said there will be no shouting on this field. He was right, I learned by lesson for next time.

National Cup in Ripon – Entry for June 22, 2008


Saturday games, Roy S from Redding was the center on this U16 Ladies match. Bill H helped out. Roy has a lot of fun when he referees and the match went really well. No discipline, no problems.

LaMilpa Milpitas gets good reviews


Friendly family food.

Kendig’s ate at La Milpa in Milpitas. A favorite of everyone.

Entry for June 15, 2008 – U16 boys – it was a good match


Worked with Brandon and Joe Myatt.

The match opens within seconds the tallest player on the field goes up, and the defender pushes him off axis. Tweet, I saw it!

It was a good match (felt like I was doing a solo). There is the attacking player going down in the box. I think, should I caution him for a dive or not. Wait, there is the AR waving his flag for a foul, shit. Wave the AR down and we continue playing, not a good start in the 10th minute.

There it was the 25th minute, attacker runs square into the keeper who had easily had the ball long before the contact. I look, say yup, that’s a caution. Wait, the only other caution of the match was to that same player. Humm. I take my time. OK, yes it is a second caution.

The team with 10 players who was behind – came back and won the match. Very good play.

Entry for June 14, 2008 – Earthquakes loose 0-3 to Galaxy


Lots of Kendig’s at the Earthquakes match.

Mom, Dad, TRK & Chris, DMK & Yasiman, DTK, Scott T, Doug & Marina, Andres & Irene. Yasiman’s two parents.

Entry for June 14, 2008 – National Cup Reginals


U15B Middle – worked with Jerry Z and Andy