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Entry for July 31, 2008 – Shakespeare’s The Tempest in the park


Went to see the Los Gatos Shakespeare Festival production of the Tempest tonight. Mark P from Electric Cloud is the president of the organization.

It was entertaining on a beautiful night in the park. The three actor I liked best were the daughter, she was beautiful and had so much expression. The head ferry who also had excellent acting abilities and the monster who reminded me of the golum in the Lord of the Rings.


Entry for July 27, 2008 – second day of Rage Tournament


Worked with Troy and Emanual. U19 Girls have become easy for me. However, the back line of the red team, very interesting discussion. The Latin lady (?) said to the black lady something about black people are supposed to jump higher than that. This was on a crossed header that neither of the two defensive players reached. There was something back from the black player about well you were taller, you should have got it plus you guy are supposed to be faster anyway (or something like that). I remainded silent listening in amazement. If they were not teammates who generally seemed to get along I would have been all over them.

Entry for July 26, 2008 – Rage College showcase


Alex (a grade 7) and Ryan (a new youth referee) were the ARs on this U19 Girls match. So Cal Blue was dominate. Very easy match. Did think of a caution twice, both for PI.

Entry for July 20, 2008 – Fall soccer tournament season begins


San Ramon today started the fall soccer.

In the first match, I left another referee center and I ARed. He called a hand ball in the box. I called him over and said, that ball was going in! You have to send him off for a DOGSOH. Noone was pleased with that result! Except the other team, that won with the penalty kick and the comeback goal afterwards.

The last game, a U14G match. The coach was a “problem” coach. Too much instruction to me the referee. Too much into controlling things he could not control – like the referee (me). When he attempted to help an injured girl from the opposing team and I instructed him to move away – he got very upset.

Above is Bill and Blake Russet who helped me out on the U14G match.

Maggiano’s Little Italy in Santana Row


Nice place for a celebration, Maggiano’s Little Italy.

Family style presentation. Food is well prepared. Liked the eggplant. Everything is covered in cheese. Kinda expensive as is everything in Santa Row.

Entry for July 19, 2008 – Friday night at Santana Row at Cansualo


Mexican, Cansualo’s before seeing opening of Mama Mia. The lamb dish and salad were excellent. In the movie, the male leads were weak.

Entry for July 19, 2008 – Wednesday night at Satsuma’s


Satsuma’s remains the best.

Kelly’s Ice Cream along Delaware River is home made


Gary N and Jose N stopped for lunch in the Delaware water gap at Kelly’s Ice Cream.

The prices were very inexpensive. I had a Philly Cheese steak for lunch. Desert was a Rum Rasin and Sweet cherry home made Ice Cream – which was great.

Entry for July 14, 2008 – Kendig Gathering 2008


Nathan Kendig and daughter Maria made a guest appearance. Nice turn out. 54 people. We all had a good time talking. Plenty of food. The pork sandwiches were excellent and Ray had great fresh corn.

Brother David gets the picture of the event, showing just how good the pork sandwiches were.

See you all in 2010! 300 years since Kendig’s came to USA.

Entry for July 13, 2008 – Neigbors pick this week to have church – Amish Church


Lots of buggies go by my parents residence this morning. Others walk. One was on a push scooter.

The barn that burnt down two summers ago, Amos’s picked the weekend I was in town for Amish Church.