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Entry for August 30, 2008 – Devel Mountain U16G center


Worked with Alex A and Albert N for this U16G match. This was D3 so my goal was to not call a single foul all match. Almost succeeded.

Straits a birthday celebration for DMK


A little late but a nice dinner at Straits in Santa Row for DMK. Santa Row was packed on the Labor Day weekend Friday night. Very nice meal.

DMK missed Yasemin.

Entry for August 27, 2008 – College opens with Ohlone Women center for Tom


The College Season opener for me. Ohlone vs Diablo Valley College.

This match was not difficult at all. I have centered more difficult D3 U16 girls matches. I think I called four fouls in the first half, two in the second maybe.

Joe Dickerson and Paul Busi were board to tears as the AR.

The more interesting match was the second match, the boys match with Bob Sebella in the center. He is a national college referee and National Assessor. The match was extremely easy for Bob – but quite informative for me.

The score was lopsided, 9-0. There was only time early in the match when the keeper had the ball and the attacker crashed into him. Bob was on top of it. He walked the attacker away and did not caution. I asked him afterwords if he could have cautioned – yes. But in this match he thought he could maybe get away with a talk because he thought the boys were responsive to him. And he was right, they were responsive.

Bob explained the keeper rule. Inside the 6 yard line, caution the attacker. Between the 6 and 18 is no mans land. Outside the 18 the keeper almost always get’s caution if there is contact as he has no business being out of the box except to hurt people.

Entry for August 25, 2008 – Disaster Sunday. Two fights in three matches


I did not have a center assignment on Sunday. The tournament was in Danville and I am a guest there.

I had two semifinal ARs and stuck around for a final AR.

The first match, two state ARs and an unskilled center, u15B and a fight in the first half. I might provide details later.

The second match, State center, no problems. Joe Dickerson is a great referee. Marty V was the AR1.

Third match, two state ARs and an unskilled center. Another fight on the field the first half. I might provide details later.

Entry for August 25, 2008 – Last Saturday’s three matches, smooth sailing, 1 caution?


The weekend is becoming a blur. The first Saturday center was young boys. Went very smoothly.

Second match as older boys, went very smoothly.

The last match I was AR with Roy Sheppard in the middle. He is a character and the match went smoothly.

So it was a good day. No event problems.

Entry for August 25, 2008 – Weekend of soccer starting Friday evening


Could not find the field in Danville, quite frustrating. My first match was Santa Clara Sporting U15 Boys with Bala and Dave Newport. Santa Clara won handily. I was AR on the championship match which they won on Sunday.

Entry for August 17, 2008 – By the Bay tournement U16 boys D1


Had fun today with the boys matches.

Both centers I received feedback from both the loosing teams indicating that I was the worst referee they have ever had.

In both cases tactics they had previously used I took out of there arsenal to great frustration of the coaches.

In the first match with Fred and Rick. In the fifth minute the little buddy took down the breakaway attacker in the box for a penalty kick. He was sent off for a DOGSOF. The disgruntled coach later was read the riot act after he had too much to say to me. I was not interested in his instruction.

In the second, I could not get the one team to tuck in their shirts. Finally I yellow carded one of the many players I was working with for dissent by not being properly uniformed (shirt not tucked in). The match changed after that, much cleaner and smoother.

Entry for August 17, 2008 – Earthquakes trounce Revolution as Lowry visits Bay Area


Randy has great sideline Earthquakes tickets

Entry for August 17, 2008 – Boys in Pleasanton yesterday


Great matches yesterday. Worked with Mike Y and Jacob B. on U17 Boys. No cautions in this one. Two in the last one of the day.

Baraka – dinner in the city (SF)


The owner changed. Not quite what it was years ago. Baraka as a nice web page for presence though.

Food was great but no longer really middle eastern.

More expensive than I remembered.

Dinner was with Cathy’s friend from Chicago, here just before being married.