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Entry for September 28, 2008 – U16G soccer, good match and a snake on the field?


Alex R and Chris A were the ARs above.

While I was walking around the field mentoring, a parent was looking at the ground. There was a foot long snake crawling on the ground. Gardner snake I think. I took an unbrella from a latan lady who had a bunch of kids and gently held the neck down. Caught the snake and carried it of to the weeds in at the side of the field for it to live another day. This event made my day. It was a simple moment of joy and youth and nature and the wonders of God all rolled into one.


Entry for September 24, 2008 – Yesterday on the College Pitch


Had my third College Girls center yesterday.

Very easy match. I did have two cautions for tactical fouls though.

It was Ohlone vs Monterey.

Al P and Alejandro S were my ARs.

Entry for September 22, 2008 -U17G NRP match yesterday


No easy matches lately.

I hoped this would be an easy match, but the Marin coach could not understand my calls. He did not see his girls hands on the shoulder of the opponent when heading, or the desperation jump at the ball into the back of the opponent.

Then, the came the second half goal. The lady get’s a negative ball, jostles for position. Her teammate is in front of the goal keeper in an offside position. The keeper moves to see past the offside opponent and the ball goes in the goal.

Damn. I go over to the AR and said – what did you see? Nothing. Look, raise your flag for offside and there will be no goal. Wow. Only Fremont is happy.

Chris S and Larry M are above in the picture.

Entry for September 20, 2008 – Maintance assessment U17B and then a second U17B more difficult


State Referee Maintenance Assessment day in Dublin. U17 Boys. Things went well. Early scoring, little to manage. One well deserved caution. Fact is the assessor thought I should have give an ejection.

The U17B against Livermore in Fremont was a more difficult match. The Livemore coach is a problem and his attitude creeped onto the field throughout the match.

I left his igdination fester during the match and in the end I should not have. First half two goals for Fremont, none for Livermore. Second half, first caution to Fremont, next three to Livermore.

Keeper going off the field at the end of the match, “I’ll meet you in the parking lot”. Humm, we have a problem here. Two women Livermore parent made the trip to referee hill to tell me this was the worst refereed match they have ever seen.

The Livermore coach then made his trip to referee hill to get the paperwork for the match. He was there to argue. About this call, that call. He was an unhappy man.

Above is Kavin P , myself and Elmer S.

Entry for September 14, 2008 – Eric’s new kitchen


Went to SF for a house warming party.

Eric’s new kitchen, very nice.

His neighborhood, within maybe 5 blocks of the Castro Movie theater, well let’s just say it is a very interesting neighborhood. Walking by the car wash with the disco music and car washers in underwear (they were male washers). Good restaurants it seemed.

Were was Bill Abbott? Well maybe next time.

Eric, his mother Clair and I in his new kitchen.

Entry for September 14, 2008 – U19 Boys match was a challenge


This was not a simple soccer match. U19 Boys – with attitude.

The penalty kick I called for the push in the box late in the first half which resulted in a tie match at half time aggravated the volatile Newark team and coach. Twice I told attacking players to get up after they went down in the box.

The advantage in the first minute of the second half which resulted in a goal change the course of the match.

The send off for DOGSOF 10 minutes later also changed the course of the match also. If was the first discipline of the match – and a red card at that.

Keeping the boys from coming to blows, keeping the racial slurs and F bombs a bay gave me a lot to manage.

Jose A was AR1, Brandon AR2. We did a pretty good job I think.

Hawaiian dinner in Santa Cruz, plan but good – including the spam


Yup, I had the spam appetizer for dinner.

The Hawaiian band played outside.

The sandwiches were good, but plain.

Company was better – Chris, TRK and DMK.

Entry for September 12, 2008 – Monterey College match is not very difficult


Worked with Tom Moore and Kirk Adams.

Match went smoothly with one caution for tactical foul and one for dissent. The boys did well in a final 3-2 score.

Todai Sushi is slow – not many people – but good selection


humm less selections that other years.

It was eighth year in a row at Todai on Sept 11th.

This year was almost as slow as on 2001. It seems a lifetime ago.

Here are the previous years:




Entry for September 07, 2008 – First center in Fremont this fall. Easy match


opps, forgot to take a photo.