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Entry for October 30, 2008 – The Phillies are World Series Champs


On a cold late October night in Philly, in a 3 inning game, the Phillies take the world series. Funny I cannot name a single player on the team but I still rooted for them. Mike Schmitt, he still plays for them right?

Only in Philly would they boo the commissioner of baseball while he is presenting the world series trophy.

It was 20 years ago today – well actually 28 years ago when Jose N and I watch the Phillies win the last world series. A few days later I climbed into the green truck and drove to CA. Nice memory watching that final game with Jose N in my parent’s basement.

Here is Kevin A of Electric Cloud an outside Philly native and I showing off the World Series shirt Jose N sent me after the championship.


Entry for October 28, 2008 – College men’s soccer with National referee


It was a real treat working with Joe P and Devlin C this afternoon on a relatively easy Ohlone College boys match.

Joe’s pregame is the best I know. And Devlin has now set his sites on becoming both a National USSF referee and the discussion before during and after was Devlin scoping out with Joe how to become a National College Referee.

Working with Yader last week and Joe this week, well let’s just say I feel privileged to work with two National referees of such great skill. Very intimidating for someone to old to enter the National referee ranks.

Entry for October 26, 2008 – more difficult Men’s Amateur


A more difficult Men’s Amateur match.

Now I did have trouble keeping all the players on the field.

The dissent was almost unbearable. The players sensed a rookie referee and they preyed on him (me in the middle).

Lots of F bombs. No call I made was correct for the white team.

#2 was particularly annoying.

We had a keeper in the air flicking his foot out to clip a player, we had late punishing hits, we had keeper colisions at the other end of the field caused attacker running up the back of the keeper. It was tough to manage.

Mike Love and his son Jeff were very good support during the match.

Entry for October 26, 2008 – Last Earthquakes game vs Toronto and Hall talks after match


Gus E treated me to last, closing Earthquakes game of the season against Toronto.

The best part of the match was talking to the referees afterwords. Brian Hall was the match inspector and he provided good commentary when waiting for the referees (Terry Kennedy center, Yader Reyes was fourth offical).

Brian said players from the MLS when they were going to a foreign country they were getting beat up. They are used to certain kind of foul call in the MLS. So the referees are now trying to let play go to the next level. Some things the players can play through and not result in a foul. As a result, in MLS matches there have been on average 5 fewer fouls per match in the MLS this year. The matches have become more attractive. The referees are coached to take more risks.

Entry for October 26, 2008 – Yesterday Kick & Treat


Nice matches.

Shawn and Ephram pictured above for the U14B match. I had to send off a little buddy when he stopped a ball from going in the goal with his hand. The resulting PK made the difference in the match.

Entry for October 23, 2008 – Most difficult College match so far with Yader


This match had a lot of pushing the envelope at the next level.

Yader gave me his assessment at half time and it was not good. Yader was feeling the pressure in this one, and he is a National Referee.

He wanted more presence from me. Two fouls right in front of me and I did not call either. With Yader there is a lot of contact and he knows what is a foul and what to let go. I just let everything go.

1) get back from the line so you have a view.
2) call more fouls, especially when the contact is late.
3) My posture is too passive
4) I have to talk to players more, not just let them go and foul the heck out of each other.

Victor B and I are Yaders ARs above.

Entry for October 22, 2008 – Even the most simple College match Bill Miller provides feedback


I had a special privilege yesterday.

I was assessed as an AR by Bill Miller on a collage match. Every moment with Bill I learn something.

1) Bill hates referees that coach and give instruction. The “I’m watch hands” is a classic way of not coaching but getting your point across. How did that go on the short pulling? “I saw what you were doing and I’ll have to call the foul next time”.

2) On handling of the soccer ball, or lack there of – always acknowledge you saw it but don’t give instructions. Bill liked Strickland’s “no intent” comment. It acknowledges you saw it but you are not calling it.

3) I put my head down as I walk up the line after spotting the ball on goal kicks. I had no idea!

4) Bill’s major point is referees don’t coach but they should quote the law. Quoting the law never gets you in trouble. “We added time for time wasting on substitutions” is a good way of saying things instead of “the players had trouble retrieving the ball (which is not in the law)”. But the better example is on direct kicks “back” or “get out of there” is instruction. Bill says, quote the law to them. “10 yards” or “move back 10 yards” is fine to say and is not coaching – because it is quoting the laws of soccer.

Very good Bill.

Entry for October 20, 2008 – Alex’s first amateur center


Alex above on with Rich R and I on Alex’s first amateur center.

He did fine!

Entry for October 20, 2008 – youth referees in Fremont for good U11B match


Vivek and Nathan helped out on this lopsided Fremont victory.

Fontina Ristorante Pleasanton


dinner was great! A bottle on Concannon Wine. Pasta after a day of refereeing.

Fontina Ristorante is in down town Pleasanton. We sat outside and watched the street life.

Gary and Katherine were the motivators.