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Entry for November 28, 2008 – SF on Black Friday, Ghriadeli Chocolate is great


Walked by Macy’s in Union square and the large Christmas tree there.

Took pictures in St. Frances Lobby in front of the Christmas tree there.

Ended the day at Ghriadeli square ice cream place. I shared with Sophie. Very good.


Entry for November 28, 2008 – Kendig’s surfing


DMK and DLK go surfing the day after Thanksgiving in Santa Cruz.

Pleasure Point on 30th Street was the location.

Entry for November 28, 2008 – Pinochle tournament Kendig style


We had enough people to have a three table pinochle tournament after Thanksgiving dinner.

Entry for November 28, 2008 – Traditional Thanksgiving yesterday


I cooked the turkey yesterday for a nice family gathering. 11 people. 10 lbs of mashed potatoes gone.

SoYoung, Ashley, DMK, Yasemin, Chalia, DTK, DLK, Marina, Sophie, Irene and me!

Entry for November 23, 2008 – Assessed as an AR on a men’s amateur match


With club soccer over, only one soccer match this weekend, a men’s amateur match.

Joe M was assessed as the center. Steve E and I were his ARs.

Only one fight in the match.

Entry for November 18, 2008 – Forgot about Sunday’s Men’s amateur match


I was AR on the match on Sunday.

Steve C and Kayvon P were the other members of the team.

Keeper took out the attacker. Should have been a sendoff. I was tapping my back pocket. I guess the center did not want to do the paper work.

Was another altercation handled with a double yellow. Fitting response to a macho moment.

Entry for November 15, 2008 – U17B match in Morgan Hill


Nice ending of the club season at Morgan Hill. Rafael and K help me at this last match.

Competitive match with no cautions because of my excellent management skills.

Maria Elena’s in Alvsio is good mexican food


Went to lunch today in Alvsio with the Silicon valley crowd that migrates to the edge of the bay every day.

Nice meal. I had the port taco lunch special – which was very good!

Entry for November 09, 2008 – Men’s Amateur almost with no cautions


Another Sunday afternoon in dissent land. But wait, this is a female referee in the middle. And she is very good. The men listen too her. There was little dissent compared to the previous match on the same field.

With 10 minutes left, only a single caution. But then in the last 10 minutes some stupid behavior. Three more cautions. But the players enjoyed themselves and everyone was smiles after the match.

Deleana Q was the center, Bernie F the other AR.

Entry for November 08, 2008 – Last U19B D4 of season was fun


Only one match today – U19B D4. Boys just want to have fun.

Got the international lineup for the start of the game with international handshake.

I had things to manage. But the boys were having fun. There was no cautions during the match. Two time the same player had two fouls in the first half, two fouls in the second but the third foul did not occur so no caution for PI.

But the Fremont keeper, a referee from Fremont had trouble with people in his area.

The last call of the match I saw the foul on the corner kick, blew the whistle for the foul, continued to blow for the end of the match and turned and pointed to the middle of the field. Turned back around and had opponents in each other face. Damn I made a mistake. Turned by back on players again. And I said I would never do that again. I separated the boys. No real harm done but they boys were not happy. Coaches were not happy. I wish it was a better ending for their season.

Gerry and Alica G are in the photo above.