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Giuseppis in Tijuana is Italian with a Mexican flair


Pizza, pasta and Caesar salad for 50 people? where is a good deal in Tijuana? Giuseppis. We had our own private room. The Mirachi players were great (for $10 a tune) and the black light murals on the wall, fantastic! We all had a great time.


Entry for December 30, 2008 – finished houses in Tijuana


The house commissioning is always an emotional event. This year the two houses and their families were blessed at sun set of the third day. I spent the last day on the roof hammering in shingles.

Entry for December 30, 2008 – The view from Sergio’s compond in Tijuana


Sergio confessed to being 70 during this trip. Everyone likes Sergio. We sang traditional hymns and he pulls out his accordion and plays along each one of them from memory. Incredible.

Sergio’s witness is a story that spans being in a gang, boxing and conversion including organizing the rescue efforts of terrible floods 20 years ago or so.

You can see the compound from google maps.

Entry for December 30, 2008 – what the house building site looked like at arival


This place had a pacific view. But the muddy winding road to get there. Well it was not a good commute. Slabs for two house and a stacked tire formed foundation. This would not be USA building codes. The site before the houses from
View Larger Map“>google maps.

Entry for December 30, 2008 – taqueria Tijuana style


I would never eat at this place except everyone else was eating there is surviving. I had a pork taco first, then a cheese taco (not the best) then a tong taco, then a tripe (intestine) taco. This stand alone is worth the trip to Tijuana.

Nanaki Sushi – sushi on the way to mexico


Stopped at this little place two years ago. Fine storefront sushi, better than the McDonalds we parked at.

Nanaki Sushi was empty just after lunch on a Friday between Christmas and New Years. A couple of California Rolls and Himatchi. Nothing special, but better than McDonalds.

Entry for December 24, 2008 – Christmas Eve service with the boys


Singing in the choir again on Christmas Eve.

The boys stopped by to take a picture. Kathleen took the pictures in front of the poinsettias.

Entry for December 24, 2008 – Mongolian Barbecue for Christmas Eve Lunch


Castro Street in Mountain View usually is busy. Today most things were closed except for the Mongolian Barbecue place.

Entry for December 21, 2008 – Cookie Bake in Fremont


The boys stopped by and help bake cookies after the day. It was an all day event. I started mixing things at 8AM and at 11:30 PM turned the oven off.

Entry for December 17, 2008 – Freshman boys at Monte Vista


Nice Freshman boys Duo at Monte Vista.

Excellent coaches and the boys had fun.

Worked with Andy F. Fun talk about PA and his long and exciting life, now retired in Livermore.