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Gobi Mongolian BBQ in Sunnyvale, new and growing!


Lunch at a new Restaurant today, Gobi Mongolian BBQ.

It is new, inexpensive, OK deal. Enjoyed the meal with Hing and Arlen.


Entry for January 29, 2009 – ya know this was to be a boring HS soccer game


OK, the last place team. HS girls soccer. Very easy game right?

The first half was very boring. Three foul calls, two were on advantage calls.

Second half starts, just as boring.

Then I call a penalty kick, cautioned the young lady for a tactical USB foul. My new adage is any conversation with a player that starts with “they did not get by you did they” is a tactical foul and should be cautioned. Now for me this was a small problem, to become a memorable occasion because the you lady I’ve know for 10 years, she is a member of my Church!

3 minutes later I call another penalty kick – and I never call penalty kicks normally. This one was not tactical.

2 minutes later a girl reaches over the shoulder of the other running across the midfield. I blow the whistle and the two come out swinging. Jezzzzz. I decided on two cautions. they could have both been ejections.

The game ended uneventfully.

Daneil G and Joseph S help as ARs on the match.

Entry for January 28, 2009 – Intel for lunch


Hey, let’s eat at a big company cafeteria. How about Intel!

Today Steve P and I caught up on the new year.

Lunch was Salmon. Excellent.

Fresh Choice Sunnyvale all you can eat salad for lunch


It has been a while since I went to Fresh Choice. And it was not for lunch but for dinner.

Today the lunch bunch went for the salad only lunch.

For 8:50 it is a good deal!

Entry for January 25, 2009 – State Cup Youngers day II


I was overworked today. Four matches in a row. Let’s just say it was a scheduling problem.

First match, U12B, had a little trouble with the coaches for the green team that eventually won. I provided one USB on a tactical foul. As I like to say, any conversation after a foul that starts with “he did not get by you did he?” is a caution for a tactical foul, USB.

Second match Tim Z did a great job in the center. He gave a caution also. But the coaches were good on this match, no problems at all.

Third match was U13G. I had to inform the coaches on the white team they were not instructing referees that day. They lost. The white team was such poor losers they did not shake hands at the end. Which is fine by me but just showed their lack of understanding of coaching and soccer itself.

The fourth match was U12G. The red team coaches were informed they were not instructing referees today either. They listened and eventually won.

The photo is of Tim Z and Victor O and I.

Entry for January 25, 2009 – Dinner and philosophy in Gilroy


Last night’s dinner in Gilroy.

Food was excellent – so was the wine starting with the Selby Chardonnay.

In casual conversation turned to the difference between imagination, fantasy, dreams, visions and mission statement.

According to Lee:

Fantasy has no grounding in reality.

Dreams are a painting, rooted in current reality.

Vision is painting a picture of how it is going to look. The same as a dream.

Mission statement is given to you by the vision you are in.

Check out “Soaring over California” in Disney land.

Ginny and Edie and Cathy were the hosts for this great food event.

Entry for January 24, 2009 – State Cup Youngers in Fremont, round 1


Nice day.

Nichole W was the middle match of the day. Ritter and I assisted.

Nichole is the younger sister of the great DIII youth referee Christine W. Nichole did good on the match, she has a way to go to catch up to her sister though.

The first and second matches were very good match for the age group.

Entry for January 24, 2009 – Strike!


Tom bowling?

The Electric Cloud after holiday party was at a bowling alley.

It was fun. I was over 100 on all may games, even after glasses of wine :-).

They had Raciollie wine! it was great.

Rebecca, Mark, DeDe, Gary and I were the bowling team.

Gary is good! The best were Jeremy and Joe.

More pictures here including scary Usman.

Entry for January 24, 2009 – Yesterdays JV boys match was good


See to only be able to get JV matches lately.

Jose A and I were the dashing duo on the Washington vs Mission JV boys match. Good match. I knew many of the boys on the field. They played hard and generally had a great time on the field.

Entry for January 20, 2009 – First Varsity Match in a while


Irvington vs Mission Varsity girls.

Easy first half. Second half much more interesting.

Got good feedback from my mentor, Bill B. Let the ARs call the direction in front of them. Careful calling the stuff no buddy else can see. In particular sell the called late hits by chewing out the player committing the file publicly.

Jeff S was the other AR.