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Banana Leaf Milpitas is still such a great place


Went back againt to Banana Leaf for dinner.

The special bread, excellent.

The soup, excellent

The vegitarian Pad Ti, excellent.

We tried the lamb dish with green beans, spicy but good.


Entry for February 28, 2009 – Newark has a U12 early tournament


Two games today. Very easy, or should have been.

Megan B and Paige P were my excellent assistants.

Entry for February 27, 2009 – Earthquakes first scrimmage of the season


I go to earthquakes games to learn more about refereeing. Each game a feel like an assessor – although I am not one!

Entry for February 27, 2009 – Tom J’s last day for a year


Electric Cloud had a going away party for Tom J today.

He is out for a year for a bone marrow transplant.

He will be missed! And may God speed the recovery.

Specalties Direct Salad in Mt View – seems to be a good lunch deal


Tried a new salad place for lunch today. A chain. Can order on line and pick up there.

Good salad.

Specialtys Direct is the corperate site.

Tres Portrillos Taqueria Sunnyvale – it has to be good beside Chavez Market


Try a different Taqueria every day, set it up randomly from data entries in Yelp. At least that was the theory.

The Buretto (pork) was good. No line. For a place of this caliber on a Tuesday lunch. Not a good sign for the economy.

Entry for February 21, 2009 – SF soccer clinic


I’ve never seen so many great referees in one place.

I took the referee fun run and State maintenance tests and passed both.

Learned the throw in that hit the kid in the head, even though it was the opponent’s positioning was stupid is still an ejection for VC.

And on the ceremonial kick, the whistle and eye contact for getting the kick is required.

Good clinic!

Satsuma Sushi Sunnyvale is a sushi favorite


Shashmi and salad and Sho behind the sushi bar.

Busy at 8PM. Interesting that the yelp reviews of Satsuma Restaurant are mixed. This is surprising to me as it is one of my favorites, always crowded.

So if someone knows of a better Sushi place, please let me know!

Dish Dash Sunnyvale for lunch


The kibi was delicious.

The dalma’s just as tasty.

Outside on a sunny day in down town Sunnyvale.

Dish Dash was an example of another good day in CA.

Entry for February 18, 2009 – AR on NCS playoff game is easy


Nice match tonight.

Andres H was in great form.

Newark won 4 to 0 over Collage Park.

Fred H was the other AR.

Two cautions. The match was not very challenging.