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Entry for March 30, 2009 – Another Amateur match with no sendoff and no injuries


After a long day of refereeing, the last match of the day was a full 90 minutes of Men’s Amateur soccer match.

Initially the men did not know me and could not figure me out, so they played soccer, for 20 minutes. Then they decided to test me a little. A keeper nearly sent off for a tackle of a striker outside keeper the box. Lucky he had a defender just slightly running behind him.

There was on player on Ajax, that I had a terrible time with dissent. Once again I left it go too long and in the end never addressed it.

Clint C and Saba S were good support on the match. I’ve grown to admire Clint’s view of the match.


Entry for March 30, 2009 – Third game for U17B, they have expended all their energy


Nice day in Morgan Hill. Windy.

My center was simple. No really difficult calls.

My AR was much more interesting. Worked with a fine up and coming youth referee. A track star, literally. He was a gazelle out there.

The match was two Latin teams. Injury twice right in front of me. No foul called in either case.

In the first case I asked the fan behind me later what had happened. He said the player after the cross was bumped slightly. It was how he hit the ground afterward which turned his ankle. The player did come back to play so the injury was not very severe.

The last injury injury was with one minute left. His teammates carried him off the field. Continued to play for a couple more minutes. But this one he did not get up. I never did find out what caused his ankle injury, but he was in pain!

Luis N and Desmond K with me above.

Entry for March 29, 2009 – Beautiful setting in Hollister


Visited an old friend south of Hollister.

Two nice winery’s on the way. Steak dinner after a hard day of refereeing.

The almond trees and vineyard in front of the house, beautiful. My friend has a little more time to take care of the place after being laided off in February.

Thanks Rich!

Entry for March 29, 2009 – State Cup Olders U17B are fun


Morgan Hill has trenches for the ARs to run, so I decided to run a reverse diagonal or a competitive match.

Went fine. Two cautions, one for PI, the referees friend and the other for dissent. I should have talked the guy out of Dissent but it was near the end of the match and the boys played well, it was not a worthy caution.

Late in the match at one point one player from each team was on the ground with cramps. They played a hard game.

The controversial or learning play as I say was the fellow who kicked the ball and the opponents face at the same time right in front of the bench. The toe of the foot went into the eye socket. Very painful for the unfortunate player. Caution or not caution, that was the question.

Scott R and ? were my AR’s in the match. Scott and I often talk with each other about soccer on our blogs.

Entry for March 23, 2009 – Yesterday’s soccer Sunday was all good, State Cup and Amatuer


Morgan Hill State Cup U15G center was a fine example to State Cup level play. The ladies played in a strong strong wind. It sleeted for about five minutes during the game.

Two interesting calls.

An AR I had never worked with before in his early 20’s was not very communicative with me in the center. He paid good attention but we disagreed on several calls in a nice referee way. Then the lady in off side position ran up to defender who headed the ball out of play. The AR’s flag went up for offside. I went over to talk with him, the attacker in the offside position did not play the ball. We went with a corner kick. The coach was furious. After the match he wanted to talk with me. I said after the hand shake. He did not want to talk when we had a chance after the handshake. We gave the player passes back, then he wanted to talk. I walked away, no need to talk now.

The other play was a shorts pulling play. In previous matches I would have cautioned. But the offened player kept playing as she pulled her pants backup. So we got through it with no disipline. I ran past he on the field and complemented her.

The amateur match was well done by Sachin. One yellow. Beautifully controlled by his presence next to the players when he had to be there.

Above is Sachin D and Mike F, the other AR.

Entry for March 21, 2009 – Salazar does well as referee at Earthquakes opener


It was a referee session after the match.

I asked about his report with the players. He likes them and knows them and it is OK if they call him by name.

I asked about the ATR and shirts tucked in – response, worry about something else.

Another referee asked about the pregame. They have a day long pregame hanging out together for a day before the match. This game they were looking at the Coralles on Joseph match up.

The two cautions, well chosen.

Yader Reyes was the forth. Bob Sabella was the match assessor. I’ve been AR for both.

Entry for March 21, 2009 – Earthquakes opener was pleasure, but Quakes loose


Earthquakes played the Revolution. It was a nice Quakes MLS opening.

I was able to participate in a before game dinner which after a hard day of refereeing was great.

Earthquakes blew a first half chance and the Revolution scored on their second half chance.

The seats were great. Thank you Randy!

Entry for March 21, 2009 – State Cup U15 Girls, nice


Nice match at 8:30

Isi M and Mike D were ARs. They were great. So were the girls who played well.

I had to kick a parent away from the field on the second match I had. He was not helping the match and so he got to watch from the parking lot.

Chocolate sushi Sunnyvale and the blue flame


Cherry Sushi had a fire closing their kitchen. So off to Chocolate Sushi we go.

The place is spacious and roomy. With a cement flour it is easy to get around.

The sushi was fine but no extra special. Our group of 10 was handled easily.

The special sushi was the flaming sushi, darkly pictured above.

Entry for March 15, 2009 – soccer, soccer, soccer but it was all good


It was a long day. Two association cup matches, u16B in Morgan Hill then a men’s amateur match.

The early U16B match was a challenge and an excellent match. The boys had some early challenges and made us as a referee team make some decisions. One early decision resulted in my waving down a foul call by my AR. The attacker launch himself into an off balance situation which I had them play through.

Two goals, great goals that resulted in a win for the better team. But in the second half, the loosing team attacking, the little buddy attacker on the side of the penalty area passed the ball back to the top of the key and was plowed. I watch, let the kick happen which missed then blew the whistle for the penalty kick. If I were assessed, this would have been a difficult call. If I gave advantage and the kick fail, I could not call the penalty kick. Because I said nothing and left play continue, just for a little, I could come back and call the penalty. I asked my AR for the number of the defender, He nor I had the number, so no caution.

The Amateur match was a major match between the two last place teams. I used all my management skills to talk the players through their dissent and complaining and cussing and wining. A 2-1 result with no discipline and no injured players was a nice ending for the day.

Steve E, Tom K and Clint pictured above were great help in the Amateur match.